The whole ocean of knowledge is within yourself

University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

1992-03-04 The Whole Ocean Of Knowledge Is Within Yourself, Australia DP-RAW, 41'
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Public Program. University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia), 4 March 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. The absolute truth cannot be changed, cannot be conceptualized. Above all, unfortunately, at this human awareness we cannot feel it and we cannot understand it. Now, whatever I am going to tell you about yourself you have to take a scientific attitude and keep a open mind. If it is proved, then you have to accept as honest people because this is for your benevolence, your emancipation, for the emancipation of the whole world.

We have science, all faculties of sciences, but all these human endeavors have boomeranged on us in the way we have produced hydrogen bomb, oxygen bomb,
atomic bomb on one side and on the other side a lot of artificial things which are dangerous for us. So where did we go wrong? Why should it happen to us, because the mental process is linear? It moves in one line and after some time it gives way and turns down. So, it has to be something beyond that mental process that should give us the wisdom and the balance, and that’s how we have today so many people who are seeking the truth honestly.

Of course, some are identified with some dogmas or something and want to carry on like that. That’s a different point. But there are some people who are intelligent enough to see that there is something wrong. We have to find out what’s wrong. And if you see all our problems, like ecological problem, political problems, economic problems, family problems and all types of problems which can be very secret also. Physical in the sense, sickness. Why these problems are there when human beings are at the epitome of evolution. Is it that our evolution is finished? Or still we have to go one step forward, if somehow we can transform human beings into higher state of spirit, as all scriptures have said. All the scriptures have said, “You have to be the spirit.” Then maybe some solution could be found out, and it has worked out in many countries now that there is a power within you which passes through six centers and gives you what we call as Self-realization. Can’t hear Me, can you? All of you can hear Me? All right. Now the truth is that you are not this body, mind, your ego, your conditionings, intelligence, emotions, but you are the spirit. That’s the truth and that’s what we are seeking, knowingly or unknowingly.

Another truth is that there is an All-pervading Power around us which does all the living work. I call it the All-pervading Power of God’s love. This living work is done. You see it every day. You see these beautiful flowers here, but we accept them, take it for granted. We never even think how these beautiful flowers are grown; how the trees are grown up to a certain height and no more; how they are kept in control completely. Look at our eye also. Look at our brain, which is such a great computer. The eye is such a great camera. We take it, everything, for granted. But is it that there is some power which is working it out our evolution from amoeba to this state? By law of chance you could not have achieved even a state of a reptile. So how is it in such a short time you have been able to achieve the state of human beings? If you start introspecting it then you will understand that something we have not yet known which we have to know. And that knowledge is possible because the whole ocean of knowledge is within yourself. Only thing a very part of your brain is exposed which has no connection with your heart, and has no connection with your attention.

Now so we turn to religion. Many people are becoming now fundamentalists. It can be Islam fundamentalism; it can be Christian fundamentalism, or Hindu fundamentalism. All these -isms are coming up, because they are mentally trying to sort out the problem. But you take any Muslim, take any Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, anyone; they are capable of committing any sin. See Azerbaijan people are killed, one thousand, by Christians. Can you imagine? Christians following Christ. Not only have they done lots of things much more, much worse. Then there are Islam. They have killed so many people. There are Hindus who believe that everybody has the Spirit within themselves but they have caste system. They can commit any sin whatever brand they may carry. So there is no truthful [unclear] about it. They are just adhering to something because perhaps they are born in it or perhaps they have taken to it mentally. It’s all mental and all these mental ideas can drop out in no time.

We have not been able to absorb these beautiful religions which were created. here’s nothing wrong with the prophets, nothing wrong with the incarnations and nothing wrong with religions which were primordially created. Of course, some people have meddled with that also, with the books also, but nobody has absorbed it. It has not become in innate part of your being. So what has gone wrong with us is simple, that we haven’t got that power to absorb it. We are still human beings and still our spiritual power has not grown which has to grow.

Now this is a mechanism within you which works out the last connection. Like this instrument is here. It’s all built in, but it has to be connected. Unless and until you are connected to the mains you have no meaning. Young people especially find it very difficult to find their identity; so, they stick on to this or to that, sometimes fundamentalist, sometimes to some sort of a group or something. But it is only because they want to belong to something. That’s human nature. But to belong to reality and to truth is the best way to be a universal personality because spiritual is the universal being within us.

Now Sahaja Yoga has been working in about sixty-two countries – I must say I am surprised at it – and there are fifty countries at least, or fifty one countries, who have lots of centers working it out. I was surprised at Russia. I never expected that they would be so sensitive to reality. Russians, whatever their governments were, whatever they did to them. One thing for definite, they are extremely sensitive to spirituality, extremely. Of course, I knew one thing. If you read Tolstoy or if you have read “Crime and Punishment” or any of these books written by the Russians you will find they are very introspective. Even the hero, if he falls in love with somebody, he introspects, “Why? Why am I doing this?” That quality of introspection is so great that even the scientists. Two hundred scientists were in the conference with me, and when I started talking about science they said, “Mother, no more science. We want to know about spirituality.”

