How to achieve the higher state of consciousness?

Los Angeles (United States)

1996-09-24 Public Program, Los Angeles, United States, 50'
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Public Program. Los Angeles (USA), 24 September 1996.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I have to tell you very frankly that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. you cannot transform it also you cannot describe it. At the most you can tell what it is. But whatever I am going to tell you here, you should not take it for granted, because as you know we have had lots of problems with the blind faith. So whatever I’m saying is proved, then, as honest people, you have to accept it. Because it is for your benevolence, it is for the benevolence of your family, of your country, and the whole world. What I am going to tell you is about the higher state of consciousness that you have to achieve through your evolution. So far with your evolution we have not paid anything, we’ve taken for granted. Don’t have to pay for it. That’s one thing one should understand that it is spontaneous, sahaja. Sah’ means “with”, ja is “born with you,” this right to be evolved, to be the Spirit.

So what is the truth? The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego, but you are the pure Spirit of which you are not aware maybe. Now you see here – they have put it at My back, but you see – these beautiful flowers. We take them for granted; we never even think it’s a miracle. Look at these. So many flowers of different fragrance and different heights are coming up every day through the grace of this Mother Earth. But who gives this power to the Mother Earth? If you ask a doctor, “Who runs your heart?” he will say, very honest, he will say, “Is the autonomous nervous system.” But if you say, “Who is this auto?” That he can’t explain, that far he can’t.

So I feel these are special times, very special times; I call it a blossom time when so many seekers are born to become the fruits. Honestly, they are seeking, honestly, but of course, they are mislead and are taken into some complicated life. So this is the time of Last-Judgment. Your discretion is going to help you. What do you judge as the best for you? And this way you will understand that all the scriptures have said, all the scriptures, that you have to know yourself.

Even Mohammed Sahib has said, “Those who do not know themselves cannot know God.”

We do not know ourselves at all. We know about everything else. People are PhDs, MaDs everything. But they don’t know anything about themselves, and the most important thing is that if you don’t know about yourselves what are we doing about it? This is how the seeking starts and this is how people start seeking without knowing what to seek.

Now your country has one blessing, it has money – also a curse I should say. Because you have money all kinds of people came in this country to lynch you completely. And they gave you completely wrong ideas about seeking. I must tell you something about them. So you’ll realize the difference between Sahaja Yog’ and other nonsense.

For example, there was in Washington: many people came after the program, were crying, “Mother, we sold our house, our children are out of school.” I said, “What, what happened?” They said there is one gentleman, who has lynched us.” “Who is this gentleman?” They told Me the name. “But what did he do?” He said that “I can teach you how to control the minds of the others.” Now why do you want to control the minds of others first of all?” And he called one man from the audience, and gave him a pendulum, and told him, “Don’t move this pendulum; don’t move.” And the man started moving the pendulum. So he said, “See how I am controlling him.” So they became his disciples, and all their money was lynched by him. I feel sorry. I asked them, “What is the value of your life? What do you think of yourself? Have you come on this earth to move pendulums?” I mean, think, God has given you brains to think. Who has moved pendulums before this? Did Christ do that? I’m just telling you because it’s very important for this country.

People get enamoured by all kinds of things which in India people will say, “Get lost.” Firstly they don’t have so much money to waste, and they won’t listen to such nonsense, all kinds. Now of course some are exposed, some are gone away, some are this thing, but some of them are still there. Like mushrooms, they come up again and again I find. So I have to warn you all people that you are here to find the truth and reality. And that you can’t pay anything for it. You are not obliged to Me. I am obliged to you that you are seeking, that’s My job. It has to be worked out. Unfortunately, in America we have very few people compared to other countries. It’s a very sad affair.

Because as I went to Boston the TV people asked Me, “How many Rolls Royces You have?” I said, “I haven’t any. I’m sorry. My husband has one single car. That’s all. That’s sufficient for us.” So they said, “You mean You are not in the business?” I said, “No.” “So we are not interested.”

