If you are a seeker of truth, then you must find out the truth

Kanda Pensee hall, Tokyo (Japan)

1994-04-18 If you are a seeker of truth, then you must find out the truth, Tokyo, Japan, 100' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization
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1994-0418 Public Program, Tokyo Japan

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: I was telling Sahaja Yoga, how simple and how you have to be your own master.

Shri Mataji: You told them about Chakras?

Yogi: Yes, I stopped in Nabhi.

Shri Mataji: That’s alright.


Shri Mataji: Take it in front. Would be better. [UNCLEAR].

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I have to tell you, that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot conceptualize it. It is, it has been and it will be. On these lines, I should say, lot of work was done by Viditama who, who started a movement called Zen. And He has tried in His own way, to establish the essence of all the religions. But He was too subtle, and people couldn’t understand Him. I’ve been here before 3 times also with my husband. And I find that the people here, are very spiritual but, they have no idea as to what is spirituality. As, Bruno has explained to you, we have this system, subtle system, within ourselves. But whatever I’m going to tell you today, you need not believe it blindfolded. Little loudly I think. But, you should accept it as a hypothesize, and you should keep your mind open as scientist. And if it works out, then you have to believe as honest people. Because it is for your benevolence, it is for the benevolenec of your country, your family and the whole world.

Whatever problems we have in this world, most of them come from human beings. They come because, there are problems in the centers, of human beings. But is all built-in, within you. It’s all there. This power, which is in the Sacrum bone, is in every human being. It is called as a Sacrum, means, saceret bone. That means the Greeks knew it’s a saceret bone. Now this, awakening, that has to take place is spontaneuous, beause it’s a living process of evolution. As you can, put a seed in the Mother Earth, it sprouts. Becuase it is built-in in Mother Earth, as well as in the seed, to sprout. So the power is your own. And you have the built-in mechanism to work it out. Of course, you cannot pay for it. How much do we pay to Mother Earth, for giving us all these beautiful flowers? She doesn’t understand money.

So one has to understand, that, everyone one of you are, is capable of becoming the Spirit. English language is funny. It calls, Spirit to what we say Atma. It also calls a dead body, a spirit. It also call the alcohol, a spirit. So it’s 3 meanings one word has now. I am meaning, the Spirit which is in the heart. Is the reflection, of God almighty. I don’t know what you call the Spirit, Atma, in your language.

Yogi: We call it [UNCLEAR Sere].

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR Sere]?

Yogi: But it does have other meanings too.

Shri Mataji: Ah good.

Yogi: It’s not a one to one, it’s not a one to one, meaning.

Shri Mataji: Alright. Now, this, is this truth about you, is that, you are not this body this mind. These emotions, and this intellect, ego, or, your conditionings. It’s too much. But you are the pure Spirit. This is the first truth. The second truth is, that there is a all-pervading power, of Divine Love, which does all the living work. We see all these beautiful flowers here, beautifully done. And we take them for granted. We don’t think, that this is a miracle. Different flowers, different colors, different heights. Who runs our heart? If you ask a doctor, he’ll say, it’s the autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto?

So, we have to become the Spirit, is only possible, when you are in connection with this all-pervading power. So when this power, Kundalini, passes through these 6 centers within us, She, Nourishes them, and integrates them. Lao Tze called it as Tao. Lao Tze from…

Yogi: Shri Mataji? Sorry.

Shri Mataji: They all talked of the same thing. So one has to know at human level, we do not know the absolute truth. Somebody this is nice; another says that is nice. And that’s why, there are arguments, quarrels and wars. As you see me sitting here, you don’t say I’m not sitting here. there is no argument about it.

So, the spirit is the source of truth. Absolute truth. When the Kundalini, connects you to this all-pervading power, then you can feel it on your fingertips, your centers. Also, you can feel the centers of others. Because a new dimension comes in your awareness, which we call as: “collective consciousness”. So you have the self-knowledge, and also the knowledge about others. Then who is the other? Now if you know how to correct these centers within yourself and within others, you can get rid of all kinds of problems. In Delhi, there are 4 doctors who have got MD in Sahaja Yoga. One of them has gone to Philadelphia and our doctor has met him. And actually got his realization from him.

