7th Day of Navaratri: You have to project and you don’t have to reflect

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Navaratri Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 1 October 1995.

Yesterday you have seen how Durga used to protect all the seekers – sadhakas, and how she killed the people who have been troubling, torturing, killing the seekers of truth. Her whole advent was to protect them from all these evil forces. In those days that was the most important work. So that’s how the sadhakas came up to these modern times and now they are seekers of truth or they have found the truth. All these different passages have taught the sadhakas what is the use of their lives. They were frantically first trying to find the truth, frantically and they went into different, difficult places. They thought by going into some lonely places they’ll be able to settle their minds in peace and they’ll be able to find the truth.

Also they sacrificed many things – their wealth, which was bothering them, their families, they thought were standing in the way of their search. All this went on, and there are still some people who believe that by becoming an ascetic one can find the truth. Buddha did the same, Mahavira did the same, their life was nothing but a great tapasia. Their tapasias are helping us today, in such a way that we now have got such a blessing that our personalities, as they are, can receive self-realization, for which people struggled and struggled.

In such a way, that if you read that how they were suffering you might be really amazed – how they went through all this suffering and all this tapasia – just with the goal to get their self-realization. It is an ordeal, even to read about them and to know about them. And while they were seeking, also there were so many people who tried to trouble them, who tried to torture them, who tried to kill them and the people surrounding them didn’t know what they were doing, they used to ridicule them, laugh at them, make fun of them.

With all this, what we learn is that we have got our self-realization very easily – without any torture, without any ordeal, without any sufferings, fasting, nothing. That’s not true – because you are the same people who have done all this before – and that’s why you are here, it is your matter of right to have your self-realization. It’s no way, is to say that – “without anything, we got it”. Because, it is life after life you have been seekers. Whatever path you followed, whatever religion you followed, whatever faiths you followed, it was a torture for you and this torture is today now fruitful, that today you are self-realized people. But in anyway, we see that human beings, if they get something rather easily, they don’t understand the value of how they got it. Now, to get this easily, actually you must know it’s not just because you were nothing – you were something great, you were great saints who went to the Himalayas – you did all kinds of ordeals and fasting and so many of you were killed and butchered in the name of God.

So today, whatever you have got, whatever realization you have got – it’s not just something you should think that – “it is only Mother’s grace that we have got it” – it’s your own great personality which has achieved it. Otherwise it would have been impossible for me to give you realization. Whatever the work the Deities have done, they have brought you to this level of human existence, protecting you, but now naturally, just this is the last step which you have crossed and you have achieved this self-realization and so many of you have achieved great heights. This power within us, the Kundalini, which has connected you to this all-pervading power, has been struggling, has been guiding you, has been all the time looking after you, protecting you, so that you should achieve your goal in this Kali Yuga. It was said that only during Kali Yuga this will happen, and those people who are seeking God in the mountains and in the valleys will find it. But they will be normal people, people who will have households and living like normal people in the society. They won’t be some sort of sadhus or saints, but people who are married, who have children, all such people who are leading a very normal life, will receive their realization. It is already said, it is already predicted by ‘(Brughuni ?)’. So it’s all been already set, I think all been planned. But in this, a credit goes of course to you people, that you have recognized what is the truth. As you know there are so many false people going about, they are doing all kinds of tricks, they are trying all kinds of methods to entice people. Despite that, you have recognized me. This recognition is something very remarkable and I’m myself surprised how, like lost children finding their Mother, come back to Her in the same way all of you are here. But in this, we should not think that we have got it easily or we have got it without any difficulties, because this can create a little problem that we will not go further with the same speed, with the same dedication as we have been doing before. So, whatever you think is easy, was not easy at all – it is Sahaja – it is, what you can say, spontaneous. But now it is for you the time, is really to understand that, this time is so important – we have to save the whole world. That you have to project yourself, as I said last time, and to find out ways and methods how you can do these things.