How can you talk of spirituality when you have this mentality towards spirituality? How much did you pay to Christ, again? How much did you pay to Krishna, or how much did you pay to Zoroaster, or to Moses? Anybody who talks of spirituality cannot be purchased, and this is what one has to understand. While even Dalai Lama, he came here, and people are just giving him money. What does he do with that money? Do you find out? He is buying gold. What is the interest of a person who is spiritual in gold? What is the interest? But people don’t think, I think the ego is satisfied, “Oh, I can give money to such and such person.” If somebody begs they like it. I don’t understand how can you blindly follow all such things. I don’t want to talk about religions anymore because you know already the situation. Only thing I have to say is that all religions which were based on reality, on truth, on spirituality are today are nothing but money-oriented, also power-oriented, and now find, sex-oriented. It’s a horrible thing to be done in the name of God Almighty.

So first and foremost thing, we have to know that a new awareness has to come within us. It’s not by chanting, by going into Himalayas, standing on one leg, or standing on your head you are going to get it. It is something within you, which is going to work it out. What did we do to become human beings, nothing. In the same way, I’m trying to tell you that it’s all within you, it’s there, and you are going to get it. You have every right to get it. There is a appeal from Mother to Her children that they should try to understand what they want and what they should have. They have to evolve. They have to transform. We talk of peace, peace, peace, peace, peace. I have met so many people who have got this peace award, really I tell you. Because of my husband’s position, I had to shake hands with them also. It was bad – and extremely hot and extremely hot-tempered, you know. My goodness, you can’t face them without a barge pole. And they have got peace awards. What peace have they created? For those who are not in peace themselves, how can they give peace? The person who talks of peace should have at least a peaceful mind.

Now, so what happens when this Kundalini rises? He has already told you that there are these chakras and these three channels within you. And the Kundalini which is sitting in the triangular bone is going to connect you to the All-pervading Power which does all living work. We’ve heard about it, but we have never felt it before that there is this All-pervading Power. When this Kundalini rises, it’s just like this instrument has to be connected. Otherwise, it has no identity. All the time people feel, we have no identity. I mean they change their cultures, they change dresses, I don’t know, they do every kind of thing just to show they have an identity. But the identity of yours is only established when you are one with the divine power of love. And love is truth, and truth is compassion. The compassion that acts that works is not just a compassion, but it acts. It cures people, it soothes them, it transforms them, it gives them realization.

So when she raises, this Mother of yours, Kundalini, I must tell you I was amazed that in Bolivia there are people called Hindos, From ancient times they know about Kundalini, they know about the left side, they know about the right side, they know all about it. And they told that a deity, what you call Vishnu, came on condor, Garuda, and He brought this knowledge to us, imagine. Thousands of years back.

But I was surprised that in Kiev which is the capital of Ukraine, I went to see the museum, is full of paintings of Kundalini and of the chakras, different chakras. I was amazed, how could it be? And then they said that 2,000 B.C. two saints came from India, and they told Me the name, and I was amazed how they knew the names of those people – Machhindranath and Goraknath. That time I think America didn’t exist, otherwise they would have come here also – and these two people went there, and they taught them all about Kundalini, but they said we didn’t know how to raise, we didn’t know how to achieve it. So we just knew it, but we didn’t know how to do it.

Same in India, Gyaneshwara has written about it. But much before that, thirteen thousand years back, another saint, Markandeya, has written about it. Then in the 6th century, Adi Shankaracharya has written about it. And it has been written by many people in the 16th century, so many saints have written about. In the Bible, also it is there that, “I’ll appear before you like tongues of flames,” and these are the chakras that you see.

