Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Grand Hotel Taipei, Taipei (Taiwan)

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Talk To Sahaja Yogis Grand Hotel Taipei, Taipei (Taiwan)

It’s nice to see so many people there, for the program. I counted about [UNCLEAR] there were about, little less than 500 people. Because I was counting the chairs and then the seats that were [UNCLEAR] and some were sitting upstairs also.

Now the thing is to, [UNCLEAR no, know] reference.

[UNCLEAR Mother Talking to yogis]

See these people will be coming now, [UNCLEAR, will] be good. And it’s all a responsibility for you. Maybe I don’t know how many will come. We give them any forms or anything?


Shri Mataji: So how many you got?

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] how many?

[Yogis talking]

Yogi: 200. 200 [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: That’s it. So now, to look after this 200 is very important. Someone translate. Somebody can translate?

See, now there are about 200 people who have signed, who want to come to the program. Now you have to have understanding because you see, you are not so many, they are 200 people.

So the responsibility is on every one of you. You should not think that the responsibility is on only on the leader or someone. It’s on all of you. And you have to be of a level, you can’t be like other people.

Baba can you close that door? So it will be a little cooler [UNCLEAR].

See what I have seen that when people come, some people don’t know how to behave properly and start saying things: you are a bhoot, you are this, you are that. also people start quarreling. And also they sometimes push too much. See, then, even 1 person is like that, you see, then, there is a big problem because 1 person can spoil all of that.

So if you found, find anyone like that, you should report it to the leader and such a person should be asked not to come. I met many people who left Sahaja Yoga like this. What they said that particular person came and very pushy and did this, did that. first let them reach the door of Sahaja Yoga, is open to everyone. All kinds of people walk in.

So maybe one or two are like that isn’t it? You can’t help it. And, if you care for your own ascent you shouldn’t bother about such people. But, you have to be extremely gentle, and nice, and not pushy. Somebody might say: “Ah there, that, I’m not getting these vibrations” or, “I’m not feeling alright” or anything you see like that [UNCLEAR]. They might say that “I’m not feeling vibrations, I’m not alright, I didn’t get realization”. So it’s alright, you should say: “you’ll feel it, Don’t worry.” Best way is to tell them that “I was like you also” so that they don’t mind. “And I started feeling vibrations much later”.

So in a very dignified, loving manner you have to handle it. There should be no quarrel, between you, among yourselves before them. You see now, if a one Sahaja Yogi is talking to somebody, then the other Sahaja Yogi should not interfere, not correct the other Sahaja Yogi. That means somebody is [UNCLEAR hanging?] the person, then, another person should not disturb him also. On the contrary, a Sahaja Yogi must support another Sahaja Yogi, fully.

Now for, I don’t know what sort you’ll do follow-on, but normally what they do, they don’t talk too much because [UNCLEAR]. You can put one of my tapes you see, introduction tapes. And, you can translate it. You should ask them if they are feeling the cool breeze in their hands and on top of their head. And if they are not feeling cool breeze, then they have to forgive themselves and forgive others.

Thus you see, it would be a kind of a, rapport. You can, find out if someone is suffering from some disease. Also you can find out as to, somebody has been to some guru. But immediately you don’t say anything against the gurus because they just disappear. You should say that; “we’ll find out about this guru of yours” or something. Also that you have to become your own guru is the point. That is, you have to know everything. It’s not what your guru says.

Like the other day you see, we had one this journalist. He told me that his guru also talks about the centers. You see our books are available everywhere, anybody can copy that! But, he did not say anything about the three centers, three, what you call, channels. Nothing about Sahasrara. Was very amazing you see, part read somewhere, he had heard, and all wrong. All also very [UNCLEAR]. So, gradually I told him, that, how do you know that you are realized, from them? So he said: whenever I get heated up very much, I take his name and I cool down. So I said: do you know why you get heated up and why you cool down? Do you know that? have you any knowledge about it? That means you have to have the whole knowledge, about Sahaja Yogi. It’s not just your guru does this and your guru does that, it’s not [UNCLEAR ok]. He was just shaking before me. Then, he said I should feel like these two, the way they feel I would like to feel. But I said; you have to grow, otherwise how do you feel? Also he told me that his guru didn’t take any money. I told him because you are a journalist, that’s why he didn’t take any money from you. But he will use your journalism. And he understood.