So this is your own power. And Sahaja means: born with you, is this power. And yoga means the union. This is your right, as a human being, as your birth right. Unfortunately, we have many seekers everywhere, but they have been misguided by people who had their shopping going on. And horrible things happen about it and especially in Japan, I don’t know why, there were impressed by another horrible fellow called rajnish. And he was, one of the incarnations from hell I think, the way he had horrible things he did. He published something against me, then I answered him back on the newspaper. [UNCLEAR]. And I, I answered it. It was all published in the newspaper that he is a hoax. And within 8 days, he died, with aids. Can you imagine?

How can a person, who has anything to do with Divine, can do all these things? You must understand. In which religion they have preached like this, that you have to just become a sex point? Most of his disciples are Christians.

Lady: He didn’t die of aids.

Shri Mataji: Yes, he did.

Lady: No.

Shri Mataji: I was there in Pune. You see, this is the trouble. What has she got? Ask her a question: How much money you paid him? Just to get inside you have to pay 500$.

Lady: [UNCLEAR Exactly].

Shri Mataji: And what did she get? Nothing. Look at her face. How she looks like. You see, this is the problem is. You are, if you are a seeker of truth, then you must find out the truth. I’m just telling you. Because still some Japanese are befouled there. It is, what he’s trying to do, encourage your weaknesses. To have mass sex, to have mass sex. And we have a film about him.

Yogi: Excuse me.

Shri Mataji: We have a film, to show that. But that way I would say Russians are the cleverest. Very sensitive. They didn’t allow him to establish even 1 person in Russia. We have to think. It should be logical. What did we get. Paying such a lot of money to these false gurus. They were against me, because I said you can’t make money out of it. But, people are stupid I must say, that they think they can pay for it. Did Buddha take any money? Did Viditama take any money? Did Christ take any money? How can you not understand, that higher things cannot be bought? Because, you are intelligent people, use logic.

I must tell you that, my experience in Russia, showed that, when there is materialism, people don’t see the depth, of spirituality. You know in Japan what is saintliness is. You know it. I know that. A saint cannot teach you dirty things, can he? It is, to understand, that, it’s purity, is auspiciousness.

What this Kundalini does, who is your own Mother, individual Mother, that She cleanses you, Shri brings, purity. She, manifest, all your potential energies and powers. You are no aware of them, how many you have. That’s only possible when there is light. Or, there is enlightenment in the real sense. You have to have the experience and, you have to be, is the becoming. It’s not just like a sermon or something to delude you, or misguide you, to make some money. So, you have to have pure desire, and it will work out. Because, this Kundalini, is the power of pure desire. All other desires are not pure because, you never feel satisfied.

So now you must know what you have to get. Firstly, all your creative powers are manifest. There are so many great musicians who came to Sahaja Yoga and have become great. And there are, so many painters and artist in Australia, everywhere. They have achieved so much. You become so subtle, that the art, the esthetics, everything improves. You don’t have to go Himalayas and stand on his, your heads. You’ll get it here. you don’t have to sacrifice anything, you don’t have to give up your family, nothing. It all works. Because it is within. It’s all your own glory which manifest. Then you get the power, to give realization to others.

It is extremely simple. Your attention becomes very powerful. You give up all your habits. In England, we had people, who were drug addicts and overnight they gave up drugs. I’m not telling you lies. Because you become so powerful, so dynamic, and in the light of the Spirit, you see what is destructive. So, when you see it clearly, what’s wrong, you don’t want to have it.

I’ll give you a very simple example: supposing it’s dark and I’m holding on to a snake and I’m very adamant person. If you tell me it’s a snake, I’ll say no it’s a rope. And I will go on holding it, till it bites me. But supposing there is little light, immediately you throw it away. You don’t have to tell them anything about it. It just works. And the attention is so strong, so innocent, that wherever you pay attention, it works.

The first state, where you arrive, is thoughtless awareness. Say now, we are thinking about the future or the past all the time. And one thought rises and falls, another thought rises and falls. And we are jumping, on the cusp of these thoughts. But I, if I say you stand in the present, you cannot. We cannot stand, in the present. But when the Kundalini rises, the thoughts get elongated. And you become thoughtless. And you are in the present.

