Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 1998-04-16

Shri Mataji: They wanted me to go there but something was going wrong all the time. So I just couldn’t manage.

Sahajayogi:(In Hindi).Shall we do arti.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi.)Can do it afterwards.In the evening. Now I am going to be here with you all.

After seeing so many people you don’t know how overjoyed I am. Tremendous.

(In Hindi.) Have those things come?

Sahaja yogi: Yes. It has come.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Why did they get it opened?

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) That was not Yours Shri Mataji. That belonged to Ruhi.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Okay.Not mine?

Sahaja yogi: No.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Why did they get Ruhi’s opened?

Sahaja yogi: They just wanted to see.(Laughing)As you said …..

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Does Ruhi have the keys?

Sahaja yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: This is supposed to be duty -free place or something.Ruhi what were you smuggling? (Laughing)(In Hindi)This has turned out well because they were very obliging, no doubt, to give us a room and I would have been very nervous about how to manage and meet in that small little room. I didn’t know they had so many Sahajayogies now.

Sahaja yogi:( In Hindi)First there were 5 then 20.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)20-30 people more. There are twenty, thirty people who have not been able to come here.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Is it so? They will come.

Sahaja yogi: If YOU give permission then it will happen.

Shri Mataji:(InHindi)Of course, of course.Why not. Ask for permission. I would love to see all of them. We were able to find solutions with Srilanka. Wah, wah. I was so much worried, you don’t know. How many times have we tried to open our eyes? There is one fellow called Srivardanan. I think he was in the U.N or something and he was in France. And he is the one who organised but he found it very difficult, I don’t know why. But now things have changed I think. Still, there is going on, troubles are going on. It was really useless thing to fight like this.

(In Hindi)You don’t eat spicy?

Sahajayogi:(In Hindi)No.We do not add any spice.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)There are lots of badges in the bag. We have brought some badges.

Sahaja yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji:  But they were running away from the whole calamity there. So they had another problem. Not of Sahajayog and they were not that time interested because they had trouble there and they had come as political refugees in London. Then I think they disappeared. ( In Hindi) There are two books of Islam now, they have not come here?

Sahajayogi: (In Hindi) No.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Here there are Shias or Sunnis?

Sahaja yogi:(InHindi)They are mixed Shri Mataji. Both are there. Lots of people from Iran.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Shias listen. There they had a very big conference and at that conference, 700 people came.300 Muslims were there. They all got their realisation. Once they get their Realisation they ‘realise.’ That is called ‘Mirage’.They call it ‘Mirage’ for ‘Self Realisation.’ Beautiful description. People do not read properly. They read superficially and they pray reading some stanzas. I was now reading Guru Govind Saab’s work on  ‘Chandi’. Everything is written in such a clear cut manner.No religion was differentiated except for rituals. There was so much ritualism and this worshipping and all that. Too much. So he said let us talk of the ‘Nirakara’. Let us talk of the ‘formless’.Not of form. That is how it started. See it is like this we can say in a simile you can understand. That if you have to get the honey from the flower, they started talking about the flower, but it did not work out. They became very ritualistic. So they said, “why not talk about the honey.”So they started talking about Parama Chaitanya and also about the honey part of it that you get. But despite all that, it was just talk for talk. Whatever they have written down is just, they have just read without getting into the real meaning of it. That is the problem. So Adi Shankara also said that, “Oh, Mother, take me beyond the ‘subth jalam'”, in this ‘web of words.’ So they got lost in the ‘web of words’.Everyone.Not only we should say the Hindus or the Muslims or the Christians or the Sikhs, all of them. They got lost and that is how they never got the reality. And when you don’t have the reality you start denouncing. That is all false, that is all nonsense. They talk of religion. In Maharashtra, and also in Srilanka people were very ritualistic you see. This has to be done. That has to be done. But those who were Buddhist were not so. But still, they did not go near the truth. Buddha has described it. Because he said it.’Budam saranam gachami’.That means the one who is enlightened. ‘Buddha’ means the one who is enlightened. Buddham Saranam Gachami, so to enlighten the people, we should ‘surrender’.Then he said ‘Darmom Saranam Gachami’. Darmom means dharma. Dharma has to be sustained. And then ultimately he says Sangam Saranam Gachami.Sangam means ,this is Sangam. This is Collective. So all these things that Buddha has said also, they couldn’t do it because it was sort of a mantra, everybody is saying. So I think, it is not the mistake of Buddha but the mistake of the people, who never understood it and that is how so many types of religions came. So many types of, we should say, Sangas came. And nothing but fighting amongst themselves thinking that they are all great. But actually they are all one. All one. They all described them as ‘One’.We human beings, you see, form separate, separate things and started fighting. So ultimately one has to understand that if you have to go to honey you have to become a bee.No use talking about honey. That means you have to be a ‘realised soul’.They all have said the same thing. I am surprised how we missed the point. They said the same thing and that is so important. Even Quran. See my father translated Quran into Hindi so I know. And now we have got two very nice books. They haven’t got the book?