So, with them I worked it out very well and, he understood, you see, that, he didn’t know anything. What was happening, you see, what were the chakras. He didn’t know. He just knew, written of type, that these are the chakras.

But he didn’t know, what was wrong with him, what chakras he was catching, what others were catching, doesn’t know anything. Then, that really convinced him. Convinced him and, he said: “[UNCLEAR just] Mother, I don’t know anything”.

All these things you must be careful about. And, when you talk to them you should be gentle, and gradually you should convince them. And you should not use words like “you are possessed”, “there is bhoot in you”. Or, anything like that. On the contrary, you encourage them and say that: “it’s alright, it will all work out, I know it is going to work out”.

See, you see, the conviction will come to them through you people. They should see how you behave, how you [UNCLEAR get through], all these things you see, [UNCLEAR] make them understand that, these are some, better people there are.

So you have to be humble, quiet, and allow the leader to tell you whomsoever has to face whom. I’m happy that [UNCLEAR], they agreed to drive to stay here. Because he knows the language and, he knows the people here. Then they will find how nice you are, how sweet you are, and how you do, behave towards others. The whole concept, of a person getting realization, will be evident. They’ll see that.

So when you have your follow-on program, you should not wear saris, to begin with. But wear your normal Chinese dresses, so that, they won’t feel that you have changed, you have given up, something. They might ask you, you’ll maybe, your experiences, then, you have to tell them very frankly, honest thing. I leave you to your wisdom now.

I am very very much thankful to you, for being so much, in Taiwan. And, also for [UNCLEAR giving out] so well. I have the, I mean, I had to do some shopping for the presents of Sahaja Yogis, and, I’ve been busy with that. but on the whole, I [UNCLEAR did] enjoy my stay here. [UNCLEAR]

So if you have any questions, ask me.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, I have two questions. The first one is: how can we be a real qualified Sahaja Yogi or Yogini? The second question is: sometimes we’ve got problem, how can we, according to Sahaja Yoga method, we, bandhan or say mantras but the problem exists, then, what kind of attitude should we have? Just be patient or [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: Basically he has 2 questions. One is how to be qualified.

Shri Mataji: How to be?

Yogi: Qualified, qualified. To be a good Sahaja Yogi. Secondly, when he has some problems, how [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR a problem he cannot solve]. Usually he bandhans, say mantra. But the problem won’t go away.

Shri Mataji: The thing is, you see, first question is very good: How to be a good Sahaja Yogi? You see, our basis fundamentally, is love. So, you have to develop, your, dimension of love. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to nonsense, you should not get angry. That is possible with, by, [UNCLEAR] yourself with the ice, on the liver. Taking out the heat, also is the head [UNCLEAR over there]. With all these things you see, you can be in the center. You’ll be in the present. And then, once you are in the center, you, ascend very fast. Now the second question, as you asked. What was it he said?

Yogi: How to deal with the problem that…?

Shri Mataji: Ha? Ha! Problem! See, the best way when you have a problem, don’t think about the problem, but try to become thoughtlessly aware. So you see, you see the problem, very clearly. Then you have to just ask for help [UNCLEAR in person]. You can tell on the photograph: that Mother this is your problem, solve it! What else?

Yogi: she says, as a seeker of the truth, she understood the seeking is truly is love. Seeking love. Is there anything else?

Shri Mataji: No, you see, the love is the truth. Supposing you love somebody, then you know everything about that person. In the same way, love itself manifest, the truth. So you are seeking the truth which is love, which is Divine love. Then you discover, different types and different hues of [UNCLEAR that track]. [UNCLEAR], [UNCLEAR what’s within you?]

Yogi: He says, he thanks Shri Mataji coming to Taiwan and, everybody enjoy, and Mother’s love for us, and he, he would like to request Shri Mataji to bless, there is two Yogini, they are pregnant.

Shri Mataji: Good!

Yogi: And one of them is his wife!

Shri Mataji: May God bless them! That’s alright! Very good! They’ll be getting some very nice Yogis as children. You may enjoy their company.