In Russia, I must tell you, I had a very good experience of a very highly developed soul who is a very well known scientist. He is one of the biggest scientists of Russia and he’s indulging also into spirituality. He told people that, “I’m indulging into spirituality, I would like to see Mother”. I said “alright, I would love to see him”. So when he came, he looked at me and he said “I know Mother, that you are the incarnation of God in these modern times”. I was quite surprised for a scientist to say that, but his eyes were so pure and so full of devotion and humility. Then he says that “I want to do something, if you help me”. I said “What do you want to do?”. He said “I cannot measure your power, I cannot”. He had an instrument by which you could measure your power. I can’t also measure the power of your photographs. He said – (He told me a number which I couldn’t understand – it was something – 700 raised to power, some sort of a billion into a billiard, like that). I said, “Now what’s this number is, I don’t know?”. So, he told me, that this is what your photograph is. So, I said “Alright, now what do you want me to do? I told him, “You can take this photograph, if you think it is so powerful”. So he took the photograph with such respect and this thing – at least 4 or 5 times he bowed to me. I said, “what do you want to do about it?”. He said that, “I want to put it on a satellite” (now see the projection part – satellite). “Then what will you do?”. “And I’m going to put electromagnetic force behind it, so the power that is in this one will penetrate into things, because electromagnet can penetrate, with that these vibrations will also penetrate. So, I will go on to the satellite and from there I’ll project this and I’ll see the global problems. Then wherever I will project this, the problems will be solved. I’ll try to first of all, make the land fertile with this”. One photograph of mine – can you imagine? – see his projection. I was amazed, you see – look at this man – what he has been thinking all the time. He said “This is not difficult, it’s not difficult”. I said how? So he showed me with a spring – you know, something that was like a spring. He put it on water which I had vibrated and the spring started jumping. And then he showed with his machine that the whole thing was moving so fast, you see Mother, just see the water that you have vibrated, how great it is. I said “This is, I had never heard that you can transform this power into something which will work out on material things”. He said, “This power can work out on anything, it is this power which has created everything. So, it will work out in everything”. I was so surprised. And he said “I have been just waiting to meet you and this I’m going to start – I’ve got a lot of work to be done and he told his friend “Now, let’s go, we have a lot of work to be done”. If I want to do all this in the lifetime of Mother, She should see what we have to do. I was amazed from where this fellow has dropped all these things.

Such an experience of a scientist, in the West no scientist will even look at me. Nobody will think that they can do something about these vibrations. But you see he has already developed a method by which he can measure the vibrations, you see. I don’t know, I didn’t ask him any further questions because I thought it’s too much in it and let him do what he likes. And you see, I find that in Russia, people are very highly placed and they have very many ideas, but spirituality is the main thing and morality. There was another gentleman, I would say he was hardly about 32 years of age. Very much sparkling, he came. I asked him “What do you want me to do?”. He said “No, you have done too much for us, now we will do for you”. I said “What do you want to do?”. He said “I’m in charge here of spirituality”. Can you imagine? We have no such government where there is a subject like spirituality that somebody is in charge of spirituality. This is Russia. I said “You are in charge of spirituality? “Yes, and I have to deal with students from a very young age to the college and can you tell me Mother, at what age the children are more receptive of spirituality? I said “There is no hard and fast rule about it. But as children they, very small children, because they are so innocent, it works out. So he asked me, “How do we put spirituality into them”. I said, “You can raise their Kundalini, you can tie their Kundalini up and they will become really people with such attention that you will be amazed at that”. He said, “I am gathering all the people of all the faiths and I am going to tell them that it is only Sahaja Yoga which is the right path”. Can you imagine? Such a wonderful person, hardly 32 years of age. I mean one better than the other, I thought. One really better than the other. Then he asked me the schemes, “What should we do for patriotism?” What should we do for this? He was so much alert and he said “Through spirituality, how can we improve their lives? – of the students” Now he’s in charge of all the students of Russia and he is also a member of the parliament. He said, “there are another 8 or 9 members who are also in the same committee and they want spirituality too”. I was amazed, I mean, what a country is this Russia, how could they have such people? Then the third one came. He was also a member of parliament, very dynamic – at first he was the right hand man of Jeltzin but then he gave him up. He said “He’s not moral, I don’t want to have anything to do with a person who is not moral”. “So now what are you doing?”. He said “Now we are thinking of getting elected by some, another party, it’s name is “My Motherland”. It’s a very good idea. So in that we’ll not have fixed ideas, like, it is a democracy or a, you can call it communism, or this, but whatever suits my motherland, that will be done, it is very practical. It is a most practical thing, that whatever will be good for my motherland, that will be, nothing else.
I said “really, this is very practical and he may one day replace this Jeltzin and all that – very dynamic, very nice. Just now he was a little bit, I must say, a bit depressed, because he said they are stupid people over here, and this and that. But then he got very hopeful, I said, “we will help you all out and all that”. But such a truthful man. And he said, “the basis of human life is morality. If you have no morality then all the rest is nonsense”. He studied in England and he said also in America for quite some time and the other fellow also did it. And they said, ” in America, he got fed up absolutely, and we don’t want to go back there.