I was amazed. In one place called Togliatti you will be amazed to know, there are twenty-one thousand Sahaj Yogis practicing Sahaja Yoga seriously – in one place. It’s an industrial town started by one gentleman called Togliatti who revolted against Italy and went down and settled there and started a company for motor cars. They are not bothered as to what they are happening, their country or what is it. They said, “We have sufficient food to eat. It’s just a, people are talking so much.” They are very, very deep people. They are – somehow or other I think one day they will be one of the most powerful people in the whole world, and extremely humble, extremely humble. It is surprising how they have developed this humility in that country because even the media there, they came and saw Me. If you read what they have written it is very surprising the way they have discovered things about Sahaja Yoga. Apart from that they said, “Mother, we are so poor in spirituality. How can we come up to that?” Imagine. Also they now ….. I must say this embassy in India, Russian Embassy, wants to honor me for what work I have done there. Many people were cured by, just by Sahaja Yoga. I didn’t do anything by this Kundalini awakening. In a big crowd of sixteen to eighteen thousand, people got cured just like that. And they came and said, “Mother, our sins are forgiven.” I said, “Why do you say like that?” “Because we are cured.” Now there are three doctors in Delhi who have got their MD; they did their MBBs, MD in Sahaja Yoga. Three doctors. I mean, it’s authentic. One of them is gone now in America. It’s not some hocus pocus or fraud. After all, why should I do fraud? I don’t take any money from you. I don’t need any. Why should people do fraud in Sahaja Yoga? What is the need to do it?

So the attention of young people should be at this evolution. When we were ruled by British it was the young people who fought it and got back their independence, and if you really want to be really free in the real sense of the word, where you can rule yourself nicely also, you are in charge of yourself, then the best thing is to join the revolution which is silent, which is inner revolution, which is now the last step, I would say, in the evolutionary process. It works. I has worked with so many here. We have here some doctors. Some very, very well-educated. A professor was a Sahaja Yogi. There are so many people who are Sahaj Yogis. They are all sensible people and they have achieved it. They have achieved their Divinity. That is, you are the Spirit. You have Divinity. You are glorious. You have to see your beauty. You have never felt it which you have to feel and understand. Just by reading some books or doing something here and there, it’s not going to work out. It’s a happening. It’s a becoming that’s important because it is a living process.

Like this Mother Earth, you have to sow a seed and it spontaneously grows. In the same way it’s a living process for which you cannot pay. Mother Earth doesn’t understand. It just grows spontaneously within you and gives you your Self-realization. It works marvelously and miraculously but it’s important for you to have an open mind. Don’t adhere to any fundamentalism and try tricks with yourself and play games. Try to open up; after all, it is for your good. I have nothing to take from you, nor nothing to give you either. It’s your own power which is going to work it out. When it is your own power, then why not do it?

Now there are people, say, who are following Christianity, Buddhism, this, that, all kinds of things, and they are worried that some people might shift from Buddhism to Christianity, Christianity to Buddhism, or to Islam to Hinduism. This is just the same. There is no difference between any one of them. Now what Buddha has said that there will be Bodhisattva. That’s it. Missed the point. What is Bodhisattva? Very clearly is there, people will be enlightened and that they will contribute their enlightment to the whole society, to the whole world. That is Bodhisattva. All the sufferings you have done is finished. Whatever you have tried is finished. Now step up. That was on the ladder you were crossing. Now you have to step up and come up to the stage where you are a Bodhisattva now, means the one who contributes to the society, to your country, to the whole world. We missed the points like this.

Every time if it is missed, that’s how we find that people go astray. Either they become power-oriented or they become money-oriented. That’s why religions have failed. They are not Spirit-oriented. One has to be Spirit-oriented. That’s very important and all the religions have said the same thing, but sometimes when you look at the people who follow the religions they are poles apart. So it is this All-pervading Power of God’s Love that brings the truth to us, and you really become a very powerful person. I can’t think of any Sahaja Yogi killing any other by [unclear] – impossible. They are such beautiful angelic people now. They are really just like you all. So beautiful you won’t believe.

We have seminars in India – when people come from all over the country and such love, such brotherhood, such sisterlyhood. There’s no lust and greed which spoils the society. They’re so very beautiful, and they do all this work for free. If I do it it’s all right but they also do all this work free. Everybody wants that all the people should get realization. That all. That’s their desire, is because they are enjoying their Spirit they want them also to jump into the ocean of joy. It is important that Sahaja Yoga has to be taken in a very serious manner, but actually it is working when you are pleasantly placed towards yourself.