Yogi: What’s the next question?

Yogi: He is worried about his death!

Shri Mataji: Death?!

Yogi: Anyway! He says, he says, a Yogi, when he die, he should be buried under ground. But there is such [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: And, what to do with [UNCLEAR] relative which is already buried, already buried, already dead. What to do with those dead people? Those relatives.

Shri Mataji: You see if they are Sahaja Yogis they are our relations. If they are not, they are not our relations. They are only our relations when they are Sahaja Yogis. You will realize this very soon. Otherwise they are not. One Sahaja Yogi died [UNCLEAR]. Very old man. [UNCLEAR] he died in Mumbai. And his son came and told me we had so many relations, and only the Sahaja Yogis came and helped and took his body and with all the respect and put him, there, I mean he was buried like that.

Yogi: How to use Shri Mataji’s vibration in our chakra, to manifest?

Shri Mataji: you see actually; photograph is the best way, for the right side or for the left side. You get the vibrations form me and, that will work out wherever you come from.

Yogi: Jai Shri Mataji!

Yogi: I want to ask Mother, to, to give us, name. My husband, me, 2 boy and this one also!

Yogi: she want to request Mother to give name for 2 children and, for also them, and also the one in the, inside the stomach!

Shri Mataji: They’re already blessed! With such nice children. What do you want?

Yogi: There were some Yogi, they, they practice TM. But, they come here once a year and they want to get Mother’s vibrations. How do we communicate with those people?

Shri Mataji: See they are like that, poor things, you know. They don’t know they have to do it, much more than anybody else. Somebody has to tell them [UNCLEAR they] cannot get rid of that.

Yogi: He knew this is practice TM. He always like to touch him. His body is [UNCLEAR] and he doesn’t know how to deal with that.

Shri Mataji: You should say: “You shouldn’t touch me”. Tell him. They are very funny. Poor thing they suffer so much.

Yogi: He says if, what should I do if he touch me. Already.

Shri Mataji: Keep yourself in bandhan, yourself.

Yogi: He’s got bandhan.

Yogi: She is a masseuse. She touch people’s body. Her job. What she has to do?

Shri Mataji: She should take bandhans, quiet a lot. And then give bandhan to the patient also. Then good. When [UNCLEAR] somebody wants to massage me, I also take a bandhan [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: She has a good friend, [UNCLEAR]. Good friend.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR let it go]

Yogi: And, she said how do I help her?

Shri Mataji: Has she got children?

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: She’s alright. Don’t worry. Normally magician’s children don’t get [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: the children was born before, before, divorce and the marriage and, I mean [UNCLEAR] she went to practice rajnish.

Shri Mataji: How is the child? How is her child?

Yogi: They are separated; father is taking him.

Shri Mataji: So she’s, she’s alone now.

Yogi: yes

Shri Mataji: Father didn’t go [UNCLEAR]. He’s alright, [UNCLEAR more about the child]. For rajnish they have to work very hard. Both the hands and the [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: Shri Mataji you mean [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: He says, for pregnant persons, that, should they start to educate the children?

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR they should mediate]

Yogini: … Sitting I meditation, we have some catches. Is it the same thing, when we are in the street maybe, we have some catches [UNCLEAR] the chakras open or, something happen.

Shri Mataji: You just listen.

Yogini: I said, when we are sitting on mediation, sometimes we feel the catches, whether on the fingers or on the chakras. Does it mean the same thing, as when we are in the street and we feel something there? We, do we need to explain it all the time? Or we should give it to you? I mean, maybe this a catch because of this or this is a catch because of…

Shri Mataji: You should not think about these things. Thinking will not correct it. If you feeling pain, just put your hand there.

Yogini: ok.

Shri Mataji: If it is on the left side, put your right hand. If your left side, on the right side, put your [UNCLEAR left]. You don’t have to think about, just put your, automatically later on you’ll do.

Yogini: And sometimes I feel like pain, blocked here. because I think too much and I’m so anxious and the …

Shri Mataji: You must forgive, you must forgive. If you feel it here that means you are not forgiving. Let’s go and [UNCLEAR see] now forgive. You can say Lord’s prayer.