Sahaja yogi: We haven’t sent them 

Shri Mataji: Better send them. Is it allowed? That book has to go all over. Masjid was saying that you should send it to Iran. I said you take it with you. In Iran also we have people who are at least 50 people are there who are Sahaja yogi. The first country I visited was Iran. It was not followed because they did not have the strength, any time. Like once I was travelling from Ria to London and they were all in burkha and this and that and that dress that they have. And I went off to sleep. When I got up I saw people are wearing a bow, tie and all, the ladies were wearing very short skirts, so I asked the air hostess did we land somewhere else.No, no we were travelling all the time. From where did these people come in? They are the same. In the plane itself, they change. (Laughing) There it is so compulsorily they have to be like that. And then afterwards that compulsion goes away and they just shoot off. So it’s not what they say or talk, that is the problem. It has done more harm than anything else. Now we are having even in India same problems but worse in Pakistan. In Pakistan, these people from India who thought they will become king or something they went to Pakistan. In Pakistan, poor things they understood that something is wrong. So they formed a group of people near Karachi, around Karachi and then they started demanding to give us Karachi as a separate state. The whole fight started. With that fighting ultimately it so happened that they got separated. But they say this Benazir Bhutto was killing at least 21 of them. They call themselves Mujahirs and now the rate has gone up much more. Much more violence. I don’t know with what idea they went. Now their relations are in India and they are quite worried about it, very much worried, how to get these people and how to work it out. I don’t know if the Indian Government will allow them to come back. Because they are regularly killed.Though they are Muslims and they went all the way to Pakistan. So this is what is the problem between the Shias and Sunnis. It is so ancient and so much developed that you cannot explain. It is some sort of an ignorance.

Sahaja yogi: We had some poster photographs for all these.All these photos.

Shri Mataji:( In Hindi). He has brought good photographs. Very good photographs.

Sahaja yogi: All the Collectivity here. Shri Mataji’s photos.

Shri Mataji: UNCLEAR took this photo.(laughing)

Sahaja yogi: (In Hindi.)Okay. One of the best photographs.

Shri Mataji: Laughing. (In Hindi.) Brought only one?

Sahaja yogi: There are many.A whole bundle.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi.)It is on the wrong side. Turn it. All the dharmas have gone wrong. Now it is upright. It should be like this. Put here. It is looking good here. Yes. Put it properly in a line. 

So we will meet here in the night. I hope you all are not living very far away from here. You can all come conveniently. They were not allowing us to get out of the airport, but we gave bandhan. The airline organised it.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) Shri Mataji, Shri Mataji, this is the book you saw before. I had sent a book.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) What is this?

Sahaja yogi: I had sent a book, returning it. Did you get it in Delhi? The letter is addressed to you.

Shri Mataji: Well written.You?It is alright. You can get it published in India. One fellow who has come now he is doing a very good job. Have you seen MY new book on ‘Meta Modern Era?’

Sahaja yogi: New one. I have read that but not the new edition.

Shri Mataji: Not the new one?

Sahaja yogi: Not the new one.

Shri Mataji: Very well done. It is very good. I will ask you to read it.Good.This Brahma Paramachaitanya is the one in lots of things these days you know. Showing lots of miracles. (In Hindi.)You have not brought the book. We can show him.

Sahaja yogi: You have seen it?No?

Sahaja yogi: No, no. 

Sahaja yogi: We will send you.Miraculous photographs. We will send you.

Shri Mataji: Get this printed in India.

Sahaja yogi: I have sent one copy to Arun Govil Saab.

Shri Mataji: So many miracles have taken place.

Sahaja yogi: Mr Nikhil Advani, he has gold business. (In Hindi) He has a gold business. He has been here for 8years. Also Mr.Saxena.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Okay. Saxena? You all Kayastha don’t get scared?