When I say, “You are the Spirit,” then I also say that you are the Master. If your Spirit is the guiding line then you become your own master, because in the light you can see everything. Supposing there’s complete darkness and people are pushed together, there would be be stampede. All this happens because of ignorance. This ignorance has to go, and how will it go unless and until there is the light of the Spirit. It is a very simple thing to understand, and these are the fundamentals of our being. These are the ones, these centers are the ones, are the energy centers which look after our emotional, physical, mental, spiritual being. If they are nourished by this Kundalini they will be all right.

Now, as you are students I will be able to tell you something about what problems you might feel. It is very important that if you understand it, what problems a student can face when he is studying very hard, and it is very important that he should study, but with Sahaja Yoga these problems won’t arise.

Now there’s a centre here, the second centre as you see, the yellow one is the centre which has many functions to do. It has to look after your liver. It has to look after your pancreas. It has to look after your spleen. It has to look after your kidneys and it has to look after your bowels. All this has to be done by this one centre. But the most important thing for it is to supply energy for the use of brain, because when you are using gray cells, these gray cells get worn out and to replace them with the energy you have to have some mechanism in your body and this is the centre that converts the fat cells from the body and gives it to the brain. So you must know that the brain is made of fat. That of course you must be knowing. So this conversion takes place and when this conversion takes place you will be amazed that how much energy you are spending in reading, studying and working. With this thing only we have been able, with this principle only, we have been able to cure so many diseases. If you apply this disease you can find out.

One of the persons who did work on asthma, one of the doctors, has used the same theory, and it has worked wonders. So many people are cured of asthma. Now, so what is the principle? We must keep an open mind as students. When you come in the university you have to keep an open mind but if you are already worked up it won’t go into your head. So please listen to Me. This center – of course these doctors do not know of course. I have done medicine Myself. They don’t know this, but in a subtler way you can know many things. Now this center you use too much, all the time. After all, you are studying, working very hard, thinking too much. As a result you might develop a bad liver, a heated liver. The liver, you see, is the worst enemy of human beings because it absorbs, the liver absorbs all the heat of the body and releases it. That heat comes as poison into the blood stream. But supposing this liver is neglected because of the over activity of this center. For thinking people, for futuristic people, studying people also, this heat can start rising higher. As a result of that, this centre that you see on the left side of the heart gets heated up, and that is the center which looks after your breathing, and that’s how one can develop asthma. This heat can even reach your heart and can really engulf the heart so badly that if there is a heart attack in young age it’s always fatal, even the first one.

Supposing some people are working very hard as students, also playing very hard, because the right side is affected by too much physical and also by too much mental activity and drinks, plays tennis or some sort of a very fast games, plus studies, is very hard and puts too much pressure on his right side. Then what happens? Then this heat starts traveling to the heart also on the left side and completely gives you a massive heart attack, and at young age these heart attacks are always fatal. You cannot save people from this. Very seldom it does happen. Another thing is this heat now travels to your pancreas. As a result the pancreas goes out of order and people get diabetes. In India, in villages, unless and until you put so much sugar that the spoon has to stand at a perpendicular angle, they don’t think it is tea. They drink so much of sugar in the villages but nobody gets diabetes. Only the bureaucrats and sedentary people who sit and write and think too much and plan, plans which never come through and work out lots of this thinking and rigmaroles, they are the ones who get diabetes. Or the ones who plan too much. Even the housewife. She is a big planner; she might get diabetes.

Then the third disease is even worse because of the spleen. Now spleen is a speedometer in our lives and it has a certain rhythm. Whenever we are in emergency the spleen liberates or creates lot of RBCs, means red blood corpuscles, for the use of emergency. But if a person is a hectic type, as our life is very hectic. Say, early in the morning you get up after a hang-over maybe, I don’t know how, and then you start just somehow or other dressing up, getting into the car, you have not taken your breakfast or you are carrying breakfast, eating it at the same time. Then you see a jam. Then you get again upset. But if you read newspaper it is even worse. So the whole system is in a jeopardy. Not only that, it’s so hectic, the life is so hectic that this poor spleen doesn’t know how to carry on with this crazy personality which suddenly starts becoming very emergent. Suddenly it demands more RBCs; so, it becomes vulnerable and any attack from the left side you can get blood cancer. You will be happy to know Sahaja Yoga has cured many blood cancer patients. Has cured. I’m not saying I have cured. It’s your own Kundalini, and one of the boys has got MD in that subject.