Yogini: And should I, mediate lot’s [UNCLEAR often], on the left or on the right? Because, I feel, sometimes hot here. but I don’t know, really.

Shri Mataji: wherever you feel [UNCLEAR], hot means is something wrong, with your [UNCLEAR side] it is. And that’s how you can treat yourself. But if you get alright, well and good. First of all, you just sit on the ground, and put your left hand towards the photograph [UNCLEAR you see] put the right hand on the Mother Earth [UNCLEAR you see]. [UNCLEAR, firstly you should]. If it’s not getting the cool breeze, then you put on the, candle. And then you sit on the chair with the water, and just put the hands towards the Mother Earth. Now to start with, this hand like this. If you start getting cool breeze on your right hand, then your both sides are alright. Now you can put the candle, also you can put both the hands towards the photograph, and put both the feet in the water.

Yogini: And there is a, also a question about introspection. When we do introspection, what should we…?

Shri Mataji: No. I didn’t mean that introspection is your, mental activity, is not the point. Introspection means going to thoughtless awareness. After realization. Because, this is sometimes, when you are in thoughtless awareness, you get the inner thoughts, the inspirations, by which you know what’s wrong with you. And the Divine help. Don’t analyze your, I didn’t mean that. Means that you just say that [UNCLEAR I introspect myself]. what am I doing wrong? And suddenly you get some thought coming up. If there is no thought coming up that means you are alright. You are just doubting yourself.

Yogini: And the last question Mother. Because we, I, I’m sometime thinking about, which type of job we can do to be a best Yogi. Because, I’ve studied in business, and I want to open a shop. So is it good for me or not?

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR Is the money sufficient for your shop?]

Yogini: My father will help me in that.

Shri Mataji: Ha?

Yogini: Yes.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]

Yogini: because some people told me, maybe it will take me a lot of time.

Shri Mataji: No no no. You can. You can do a shop. Doesn’t matter. Is that the selling, [UNCLEAR] selling agent. That’s the selling agent.

Yogini: Ok.

Shri Mataji: So you can get things and sell them.

Yogini: Ok.

Shri Mataji: We can do [UNCLEAR]. There are many Sahaja Yogis [UNCLEAR] selling agents. I had put all the money, every capital and all that, and, we paid the rent, and, then I pay them. Compensate the rent from them. But they get 10% for selling.

Yogini: Thank you.

Yogi: He said, during this meditation, he saw Mother, [UNCLEAR he thought Mother is] on his head. And he actually can see Mother is talking to him. Is that correct?

Shri Mataji: Ha?

Yogi: He can see Mother.

Shri Mataji: Is alright. Seeing is alright.

Yogi: But also he get a voice.

Shri Mataji: You see, seeing is not being. You have to be. In a dream if you see me, is alright. But, when you are awake and then you see…

Yogi: During mediation.

Shri Mataji: His close his eyes then?

Yogi: He, during meditation he, [UNCLEAR] Mother on top of his head. And he actually communicate with Mother.

Yogini: Sorry, Mother, I think that he imagines. He tries to imagine it.

Yogi: He is mentally talking to that image as a method of meditation. He tries to imagine You here to give vibrations. [UNCLEAR] automatically comes to him.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR no that’s alright] but he should not, sort of, he can always talk to me [UNCLEAR]. I mean there is no harm in talking to me but. But, it should not be imagination sort of thing. In meditation one should be silent. After saying all the mantras and talking and all that, then you should get into the silence.

Yogi: Is it correct to do this method, to come into thoughtless awareness or?

Shri Mataji: Or?

Yogi: To imagine you have your, Try to imagine you in the Sahasrara?

Shri Mataji: It’s alright you can imagine that way. But what I’m saying you should go into thoughtless awareness. Shouldn’t talk at the time. [UNCLEAR]. Not even mantras are needed. If you are deep down, then you just [UNCLEAR are] thoughtless awareness and, you don’t even say anything [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] about the same subject of meditation. Many Sahaja Yogis listen to music to meditate.

Shri Mataji: What he said?

Yogi: Many Yogis are listening to music to calm, to [UNCLEAR], to get into meditation.