In the Bible, you know, Mr. Paul has done, I think, some mutation, some sort of a trouble is there. Because Christ must have told a lot of things about it. I don’t find them there. I’m surprised because He was according to us was an incarnation, and He knew so much that I’m sure He must have told a lot. But as you know there was a big fight between Paul, and Mathew, and all of them, and in that problem some things were missing, same about Quran. Quran was written after forty years the death of Mohammed Sahib, forty years. How can you remember this Quran for forty years? He did not know how to read and write. And His friends also did not know. So His friends’ grandchildren was used by another horrible fellow called Mowaja and he wrote the Quran. So that is how, you see, a book is there. People are bound to the book. But how far there are truths in it, and how far they are missing, we cannot know. But still truth has its own styles, you see, it slips into some crevices and shows itself. So even in the Bible or Quran we see lots of things which shows what we have to do.

Christ has said, “Know thyself.” “You are to be born again.”

So nicely, we put a brand: born-again. How are you born again? You join an organization, become born-again, you are not. I’m sorry to say. A born-again must have the Kundalini coming out of the fontanel bone area, which is the actualization of your baptism. Otherwise how are you born again just taking a brand on yourself, born-again, born thrice, born five times. But in Indian philosophy we know. Because we call a person who is realized soul as dvijaha means born-twice, and also a bird is called as dvijaha. Means a bird is as an egg comes in and then becomes the bird. In the same way a human being is like an egg, has limitations, and then he becomes like a bird. So both are called as dvijaha. But it has to happen. You cannot just brand yourself that I’m a dvijaha.

You see, in that you get powers. And the first power as I told you is that of compassion, compassion that acts. That power comes into your hands. You can feel this power of compassion in your hands. For the first time you feel it. Now Mohammed Sahib has said it that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak, your hands will speak, and will give witness against you, means they’ll tell what’s wrong with you. Also they have said that on your palm you will know the truth. This is exactly what Sahaja Yoga does to you.

So when She rises, She gives so many blessings; She is your mother. She is your individual mother; She knows everything about you. She knows about your past, about your aspirations, She knows everything. And She rises with that understanding that this is My child, he is a seeker, and he is to be born again. And sometimes it’s like a jet I’ve seen. Thousands of people get realization. This is the special time of resurrection. And that’s the first thing that happens to you that you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your finger tips, cool breeze out of your fontanel bone area, firstly. Now people start looking, if it is the air-conditioning. It’s from your head it is coming, not from air-conditioning.

First thing is this that happens to you. But the second thing that happens that people who have come to Sahaja Yoga have become extremely creative. We have heard of Matt Malley now. He is one of them. So many people have become great musicians, and artist, and this, and that. Because you become one with that divine power which is the source of all creativity. Then you become a person who is a satisfied soul. You know economics very well which says that, ‘Wants are not satiable in general.’ Today I want a carpet, all right buy a carpet, then buy a house, then buy a car, then buy a helicopter, go on buying. With the one I bought already, I’m not satisfied. They are never satiable; in general they are never satiable. But then you start enjoying, you buy a carpet. All right, you enjoy it. Now let’s enjoy the carpet I bought. Then you buy something then you enjoy that, whatever you have, you enjoy. But what you enjoy the most is the company of other realized souls, such friendship, such oneness. No quarrel, no fights, no leg-pulling, nothing. Leg-pulling is there, I must say, a little bit. They joke around. We get people from so many countries in India living in a place, I would not say very good, but they love it because there are Sahaja Yogis, so many of them, and so much love, so much compassion, so much understanding. The whole world as if has become their own.

So the, another thing you develop is the collective consciousness about which Jung has also said it because on your fingertips you can feel the centers of others. So you are collectively conscious. You know what’s wrong with another person, you know what’s wrong with you. If you can correct yourself, you can correct everyone. And this is what is the power you get very easily. You don’t talk what dress the other one is wearing, what sort of a hair do he…, nothing. What you say: how the chakras are, what is the situation of the chakras of that person. Then you start facing yourself without introspection.

Somebody says, “Mother, You know my chakra is catching here.

That means I’m getting egoistical,” but nobody says that otherwise. So you start facing yourself, understanding yourself, correcting yourself without any difficulty. Is a very simple way of doing it. Sahaj also means spontaneous and also means easy.