Present is the reality. The past is finished, and future doesn’t exist. So you stand, in the present, and you establish your own peace. All your stress strain goes away, you are absolutely realxed. And you are thoughtless awareness. What Zen did, was to establish this thoughtless awareness within you, by tea ceremony, by those gardens. I know many people who have got awards, who have foundation of peace. They have no peace within. They are so hot tempered, that you can’t talk to them. So how can, how can they give peace to anyone? That’s how you become relaxed and peaceful.

The second state, is, doubtless awareness. Then you have no doubts about yourself. You can give realizations to others. You can cure others. And, then you realize that you are part and parcel of the whole. As it is, Sahaja Yoga is working, in 60 nations. And they are all your brothers, and sisters, all over the world. So you become, collectively conscious. But above all, you jump into the ocean of joy.

Joy is, not like happiness and unhappiness. If you are, your ego is pampered you feel happy, if it is punctured you feel unhappy. But you rise above your ego. You start speaking in a, third person, like a saint. This is a special time. I call it the blossom time. Also in Quran is called Kiama. In the Bible: last judgement. In Sanskrit, we call it resurrection time.

So this is time, we are going to evolve. It’s a very small little journey, but you achieve yourself. We have follow up of this program. This is, this not just like others that have introductory program and then they start making money out of you. Nobody is going to ask any money from you. But you have to respect your realization. And, you have to give little time for that. and in 1 month’s time, maximum, you’ll master.

You had great Saints in this country I must say.  And you will realize then, what work they have done. Until and until, until and unless, you have got self-realization, you can’t understand. And the religions have deviated, because, nobody was Spirit oriented. They were either money oriented, or, they were power oriented. So the religion is within ourselves. You may be a Hindu, Christian, Shinto, Buddhist, Taoist, anything you may be, you can commit any sin. But, once you are a Yogi, connected with this Divine power, you are above sin. You become a saint. And angle. All these qualities are within you. They have to just manifest.

I have to tell you one thing, that I respect your freedom. If you don’t want to have it, I cannot force it. It hardly takes 10 minutes. But. It doesn’t harm anyone. Only thing if I have done any work, is that it can work out, on mass scale. And if it works out, anywerhe else, why not in Japan? In Tokyo. So I would request you, that, if you don’t want, if you, don’t feel you want your self-realization, please leave the hall. Thank you very much. None of them!

[UNCLEAR]. Look at me on the [UNCLEAR]. Now, there are 3, conditions before, I start it. They are very simple. First of all, you should not feel guilty at all about anything. You see, if you have done mistakes, face it. Why feel guilty? By feeling guilty, this center, on the left-hand side, gets very badly caught up. Now supposing you smoke, you spoil this, as well as you feel guilty. So doubly spoilt! But now, don’t feel guilty, your smoking will go away. Don’t you worry! Alright. That means you must be pleasantly placed towards yourself because, you are a human being.

The second condition, is even simpler. That you have to forgive, everyone. Even without thinking about them. See logically, whether, you forgive or you don’t forgive, what do you do? Nothing? But, when you don’t forgive, then, you play into wrong hands. And you torture yourself for nothing at all. Apart from that, when you don’t forgive, this center on the optic chiasm, is like this. Absolutely constricted. And if you don’t forgive, it won’t open. But if you forgive it opens. So the Kundalini can pass through. All your life you have tortured yourself, by not forgiving. It is a myth. What are you doing? And at this moment, we are, going to get our self-realization. You must, allow, this Agnya chakra to open out.

So the third condition is, that, you have to be absolutely, sure about yourself with self confidence, that you are going to get your self-realization tonight. Don’t condemn yourself. I mean, some people might have told you, you are a sinner or this and that. Don’t listen to them. Because this all-pervading power, is the ocean of forgiveness. That whatever, little mistakes you must have committed, can be completely dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So please understand, that, you are born at a time, when you have to have, your self-realization. Have complete faith in yourself and it will work out. It’s very simple. Now these are the 3 conditions. Moreover as I told you, the whole thing takes not more than 10 minutes, but, while doing that, you should not, disturb others by getting up or going out.