Shri Mataji: See, somebody else is singing is alright. But, you see, if you are saying things to me, if your atten… That means you are on a mental level na? You have to go beyond mental level. Meditation is. But when you meditating you don’t want to hear anything, nothing. I mean if you have reached that state. But just silently one with that. But with the music, what happens that, you are led to that silence. But just listening is alright. just listening is alright. [UNCLEAR] I mean, there should be no reaction. When there is no reaction, then you’re in thoughtless awareness.

Yogi: Second question sorry.

Yogi: Second question is about the light. I find difficult to mediate, when there is strong, too much light.


Yogi: To mediate with a strong [UNCLER] light.

Shri Mataji: One should not have always strong light.

Yogi: Is it alright to meditate in the darkness? With a candle light

Yogi: Just the candle light. Is Ok?

Shri Mataji: Ha?

Yogi: Only a candle light.

Shri Mataji: Alright, just so that you can see my photograph. I too, don’t like this light very much. I, my eyes got spoiled because of the [UNCLEAR] lights that are throwing on me. But now they say there are cameras, we don’t need all this photographs. I mean, all this light for the photograph.

Yogi:  She dreams, she dreams about Mother once. And Mother [UNCLEAR informed her], she should become vegetarian, for, for 6 months! She follow it?

Shri Mataji: Has she got liver? Might help her. She might be able to give up on meat.

Yogi: Better for her?

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] better for her. If you have liver, is better.

Yogi: He ask, his dream is about, [UNCLEAR], is that real Mother?

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: If they dream about Mother, is that a real one?

Shri Mataji: Good. To dream about me is good. [UNCLEAR] deep down, in Sushupti. You’ll be in that dream, is very good.

Yogi: Sometime, she hear a voice coming from far away and coming across to her.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR what sort of?]

Yogi: Sound waves; some kind of sound waves.

Shri Mataji: It’s alright.

Yogi: It’s alright.

Shri Mataji: But not some words.

Yogi: It’s just like a, sound waves keep coming.

Shri Mataji: She can put some oil or something once. Maybe garlic. [UNCLEAR just].

Yogi: He is, during meditation, his eye was open but he can see the light [UNCLEAR] in front of him.

Shri Mataji: Saints. They are the saints. Source [UNCLEAR are] the saints.

Yogi: He just saw the light from, from Shri Mataji.

Yogi: In the beginning, in Sahaja Yoga, before he went to India tour, he joined the tour. In a dream he saw, he saw people, stay in the line. And he feels that those people just, pass away people. Pass away. Dead already. But he was, giving flowers to everyone of them. But in India tour, he was doing the same thing. That how he dreams.

Yogini: No, in Indian tour we want to go to the school and the people give us a flower. He is now getting the flower. No. He get the flower. The Yogis pass the…

Yogi: Who gave the flower?

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR now everyone]. See dreams, always get little bit mixed up and misunderstood you see. So, [UNCLEAR] sometimes, I bought a black purse for myself. Because I have to go to dinners, this, that [UNCLEAR] I should have a black purse. So my daughter dreamt that I, got a black purse for her. I said no. it’s for me because, I have to go to dinners, I have no purse left now. You people have taken away [UNCLEAR all]. See, can get misinterpreted.


Shri Mataji: little bit [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: So now, I take your leave. And, they are having my Birthday Puja. After that, of course, you know Ganapatipule is there. But also there will be Pujas in Cabella. This time, 6 of them at least [UNCLEAR]. And [UNCLEAR because] people. See, for people from Taiwan, it’s a big concession. You just ask I don’t know. It’s 200 Rupees or? 200 Pounds?

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] concession when many people went. Because, some people went for half price, for the whole tour. They went for the whole tour for the half price. But not all of them but half of the people.