Now another thing that happens to you is that you become thoughtlessly aware. Patanjali has talked about it. Now what happens that you are all the time thinking. Now this mind is a myth created by you. Is like a computer that you have created by your conditioning and your ego. So you can be only in the past or in the future, you cannot be in the present. The thoughts are coming from the past and the future. But if I say, “You be in the present,” you cannot be. It is not possible. You cannot be in the present. So when the thoughts rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall, you are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts. And when Kundalini rises, she elongates those thought, and you become silent, no thoughts. If you want to think, you can think, but otherwise no thoughts. As given this power, you start witnessing the whole world as a drama. You don’t get involved into it, and you can solve the problems much better. For example, you are out of the traffic; you can watch the traffic, all right. It cannot touch you or if you are standing in the water, you’re afraid of the waves, but supposing you get out of that, sit on a boat, then you are enjoying those. But supposing you know how to swim, you can jump and help those who are getting drowned, this exactly what happens to you. You can save others, you can give realization, you can cure their chakras.

I must tell you today that America is this center. We call it the Vishuddhi. Is one of the most important centers, it has got sixteen petals. Today only first time I’m telling you openly. As a result, communication has to be absolutely divine. You develop divine communication. Sitting down here, you will know about people. You can help sitting down here. That’s the power you can get if this center is cured, and that is this America. It goes to all the places to cure this thing, that thing does it know. No other country does that kind of a job. Why America does, because it is the Vishuddhi Chakra. That’s the nature of that particular country which does that job. But if spirituality comes into it, then whatever they will do, will be benevolent, will be holy, would be blissful. This is such an important center that though in America… Of course, I mean, people ask Me, I don’t know what to say because there are very few deep Sahaja Yogis I must admit.

In Russia somebody asked an American Sahaja Yogi, “How many deep Sahaja Yogis you have?” in Togliatti.

So he said, “We have fifty-six.”

He said, “Oh my God, you have fifty-six thousand? We have only twenty-one thousand in Togliatti.”

It’s a serious matter. You are responsible for the whole world because this is the center you occupy. You must have respect for yourselves, must have respect for your being, and must evolve, and take up the responsibility in a proper way, in a judicious manner.

All the time if you read the newspaper… I mean, you don’t understand: criticizing this, criticizing that, criticizing that. So many critics, ultimately the critics start criticizing critics. It’s a mad world, I feel so. And because of your country all kinds of ideas have gone abroad. You must know this. Because you are supposed to be a very powerful country, very great country, whatever you do here goes abroad. So you have to be very responsible. That first of all you must know what you are, and you have to evolve into it, you have to develop, and mature into it. That’s why since long I’ve been coming here every year. No I mean in the beginning I came, and I got a fright. I said, “What’s going on here?” So for nine years I didn’t come. I must confess I didn’t come. I thought, you know, how can you talk to them? Is just, they don’t understand Me. There are all kinds of funny people going around, you see, and I didn’t know what to say. So I didn’t come for nine years, I must say. But every year I’m coming here just to see that you know what you are, what is your responsibility.

There are sixteen petals for this center. Sixteen petals it has got, and these 16 petals are responsible for our – physically I’m saying – ear, nose, throat – on a physical level. But the same center, you see, is occupied by Shri Krishna. And He is the one who becomes here on this center what we call the great, the great universal being, Virat.

So we have to understand that it’s not Christianity or Hinduism or all this nonsense is giving you spirituality. Your own self-knowledge is the one, which you can all of you have, grow into it, and develop. This responsibility is very great on Americans. Of course this is the center of Christ where optic chiasma, where the two optic nerves cross each other, this is the cross, which He has crossed for us. Now all of them have worked very hard for you. On every center, they have worked very hard. Only thing is now we don’t have to work hard, do anything but to accept Self-Realization and grow into it. Of course, now, as there are many people you see here. They come, they get realization, and then they are finished. That reminds Me what Christ had said that some seeds just sprouted and died away.