So it is already recognized in India because this is an ancient science from India. This is the science of the roots while you have the science of the whole civilization. But you don’t know the roots. We have to know the roots and if it is coming from India it doesn’t matter. Not only in India it has been said, even in the Bible. Tree of life is mentioned and appear before you like tongues of flames. These centers look like really beautiful, very soothing tongues of flames. We call them as petals in India. So then this heat can travel up to your kidneys and the coagulation of the kidney takes place. When the coagulation takes place they put you on the dialysis but I assure you nobody can be saved out of it. All your life you go on spending money on this dialysis. It’s a horrible thing, and after some time they have to die. It has to be accepted. Then the worst is the bowels. You get into a funny situation where you might get a bilious temperament where all the time you feel nauseating, you can’t eat food and you vomit out some bile all the time. Your attention is never happy. Then the last one is this constipation because of the heat.

All these things are because of one center. So it is very important that we should understand about our being inside and get into balance, and must know how to get it cured and how to work it out. It’s all our knowledge and is our body and we can do it without going through that MBBS course which takes you out like [unclear]. It’s very simple to keep yourself all right. But with this you develop a new awareness which we call as collective consciousness, and this collective consciousness gives you the complete indication of pure centers because of selfhood and self-knowledge on your fingertips. So these are five, six and seven on the left side, five six and seven on the right side.

This is one, five and seven and you can feel it. Of course, in the medical science they do say that the sympathetic nervous endings are at the end of the fingers; that they say. But you can feel it. Even children. You tie their eyes with some sort of a handkerchief or something and you ask them, “What’s wrong with this center?” They will raise the same finger, or maybe two fingers. You ask this gentleman because it is decoded, “Are you suffering from this disease?” and he will say, “Yes, but how do you know?” “The children have told us.” So you can diagnose yourself. People can become mad without knowing they are becoming mad. People develop cancer without knowing they are developing cancer. All kinds of things happen to you without knowing what is wrong with you, but with this you will immediately know what is wrong with you and you can correct yourself. You can correct yourself and with this collective consciousness you can feel the centers of others also. But you have to reach a certain state which we call as Doubtless Awareness. Is Nirvikalpa Samadhi as said in Sanskrit language. Once we have reached that state, in that state you can feel anybody’s centers and most of the Sahaja Yogis here are quite capable.

The other day we had one gentleman who came from some newspaper. He was so hot they were just burning their hands and were very frantic about him. I was also feeling the heat, but what to do with this gentleman, how to tell him frankly, “You are so hot.” He was like a cancer patient, hot. I tell you, he was a terribly hot fellow. Must be very hot-tempered also. But we didn’t know how to tell him, that he is, after all, a newspaper man and this media, you know how powerful they are. They can tell anything. They can lie anything. They have no fear. So we were trying to work it out but all our hands were burning, especially of the boys were working on them. Their hands were burning. They were giving me signals, “Mother, it’s too much, too much.” I said, “All right, all right. I just try to pacify him.”

So you can know about the other person, his centers, and you can work it out. Sitting down, your attention is so enlightened that you can know about anyone, what are the centers that he is catching. Even if somebody is dead, you can find out. You can find out if somebody was a realized soul or not. You can find out if this person was a man who came to preach the falsehood or reality, whether he is a devil or a Satan. It is very easy to make it out. You don’t have to find out from his bio data. You just get it on your hands and you will know the person. And that’s how you can really help the whole world. So, in Sahaja Yoga, because we believe in all the religions on the principles, every fundamentalist has to be against us because they are sticking on to one thing. Is natural and we accept it. Because of ignorance, they don’t know that all these things the prophets came on the Tree of Life at different times and according to the time, is called the “samayachara”. They solved the problems, and did whatever was necessary, and gave their wisdom to the whole world. They are like the flowers on the same Tree of Life and everybody plucked them. “This is my flower. This is my flower and fight.” But in essence, they are all expressing the same Divine Love, but when we have these ideas we think we are the chosen ones. This is all a misunderstanding.

First, you must get your Realization and work it out and I am sure you will know what lies within yourself is beauty, is glory.

So I will say, may God bless you and you have wisdom and I hope you will come to our programs. They have very nice program now and they will tell you all about it. Everything is real. It’s not like this TM business that one introduction is free and the rest is all [sounds like :lynch.] All horrible people and they are giving horrible mantras which have no meaning at all and taking three hundred pounds and then six thousand pounds for flying. What is the need to fly in the air? I don’t understand. Half way above three feet you want to fly and they are taking six thousand and nobody has flown except for breaking their bottoms.

All these kinds of stupid things are going on and people are taking to it. Surprising because they know how to advertise in a big way, have a band show or something like that. But reality doesn’t trick [unclear] but you have to be worthy of reality. You have to be worthy and honest about it. If you are not honest we cannot help you. Nobody can help you. If you want to cheat yourself how can anybody help you? So may God bless you. I am very happy to see you all here so many young people and many of your problems you can discuss with Sahaja Yogis here and you can always write to Me. I am always traveling and if you write to Me I will be very happy to answer those.
Thank you very much