So the wisdom of these people really was very striking to me. Now, another third thing, which I discovered, is even much more deeper than this. When I went to Ukraine, I saw some very nice paintings done with a very aboriginal sort of colours. So they said “Mother, this we had before the Christians came here”. They showed me a magazine in which there was a photograph of the Primordial Mother and they called it “Aditi”, that’s Sanskrit, we too call it “Aditi”. Can you imagine ? Then they said, “this culture existed before the Christian aggression came in”, and there were paintings there of Mooladhara Chakra in different ways, and also of Agnya Chakra, and the way they were talking about all this, even in the magazine, I was really surprised. They said that “all this was published, we have books on this, but because of the church it was all said it’s all nonsense, there’s nothing like this. But the best part I saw was, the picture of the “Aditi” and there was a Kundalini in her stomach, or stomach (ulopa?) and was shown going upward like that. I said “look at this culture these people had”. Then they said, “We had relations with India, and they were Arians and we were also Arians and we used to meet them”. So I thought, Machindranath and all these people had gone to the north of India, they might have come to this Ukraine. And they said that, I mean the whole thing was traced to, Ukraine name came from “kuru” and all kinds of things were traced in Sanskrit, all this, I was amazed. What a culture they had, in what culture they lived. It’s something you know, unbelievable. While in India, there are many people who don’t know what is Kundalini, if you tell them Kundalini, they think Kundalini is horoscope, especially in the north, they have no idea of Kundalini. But here are the people who have really had lived in a culture for thousands of years and they said this was before Christ, 3000 years, can you imagine, before Christ 3000. So, we too had civilizations in India like, (Harapnan?) and all that of that time. But they said that India is the source of spirituality. That magazine, I was amazed at it and the way it was done, and the Mooladhara and the Agnya Chakra and all that, so well. Maybe they must have seen it, they might not have got realization but they talked about realization and also achieving selfhood, this was so many years back. But then they said the Christian religion came and they told us it’s all nonsense, have nothing to do with it. As they told me also in Greece, that they had Athena, and the Primordial Mother and all that, but they said no Mother, nothing, better stop it. So it was all cancelled and nobody looked at it. But can you imagine, that so many years back it existed in that Ukraine, such a beautiful culture of spirituality.

The first time I went to Ukraine, we had people there, there was the Chernobyl, you know that there was a big explosion and they were all – like somebody had his fingers cut out or they were attached to each other, or somebody had boils all over the body, somebody’s nose was turned like that – horrible looking – like lepers they were, all of them, those who came to the program. But then this time, more than this were the people there in Ukraine, I must tell you, much more than here, the whole hall was full, the three tiers were full, the passages were full, and still the people outside were standing. They said, we were the ones who suffered from this, and now look at us, we are completely cured. You won’t believe I never touched anyone, I was there only once, they came to my program and they got cured. So this sensitivity that they had. I used to wonder why these Russians and Ukrainians are so sensitive to spirituality. Then I realized that these people who have got spirituality is ancient, from ancient times they were practising this. Now we had Machindranath, Guraknath, all these people, but nobody practiced Kundalini awakening to this extent that it was in every village they used to make the paintings about Mooladhara about this Agnya Chakra very clearly. And in the Agnya Chakra was Yin and Yang of the Chinese, can you imagine. After discovering that, I really felt that in the world there must be lots of people like that. Now, in Colombia I have seen also they have the same Kundalini and the Kumba and everything, I think that’s even more than 3 or 4,000 years back before Christ.