It’s a very important time in the history of humanity, in the history of spirituality. And this has to happen to you. Till I live I’ll come to America to work hard. Now the amount of advertising done I was really shocked. Poor Sahaja Yogis said they have to be, “Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum,” [wah?] and nonsensical things go into our heads very easily. And something real doesn’t attract our attention. This only happens in America – nowhere. Is a typical. Because they have no understanding, as to why they are here. All the way they’ll come, now they’ll go to another, some guru speaking there, the guru-shopping very common here.

So I have to tell you very frankly that in Sahaja Yoga you have to grow. You have to grow that’s all, nothing else. You don’t have to pay for it. First of all I must tell you. They said if you don’t have to pay then there’s no credibility. What a mind it is? I tell you. And all kinds of things they have told Me. I was shocked myself. Because in India if some guru asks for money, they say, “You get [?]. But here if you don’t ask for money, they say, “What is the credibility?”, because they can sue a person. They have all made lots of money, one are better that the other. I need not tell their names. So like that, so responsibility of yours is to understand that you are the ones who will get the blessings for the whole world. This bliss you have to get yourself, and give it to others. You can do, it’s the Americans they are duty-bound, they are duty-bound. And they have to do it.

The first place I visited was America I told you. But for nine years I didn’t go.

I said, “Let them grow, a little mature.”

In nine years all these gurus came, and I don’t know what they did to you. So try to understand, you have to know the reality. As a result, what happens? All that is hanging around us, jealousies, attachments, all kinds of things, all drop out. You get detached but that doesn’t mean you go to Himalayas, leave your wife. When you are not attached to anything what are you going to leave? Because you are attached, that’s why you say, “I leave this, I leave that, I leave that.” Like Hare Rama people, you know.

They told Me that “Mother, we have given up everything, we’ve given up house, we’ve given up this, given up that. And You are such a spiritual lady, why do You wear this way?”

I said, “We are supposed to wear in my family, supposed to. I’m a family woman.”

“But we have given up our family, we have given up everything.”

I said, “But I would request you one thing. Whatever you think in this house – because I come from a royal family, so we have lots of, you see, antiques things and all that of my fore-fore-fore-fathers – whatever you think equal to the dust particle of Shri Krishna you take it away, but should be equal.”

Now they started looking at this and looking at that. “We can’t find anything equal to that.”

I said, “Then what have you given up, stones? What have you given up?”

So this idea also that you give up that, and wear some clothes, and this is all nonsense. This happens within yourself, all this dress and all this hypocrisy. Why to proclaim that you are a sanyasi or, or you are something? For example, another one I met in Chicago that was another one I must tell you. So he was wearing a very thin dhoti, you know, very thin. And it was so cold I was also shivering.

I said, “Why are you wearing this dhoti?”

He was head of that organization.

He said, “Because my guru has told me that you must wear a dhoti if you want to go to heaven.”

I said, “Really? In my country eighty per cent people wear nothing but dhoti, so they’ll go first.”

And then the second thing was even more ridiculous. He had shaved his hair completely. And they can buy in the market this – I don’t know what you call this in English – pigtail? Ya.

And I said, “Why have you shaved your head? You are a young man.”

He said, “My guru has said, ‘If you have not shaved your head, you cannot go to heaven.'”

I said, “Really? Why? There are no barbers or what?”

On this Kabira has said very nicely that “If by shaving your head you can go to heaven then what about the sheep which is shaved twice a year?”

All this has been said, done, but we don’t understand. They gave mantras for three hundred pounds. Can you imagine? What mantra? Inga, pinga, tinga. Now ask any Indian, he’ll laugh at this. But tell it. Inga means the scorpion bite, and pinga means: when a person gets possessed, he moves like that, and tinga means showing like this. Now what do you say? And people are doing, sitting down, inga, inga, inga, pinga, pinga, pinga, tinga, tinga, tinga. More in America, America which is the highest in every estimate. They should be the first to receive. But see, all such people have been befooling, and we accepted.