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi.)I will bring some things here and show them to you.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi.)Oh, that is nice. These people have an obsession that in the puja they have to give some ornament. One madness. I do not wear any nor do I want any. But no one listens. I told them I am selling MY own jewellery, otherwise how will Sahajayoga work?  Have to sell it off. They are saying sell this also if you want but we will gift you an ornament. Now, what to do? Useless obsession.  I don’t wear them at all, but they feel that we should give this to the Devi. This time they gave me 12 or 15 paintings on MY birthday. It is not paintings, it is Tanjore work with different aspects of Shivji. It is very beautiful but I told them you have got it from Madras with all the packing done. They are happy. It makes them happy. What can I do? Now every place it is sarees. I said, “if there is Draupadi Vastra Haran, it will be good.”If there is Draupadi Vastra Haran then we can utilise those sarees. I have never even opened them. But I don’t know what gives you pleasure to give ME sarees. It interests them. 

How did you manage us to get us out of there? (In Hindi) Even here whatever you are searching you get caught here.Everywhere.Finland is so far away, the land is Finnish. Even there we have Sahajayog. Don’t know how? Everywhere. We have in Chile, Mexico. I have not gone there. They are having a conference now in Chile. Very surprising.

Sahaja yogi: Yes. The Chilean government is very open. They are very open to..

Shri Mataji: I have been to Chile. They asked me,” what sort of powers You have?” I said, UNCLEAR. We heard you had some sort of powers. Give us some powers. (In Hindi)Politically they want some powers.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji we also have opened a centre in Sharjah.

Shri Mataji: I know it. There is a centre in Sharjah. Is it done? We went to Sharjah, remember.?

Sahaja yogi: Yes, yes.First time when you came in 94.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Yes. There were lots of Indians. All labour class. They used to drink a lot. Don’t know how they stay here and drink so much.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)They drink a lot.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)A lot. The whole night. The whole full night I was awake watching them. I did not get a seat, so they gave me with them. They had nothing to do but drink, abuse each other, shout at each other, all of them were drinking. They were all Muslims. Indians, Muslims. One thing, this drinking is a horrible thing.Absolutely.That is why Mohammad Saab, Nanak Saab, they all said don’t drink. Then the people just become bankrupt. In my husband’s family, mother’s side, they all used to drink and they had so much money that the money was put in a bank like a thing, practically covered and just like as we measure petrol you see, they had a yard and they used to keep it inside, and they used to see how much money they have. Now there isn’t even a 5 rupee note. ( UNCLEAR ) and people were not that stupid to smoke. But Nanak Saab clearly said not to smoke. But then the Muslims go on smoking like mad. About the Christians, Christ went to a wedding and then he changed water into wine they said. Now in the Hebrew language wine does not mean ‘sharaab’. It means, wine means, the juice of grapes, that’s all, in the Hebrew language. Now I can do that also, if I put MY hand in the water. You can do it also. It can taste like grape juice. It can. But you can not make wine, real wine in one second spontaneously. You have to make it rot and it has to be absolutely spoilt. Otherwise, it is not. So how he did it instantaneously? So that spontaneous happening cannot be creating alcohol. For that it has to rot, it has to ferment. So for now Christians it is a compulsion. It is a ritual. If somebody dies they must have champagne. If someone is born they must have champagne because Christ you know said it. He never said and in the old testament where the Jews follow, it is clearly written, ‘all strong juices and all strong wines are not allowed’. Meaning which are being fermented. Compulsorily it is said, since the time of Mosses and then Mosses got so angry with the Jews that he wrote it down in the third chapter in the Bible. What they call it here Shariat. He wrote it for the Jews because they were so bad.

(In Hindi) People said 5000 were sitting outside. There was such a lot of love. Such a lot of love.Cannot understand. They are coming.

 (Talking to a child in Hindi) Are they coming? Will you have a biscuit? You were smiling before. What happened now? Come. Take this. Take out the shoes. It will be easy. Now she will come.Take.Take.Alright. Does she walk?

Sahaja yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: (Light laugh).

(People talking in the background.)

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Are you going to dance?

Singing bhajan (37.07 to 41.26) 

Shri Mataji: (In Hindi) Beautiful. Who has written it?

Sahaja yogi: Everyone got together and made this.

Shri Mataji: Is it so? Very beautiful. Sing some more.

Singing (42.05 to 46.15)Ganesh Bhajan

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Very nice. Sung in proper ‘sur'(chord). Very good.Beautiful.Very beautiful.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) Mataji, this is a button. It is from Srilanka.

Shri Mataji: What is it? I have to UNCLEAR.