So, what we find that we had all this knowledge in all these countries and it’s still, that knowledge is still, working in the minds of the people, very very introspective and also they know a lot about the (Sun?). It is this kind of sensitivity comes only when basically in the roots of that country you have exposure to spirituality. It is a kind of a miraculous revelation one could see there, how they knew everything about Kundalini, about the Primordial Mother, about this happening, about spirituality and what happens to a person when he becomes a realized soul. The speciality I saw about them they are extremely humble people. To them, I’m really, I don’t know, how they bow to me, sometimes I just can’t imagine how these people have such sense of spirituality and such peace. When they had this coup, I asked them, “aren’t you worried?” This coup is here and I don’t know what will happen to your country, aren’t you worried? He said, “Mother, why should we worry? After all, we are in the Kingdom of God. We are not living in Russia, we are living in the Kingdom of God, so why should we worry?” I’m meeting such nice people there, such sensitive people to spirituality. They have thrown away practically all the false gurus, all the false gurus. And for me they showed such a respect, and such care. They had this Conference only for me.

So now, why I am telling you all this, that now you all have got your realization, you have now felt your spirit and you have entered into the Kingdom of God, no doubt. But now you must understand that this power that you have, what it does to you. What it creates in you. The most important thing is by this power you become thoughtlessly aware, that is you come in the present. To achieve the present is an impossible task. So, once you are in thoughtless awareness, what happens, that no thoughts bombard your mind, wherever you may be, you may be in America, you may be in any place, you are not bombarded by thoughts. So, what does that mean? Into very simple language, we can say, it means that you do not reflect. You do not have a reflecting mind. Now this is the basic problem of Sahaja Yogis of today, which one should try to conquer. That you do not reflect, that’s the only way you can achieve your (steadiness?). For example, I’ve seen some people, for nothing at all they’ll just start laughing, nothing at all. They see somebody, immediately they will react – this was nice but not so good, they start giving their opinions, especially in the west, about everything. Everybody seems to be very knowledgeable and start telling, what is the best, what is not the best, what is not good, and once they start saying something like that, the mind becomes reflective. If the mind is not reflective, then you have thoughtless awareness. Watch anything – just to watch, just to witness, you should not reflect, if you are using your mental power then this power subsides. This is a very common defect with people, because I think you people are more intelligent, they would think maybe, I think you are well educated, might be – I don’t know, whatever you think. But this reflecting mind is a very dangerous thing for spirituality, you will never grow and then with a reflecting mind you will have different emotions, with something you reflect on somebody. Now, if it is your son or daughter or something, you’ll get identified with it. Identification with someone is artificial it is not in reality. But because of this mind, reflects, it identifies. Now, many identifications, you have dropped out, for example, you’re bias about religion, about races, about maybe nationalities, you have dropped out. But still I would say, the reflecting mind still acts. And this is the greatest hurdle for the progress of Sahaja Yogis of today. I’ve been thinking why is it the reflecting mind, is so active in the Sahaja Yogis of today? If you could stop reflecting, immediately you establish yourself in the ocean of peace. You watch something, you just watch, there is no ripple of thought in your mind. Then you become extremely creative, you become extremely dynamic, you become extremely compassionate. You have no fear, some people think, if you are compassionate, you see this man might (letch?) with you, you have no fear. All what you have to enjoy, you can only enjoy when you do not reflect. That means that you leave everything to the Divine. You are not in charge. You don’t see that you have to be reflecting on something. This is the greatest power you have got – is not to reflect. Not to look at somebody with that kind of thing. I have seen this is still there, lingering perhaps I never told you about it, maybe one of the reasons, I don’t say that it is only your fault, but maybe mine because I couldn’t find what was exactly wrong, that is, that reflection that you have about others. Now I told you, have introspection. For introspection, also it can be reflection. But that at least gives you an idea as to where you are. But with that, psychologically you can become extremely depressed and condemn yourself, then you may not understand yourself as a personality but, and you will go on sort of loosing your vibrations, loosing your power, because you are not in control of yourself.