So what you first feel, is the cold breeze or hot breeze on your hand or finger tips. First time, you feel this energy, this subtle energy. And then you feel, from your fontanel bone area, which was a small, bone, cartilage was there it’s a, you can say a soft bone, you get a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Just after that. after that happening. So it is very simple, and that is the all-pervading power. For the first time you will feel it. And after that you must have faith in yourself. When you get it, you shouldn’t doubt that this might be air-condition or something. There is no air-conditioner in your head, is it? Alright.

So is very simple and first will show you, how you will nourish your own centers. Now, if I ask you take out your shoes, will you be happy with me or, annoyed?! I think Japanese know a lot about all this! Because this Mother Earth help us. She sucks in our problems. Alright.

There are two powers. Left and right. The left is for your desires, emotions. And the right is for your thinking and physical actions. These are the two sympathetic nervous systems which are manifested out of these two channels. Now, please put your feet apart from each other because these are two powers. You have to comfortable, first thing. You should not very straighten or slouching just normal sitting.

Now put your left hand towards me on your lap. Just on your lap. Now, this is, at this time. Not, on your lap I’m saying. Lap. This is symbolic, we need them very much. This is symbolic, that, you want, you desire to have your self-realization. Right hand is for the action. So, we are going. It’s alright let it be, let it be. Come here, Viditama, come here. sit down. Come. Sit down. Be a nice boy. Come along. Be seated. Nice boy. Alright.

Put your, now use your right hand for, nourishment of your centers. So, first we put our right hand on our heart. Here resides, the Spirit. If you become the Spirit, in the light of the Spirit you become your own guid, your own master. Now, please take your right hand, in the upper portion of your abdomin, which is the center, of your mastery, in the left hand, on the left hand side. We are working only on the left side, with the right hand. So we take our right hand in the lower portion of our abdomin on the left hand side. This is the center, of pure knowledge. It’s surprising it’s so low, the pure, Divine Knowledge.

Now, raise your hand again, in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now, raise hand again, on your heart. Now I have already told you, you have to put your hand here, on the left side, in the corner of neck and your shoulder and push your head to your right. I have told you that, when this center is out of gear, you get Angina, you get spondylitis and also, lethargic organs. Now, please raise right your, your hand, right hand, on top of your, forehead across and please put down your head as far as possible. Now, here, you have to forgive everyone without thinking about them, in general. Now, the last center, before that, there is a center behind. On the back side of your head. Please put your right hand, on the back side of your head. Now push back your head as far as possible. And here, you have to ask forgiveness, from the Divine power, for your own satisfaction, without, counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty. Alright, now please, stretch your palm fully. Put the center of your palm, on the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please, press back your fingers. Because, you have to have a good pressure on your scalp. Now, please put down your head as far as possible. Now, please move, please, move your sculpt slowly clockwise. 7 times. Please put down your heads. Not move the hand, but the sculp. I think push back your fingers, then only you’ll achieve it better. Put down your heads. Put down your heads. That’s all we’ll have to do. Now we’ll have to close your eyes.

[UNCLEAR Please], now. Open your eyes and see that, you have put back your, both the legs away from each other, left hand, very comfortably placed towards me, and we have to repeat once, the same exercise. Now, close your eyes. Don’t open them till I tell you. You can take out spectacles. It’s better for your eyesight.

Now, please put your right hand on your heart. Little loudly doctor I think that. Here, you have to, ask a fundamental question about yourself. You can call me Mother, or you can call me Shri Mataji. Now, please ask, in your heart: 3 times. “Mother, Am I the Spirit?” 3 times please ask: “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Now, as I told you, if you are the Spirit, you become your own master. So please, take down your right hand, in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. Press it, and ask another fundamental question about yourself, 3 times: “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question 3 times. 3 times ask: “Mother am I my own master?”

I have already told you, that I respect your freedom. I cannot force, Divine, pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now please take your hand, the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side. Here you have to ask 6 times, because this center, has got 6 petals. Here you ask: “Mother please give me, pure, Divine knowledge”. Ask 6 times. Please ask 6 times: “Mother, give me, pure, Divine knowledge”. As soon as you ask for Divine knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising. Like the premule in the seed.

