Evening Program

Bangkok (Thailand)


1994-04-27 Evening Program, Bangkok

[the commencement of Shri Mataji ]
Shri Mataji: Alright
After the performance:
Shri Mataji: Wao !
Very Nice! May God Bless you !
Very rejuvenating! You have the same style called Manipur Dancing in India. I don’t think that these ladies have ever been here but they should invent a beautiful dance …Very beautiful …I will ask them …It’s very nice …the same thing but they have a different dress …They show Krishna, playing with the ball and everything. The theme is there.[unclear09:17] If we can arrange a program they can come…
Sahaja yogi: Yes mother
Sahajyogini: [unclear ]
Shri Mataji: Oh I see…, No but see, there is a similar type of dancing with different dresses… with the complete stories and the theme and all that …We were there in Bombay….It’s beautiful …I have been recently abroad on that side …I don’t think they have ever come here …Its called here Manipur Dance is of[unclear 09:53].
Mother talking to some Sahaja Yogi -[voice unclear 10:25 ]
[10:07 unclear ]very happy very nice …

It is very very serious dancing because …
Sahaj yogi: It is very difficult Shri Mataji!
Shri Mataji: They talk to me …10:38 There names …Naina Diwedi is the name of the lady …And Rajesh can arrange this…
Sahaj yogi: You can contact Rajesh
Shri Mataji:haan…Rajesh …you can contact …They are brothers?[unclear11:03 ]
Sahaj yogi: I would like to sing something …
Other Sahaj Yogi: Saraswati Shri Saraswati …
[Performances starts…]