So introspection also, if it brings about depression and demeaning of your personality, best is not to introspect also. Because all these mental activities, I have seen, create problems. But, in a state where you are thoughtlessly aware, introspection comes to you automatically. You see it automatically, you understand it automatically. You do not think about it, it just comes to you. The whole picture comes to you and you are at peace with yourself. You are never in turmoil, never in trouble, then you don’t get angry, then you do not argue, then you do not discuss, but you become as if dropped into the ocean of awareness and you don’t have to worry as to solve something – when you are reflecting, then you find that this power works. Now it becomes very contradictory to say that you have to project and you don’t have to reflect. Now, when we reflect we absorb, when we reflect on something, we absorb that thing. And mostly our attention goes to the defects of others. This person is no good, that is not good, her hair is not alright, her sari is not alright – this that and all nonsense. So what are we doing, we are absorbing all the bad things also. Now when you start admiration of something, then what happens that you may not get the bad things but at least you are on a better line. But still the admiration in thoughtless awareness is really very deep. I saw this in the eyes of this great scientist, absolutely he was just one with me and his eyes were like an ocean of peace. He was just looking at me, and for quite some time, and then he came to his thoughts and he told me that this is what we can do with your photograph. So the depth in you will only come when you do not reflect. But it is very common with human beings, especially in the west, this carpet is no good, that is no good, this smell is coming, that is there, always trying to judge others, judge other things. It isn’t important, what is so important, if you are sitting in the garden of heavens, what does it matter? Where you are sitting, what you are doing?

This sets in, this reflection sets in, waves of thoughts in our mind. I have already once described by drawing. How the energy that falls on the right side goes to the left side and that which falls on the left side goes to the right – crosses over because of the two types of cells we have. Then out of this energy that goes to the right, the energy that goes to the left, it is sucked in partly into the sympathetic. Now, whatever is left out is the one that reflects. That is the way it goes on reflecting. Now, if you can suck in all that energy and put it on our sympathetic then all our energies will be 1,000 fold, much more. You will not be tired, you will not be unhappy, you will be able to stand lots of nonsense, but we’ll not call it a nonsense, we’ll not think it’s a bad thing, so it has no effect on us. This quality we have to develop.

I would say, with this, today’s special celebration of Navaratri. Like yesterday you saw Shri Durga’s nine forms, also. In that, one is Kushmanda, is one of the forms, that you absorb all the filth in yourself, in your stomach. But the Devi does that, not you. What the Devi can do, you should not do, that’s her job, that She is supposed to do this, not you. What you have to do is to only be in silence so that you absorb whatever will increase that silence, will increase your depth. The Devi will look after all the rest of the things, she’ll look after all the filth, all the anger, all the temper, all the everything that’s going on in this world. She will absorb all that, but what you have to do is to just enjoy everything that is pure. Enjoyment is only possible when you are beyond your mind, with your mind you can never enjoy, it is like a big load. It will not act, it will not help. Enjoyment comes when you are in complete silence, in a rippleless lake, the reflection of all the joy that is created on the shores of that lake are completely reflected, they are not deflected, if they were repulsed it would have been a different image altogether, and would have been something nowhere near the image of reality.