Shri Mataji: Ah, for the whole tour, half. For the…


Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]. Maximum expense is in Ganapatipule. That’s one thing. So for the whole tour it is, [UNCLEAR]. Only for that. Because expense is almost in Ganapatipule. Marriages. It’s quiet a…

Yogi: India tour money to be around, Yogi [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR what is ah] Russian don’t pay a single pound, or anything. [UNCLEAR] I have to pay you. They don’t have any [UNCLEAR pence]. So I have to even pay them pocket money about 1000 Rupees, 2000 Rupees and [UNCLEAR]. Easter block, all of them. South America. 300 Pounds will be, into 150. 1500. Ah, 15000. I hope you’ll come…

Yogini: [UNCLEAR He’s got a, brought something, please Mother]

Shri Mataji: But, is very interesting I mean if you can afford it, he’ll tell you, about last time it was so nice. [UNCLEAR tell him about]. Very good I think.

Yogi: [UNCLEAR We talk people about the tour]. [UNCLEAR We can repeat].

Shri Mataji: Really it was, wonderful. This year, now we are thinking of, going to [UNCLEAR Banaras], to Ayodhya, to [UNCLEAR]. To Buddha’s place.

Yogi: Shri Sita’s place. Shri Sita [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: So the tour is, tour is [UNCLEAR you can’t] [UNCLEAR] trains and busses but Ganapatipule is alright. Tour is 1000 [UNCLEAR miles]. And because of the tour money we can [UNCLEAR] you know all these, people who come absolutely free. And also I save money because, I made Ganapatipule, I’ve made so many places like this. Delhi Ashram, then we have, school, then we have Vashi. And so many lands I’ve got. Also in America I bought 114 acres of land. And one land I bought it near Cabella, another one. [UNCLEAR], another one. Near Cabella. So those pay for the whole tour, also, are helping in way [UNCLEAR if I had to say one name].


Yogini: Mother, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yoga is not like other gurus who, [UNCLEAR], they just lynch you off. Those who can afford should cover full. Because there will be hardly 2-3 [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: She is going to international school.

Shri Mataji: what’s her name? What class she is in?

Yogi: 12 years old. 12 years old.

Shri Mataji: Ah it’s alright. you give me a list and I [UNCLEAR]. But, maybe [UNCLEAR]. Let us see. Whatever the situation is. [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: Meenakshi’s school, international school start in April. But she can only go July. Is it ok?

Shri Mataji: School starting?

Yogi: School, International school starting at April. But…

Yogi: She says, the [UNCLEAR] starts in April but she wants to go…

Shri Mataji: No no no. Starts Earlier [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: But she wants to go late a bit when the Chinese school is finished.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: But will be very difficult to her because…

Shri Mataji: In any case she’d have to be [UNCLEAR] one year. But to get a visa, this that, this [UNCLEAR] take time. What about other children? Your children?

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] we can come to both Pujas in India. [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Ah go for Birthday Puja and we [UNCLEAR will accept him]. Is that alright? Come as tourist. But faster.

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] have a question?

Yogini: Please Mother. There is fellow in my country, a yogi. He wants to study medicine in India.

Shri Mataji: Who?

Yogini: A yogi in [UNCLEAR Cameron]

Yogi: There is a Yogi in [UNCLEAR Cameron], who wants to study, medicine in India. Very difficult.

Shri Mataji: Admission, is you have to have 94% pass. [UNCLEAR]. English educa… you see; this Indian school education is very high class. And some of the universities there also very high class. Like very good [UNCLEAR]. But [UNCLEAR they] pay a lot of money, either to get admitted, you have to have 94%.

Yogi: Very good.

Shri Mataji: 94. Or and also, for, even for, for, engineering, you have to have 92%.

Yogi: [UNCLEAR for several years] she has found breathing, on the chest.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]


Shri Mataji: And what about your relation with your father? Not good.

Yogi: She already [UNCLEAR]. Before [UNCLEAR], she doesn’t love him. Now she love him very much.

Shri Mataji: You’ll be alright. But treat your liver. See, and we’ll send some medicines for liver. Already you have here. already you have [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] is a…

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] already have. But ah, because you people eat too much of fish you know. That’s why your eyes are not alright. [UNCLEAR] because fish it has phosphorous. It’s very hot. Take to protein more, other proteins or carbohydrates. Vegetarian will be good.

So may God bless you all! If any questions are left, you can write to me. You are very nervous person I don’t know what’s the matter with you. He is very nervous.

Yogini: I don’t know [UNCLEAR]