So now, raise your right hand, in the upper portion of your abdomen, and, you have to open all these upper centers by your self-confidence. So here you have to say with full, self-confidence, 10 times: “Mother, I am my own master.” You have to say 10 times: “Mother, I am my own master.”

Now, raise your hand, on your heart. I have already told you, that, you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego, intellect or your conditionings. But you are the pure Spirit. So here you have to say with full, self-confidence again: “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.” Say it 12 times. Please say it 12 times: “Mother, I am the pure Spirit.”

I have told you, that there is all pervading power, of Divine love. It is the ocean of knowledge and bliss. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, it can dissolve, any mistakes that you have committed and forgive you. So at this moment you forgive yourself fully. And take your right hand, in the corner of your neck and shoulder, on the left-hand side and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say, again with self-confidence 16 times: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Say it 16 times.

Now, I have already, requested you to forgive everyone, without thinking about them. Logically I have told you. Whether you forgive, or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. If you, just say, by putting your right hand on your forehead across, and putting down your head. You just say from your heart, not how many times: “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” Please forgive, because I think that’s the center very weak. Please forgive.

Now please take your hand back, on the back side of your head. Push back your head. Again you have to say it from your heat, not how many times. Push back your head properly, and say it with full confidence, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction: “Oh Divine power, if I have done any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.” You have to say from your heart: “Oh Divine power, if I have done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.”

Alright. now the last center. Please stretch your palm fully. And put the center of your palm, on top of your head. Loudly doctor. Now, please put down your head as far as possible. And push back your fingers. So there is a good pressure on your scalp. Here again, I cannot force self-realization on you, as I respect your freedom. So, please move your hand, 7 times clockwise, saying 7 times: “Mother, please give me self-realization.” Move your hand slowly, 7 times. Please move it slowly. Push back your fingers. Push back. Now move it.

Now take down your hands. Please open your eyes. Now please put both the hands toward me like that. Now, please put the left hand towards me, and right hand, properly, and bend your head as far as possible. And see for yourself, if there is a cool, or a hot breeze like sensation coming from your fontanel bone are. Don’t doubt. Some people get it far away, some people get it closer, but please don’t put your hand, on top of your head. Now please put left hand towards me like this. And now bend your head, as far as possible. And now see with right hand if there is a cool, or a hot breeze like sensation is coming from your head? If it is hot, then you have not forgiven. Please forgive everyone. It will cool down. It will cool you down. Again, do it with the right hand. Bend your head well. And with the left hand, you see if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head.

Now. Please raise both your hands like this. Now as a question, [UNCLEAR few] times. Anyone of these question: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Secondly, you can ask 3 times. Otherwise you can ask: “Mother is this the all-pervading power of Divine love?” Then you can ask, otherwise: “Mother is this the Prama Chaitanya?” May God bless you.

You bring down your hands please. All those, who have felt, who have felt, the cool or the hot breeze on their fingertips or on their palms or out of their, fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands. Imagine! May God bless you! Whole of Tokyo is! So many. May God bless you. Take it down.

This is Bodha. So you become Buddhas. Means, Bodh is to know on your central nervous system. This is your second birth. And now, please, look after your self-realization. And, come to the collective.  Supposing a nail is cut, it doesn’t grow. So you have to come, and whole knowledge you can know, maximum in one month’s time. We don’t have, take money so we have a very simple place, for you to come. Forget your position, forget everything, and just come as a humble seeker. I will come again next year, I’m sure, and by that time you will grow like big trees. May God bless you all. If you have any questions, you can write them and they will send it over to me. Now enjoy this peace, don’t discuss, don’t argue. May God bless you.

Ha? Alright.

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] can you come about the follow ups? We will have the follow ups every Wednesday. It’s a small place. I wish, everybody comes and we can meditate and learn more about Sahaja Yoga. About, you have a paper with the map and the. And if you have any questions you can phone me or [UNCLEAR] it’s in the pamphlet, the telephone number. And we don’t charge anything. Is as Shri Mataji said. Jai Shri Mataji. And also you can write down your questions and I will send it to Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] Japanese. I know few Japanese word. And I thank you. [Shri Mataji speaks in Japanese]