So one must have a mind which is kept lower than reality. In the reality actually it is nothing but peace and joy. Now a mother’s desire is always that her children should have nothing but peace and joy, no sufferings, no starvation, no ordeals, nothing – they must just enjoy. Now those days are gone, but even to enjoy this, even to live in that complete peaceful state, you have to be non-reflective. Now you watch yourself, you will be amazed how much reflecting you have. When Devi is doing all the job for you, when Paramachaitanya, I don’t know how many things it is doing, is trying to fill up the whole atmosphere with this activity. What is your activity should be to stop your mental activity. You’ll be amazed in that state only you will grow. With that growth only, you will become like this scientist. How the contradiction now is that when you have your depth you can project your depth, not your mind. Sometimes when I say project, people think it is the projection of the mind, no. You have to project that depth, that reality that is within you for that, you don’t have to think, you don’t have to plan, it will just work, but you will be the instrument for that projection. It is nothing subtle, it is very simple to understand. Like, when I am talking on this instrument, alright, now if this instrument is absolutely alright, there is no problem in it, it will be peaceful. But if this is full of ideas and thoughts like our brain is, whatever I’m saying will not be the same that will be broadcasted. In the same way, when our mind is full of turmoil and arguments and what you can say, comments or we can also say, the reflection. Then what happens is that this mind gets into like a whirlpool of disturbances and it cannot project itself fully because it is disturbed, it is not a normal thing. So now you’ll understand, there’s no contradiction. You can only project yourself, when you are absolutely peaceful, and this is what we have to learn.

This is Navaratri’s great days are here and that you should know that, it starts actually in the western world from the 21st, in the equinox, after the equinox in September. There are two Navaratri’s we have, you see, one starts now and one starts after the second equinox. Now, in this equinox, Mother Mary’s birthday is there, and that’s why people celebrate her birthday, they don’t know why she was born on the equinox, you see, for the balance. Then you see, because nothing was explained, about the lives of these great incarnations people used them the way they like because they have seen miracles with them so they do not try to understand why this equinox is there and why this is celebrated.

Now I was told in Iran, this is the time they have the New Year, that means the Moslems observe this as a New Year, so, when Navaratri starts its the New Year. That means it’s the twelfth month for them and so many things are suggestive of that, that why should it be twelve months, why should the goddess be born at 12 o’clock, all this has a special meaning and which you can find out, but only possible when you are not reflecting. This is what is the state in which you are really in connection with the all-pervading power, otherwise you are not there, you are not one with that state, to be one with that state you have to be absolutely silent within yourself. For the Goddess, she is silent, if there’s a fight on, she is silent, because she’s so confident, she knows about her powers, she know’s Mahishasura or any asura cannot trouble her, cannot touch her, she know’s what are their powers are and she knows all her powers. So she doesn’t have to be disturbed by anything, she’s not disturbed. Because she’s really the personification of this peace state where she is so powerful, she doesn’t have to know about her powers, she doesn’t have to ask the powers to act, they just work, automatically. This is a state in which you will be amazed so many things happen, unknowingly. Without your doing anything, and that is what we call as coincidences, but actually it is not coincidences, it is the state in which we are in thoughtless awareness and then the paramachaitanya is related to us, absolutely related, we are there, and that works out everything for us.

So, in Sahaja Yoga, this time as you know about the Goddess, what She has done, so much work for years together, now you all have become realized souls and you must understand that complete confidence in yourself, complete understanding about yourself, never to have any fear, never to have any thoughts which can bombard your mind, at that state you are the most powerful person. I hope for this Navaratri you will realize what work the Goddess has done for you, how much she’s worked hard, how much she has fought, she has been fighting with these horrible devils and rakshashas. And sometimes, I feel now these devils are within us, they are not outside – and that comes to us because we reflect too much on things.

If you talk to any one of the western people, you are amazed as if all the media they have on their heads. They know about each and every person, what they did, what was this, what was that. But he is not worried, he doesn’t think how he can improve it, how you can work it out. At this state of thoughtless awareness you encompass the whole universe and at that state this power works wherever the problem may be. So we have to understand our value, that we have this power within ourselves and this is to be respected and to give credit to the Goddess because She’s done so much work for us that She should not feel that it’s now they got realization just for a song and they are not bothered, they don’t know how to develop it. She will not be in anyway hurt but her work, what she has done, we have to see, we have to understand and we have to have a feeling that somehow as we now have got our enlightenment we should try to be people as complete instruments of that power – that’s only possible when you don’t have your own ideas, your own interferences. A complete instrument, just like as I said, this instrument has to be perfectly alright, otherwise it cannot work. Thank you very much.