So your attention itself becomes enlightened, attention. Your attention becomes absolutely pure, innocent. Innocent is never lost, remember, never lost. Some clouds are there, but is never lost. And the innocence comes back.

See Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.”

Meaning no lust and greed in the eye, have you met anyone in the Christian nations with that peaceful eye that Christ has asked? That happens to you. You will just become that. Your eyes get a glint, a kind of a shine, and you do have become now, you can’t turn your eyes like this all the time. You just get beautiful eyes, which are innocent. And a person who has this glance even once looking at a person, can give realization, can give peace, can give joy.

Ultimately, what happens is that we jump into the ocean of joy. Joy is not like happiness, unhappiness. It is singular. And you become extremely joyous. At the ridiculous things you are looking but you don’t feel upset with it because you know how to cure it. You see something very much beautiful, you are joyous. It’s a personality that you all have in a potential state, which has to be brought out. For that you don’t have to give up anything. Whatever is not good for you, you will yourself give up. I never say, “Don’t do this,” because if I say that half of them will walk off. But you jolly well do it yourself because you are in joy. You don’t want to have all these things around. I never say, “Don’t do it,” – never.

That way Americans are not such complicated people, I know, but they have been complicated by these false gurus. By sense they were complicated, these false gurus should never have stood here. And that’s the reason I’ve told you so much about them because I want you to get out of the entanglement of these things. But that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty by any chance. Please don’t feel guilty. Forget My lecture. Don’t feel guilty. That’s very important that you have to have respect for you. You have to know that you are the spirit, and spirit never feels guilty. It’s a fashion also. To feel guilty is a fashion. But do you know by feeling guilty this center goes out of order. With that, you get what you call spondolytis, the horrible disease. You see people with the neckline walking about like dogs. That is due to this center where you feel guilty. All the time, it’s a temperament. I don’t know why. It’s a culture to feel guilty all the time. It’s a fashion I should say. Now please, you are human beings. If you are guilty, you would have been in jail. Why are you here? So please believe in yourself, have faith in yourself. You are not guilty.

Many people say, “Mother, I can’t get over it.”

Means what?

It’s done long time back, finished, you can’t correct it, do anything – only thing: ‘I’m guilty, I’m guilty’. You’re standing like this. But another disease you get is angina, very common in this country. Third disease you get could be breast cancer or could be also lethargic organs.

So first thing, you do today here when you are sitting with Me, not to feel guilty about yourself. That means you forgive yourself completely, forgive. See those people who say you are sinners and all that themselves must be sinners. How do they know you are sinners? If they have not committed any sins, how do they know you are a sinner? So don’t believe them. Know that you are not guilty at all. All right, that means you should be pleasantly placed towards yourselves and forgive yourself.

Now second thing is even simpler – to forgive everyone, not thinking about them. Because if you think that’s a headache also. Logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. What do you do?

Many people say, “Mother I can’t forgive.”

So what? You are punishing yourself. The person who has wronged you is very happy, and you are punishing yourself. What is the use of not forgiving? And logically if you just think, why to trouble yourself and torture yourself like that? So also you have to forgive yourself and others without thinking about it. Because this center is like a constricted cross, like this, absolutely. And unless and until you forgive, it won’t open. If it won’t open like this, how can the Kundalini pass? But if you forgive, it will open. Same here if you forgive yourself, this center will open. So simple as that, very simple. The whole thing is very simple.

Again I have to say that I cannot force Sahaja Yoga on you, it’s impossible. You cannot force because it is a living process of evolution. At human stage, it cannot be forced. So if you don’t want to have, I would request you to go from this hall, it’s all right. Only people who want to have their realization can get it, otherwise cannot get it. It’s a very simple thing, it’s within you, it’s your own power which will glorify you. I will let you know that what I am saying is the highest thing you can achieve in life. So I’ll wait for a few minutes, one or two minutes, to see those who have to go can go. In the meanwhile, I would request you to take out your shoes because that helps us.