Sahajayogi:(In Hindi)This is the weight of Kartikeya.

Shri Mataji: Kartikeya.

Sahaja yogi: Yes. 

Singing ( 47.06 to 51.42)

Shri Mataji: Very beautiful. I could follow a little bit.

Sahaja yogi: This is Sinhala and Tamil. A mixture of Sinhala and Tamil.

Shri Mataji: What.

Sahaja yogi: Sinhalese language and Tamil language mixed.

Shri Mataji: It doesn’t say, but I felt that Kartikeya was born as Gyaneswar.That is why at the age of 23 he took a Samadhi. But he wrote this beautiful ‘Saint Gyaneswari’ and another one he has written ‘Ambica…. UNCLEAR. You all should get that English book. It is a wonderful book. It describes all the experiences of a Sahaja Yogi, and it was I think, it is this Kartikeya the way His powers are very expressive of themselves.

(Hello, hello talking to a small child.)

Hello, come here. Come here. It is a protocol.

Sahaja yogi: Laughing

Shri Mataji: Very good.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) Shri Mataji, we have a request.

Shri Mataji: Come here.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) Shri Mataji, we have a request.

Shri Mataji:( In Hindi)What is it?

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)If you could give some time and come and bless the centre in Sharjah.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)This time it may not be possible, son. You know why we spent so much time. We could not get the card and we were ringing up and trying. Now they said, come tomorrow.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)We will manage all that. We will get that done in the morning tomorrow.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Not necessary ME going there. I am there.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) If that place is touched by YOUR HOLY FEET.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Think that is already done. Because there is very short time. And the problems these people have created. For nothing. Tomorrow we will call MY husband and then he will call. All unnecessary. I am fed up. I told them to let it be but no one listens.

She is very happy to go there. She is very happy after listening to the song. That is because she is ‘realised’.(Talking to the child)Bring the flowers. Do you want to drink water? You drink. Everything has got wet. They(children) have all the rights because they are realised. Bring a cloth to wipe. It is very slippery.

This is the reason, otherwise I would have been very happy to go.  This is a big problem.  I told them to leave it. There is nothing in this. Useless fights.

Sahaja yogi:(IN Hindi) Shri Mataji, your things can be checked in tomorrow morning at the airport.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)That is at noon, 12 o clock.

Sahajayogi:(InHindi)Yes. The things can be checked in before so that YOU get more time.

Shri Mataji:( InHindi) Alright. I told them if it can be checked in, then do it. Why have they brought it here?

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)That can be done in the morning. It can be done at 9O’ clock,10 O’clock.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)No, no. I said check it in from Delhi. I can bring one or two sarees with me. They did not understand and don’t know what happened. Got them down and then they stopped us and opened (UNCLEAR) bag.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)We will get it done in the morning tomorrow.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Yes. That is better. Last time remember the amount of rushing here and there.

Sahajayogi: (In Hindi) Shri Mataji,there is one last Bhajan.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, I was going to ask you.

Singing 57.07 to 1.01.13

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Lovely, lovely. Very nice poem.Inspired.Very beautiful. The poems are so deep. You all have gone deep. I never expected this and am not able to express MYSELF. I am very happy. This is such an isolated place, I thought nothing is going to happen here. Such a lot has happened. Undergone a lot of struggles. Too much of struggles. I mean though it looks alright from the financial point of view, otherwise it is quite a, and also very money-oriented place. There is not much of love. In this, I think you have done a very great job. Very great. In a desert, how can you grow lotuses? But you have done that. I am very happy. Very very happy.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi)It is all your blessings.

Shri Mataji: She wants to dance? Are you feeling shy? Do you want to dance or not? Then dance. Who is going to sing for you? (Laughing) Now stand up otherwise he is going to dance there. Come along let’s see. She is going to dance.

Sahaja yogi:(In Hindi) Shri Mataji, these people have a Bhajan…

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Is it their Bhajan? Okay, first take that out from your hand. You sit. What is it you want to sing?

Sahajayogi:The Bhajan ‘Vandana, Vandana’.

Shri Mataji: Yes. There is water. Now sing.

Bhajan Vandana, Vandana 1.03.46 to 1.06.56.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) Beautiful, beautiful. The children sang very well and the big children also sang nicely.

Sahajayogies:( Laughing)

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)Are the schools good here? 

Sahajayogi:(In Hindi)Indian High School.Good.

Shri Mataji:( In Hindi) Indian? Good. Good.

Sahaja yogi: Following CBSC syllabus.

Shri Mataji: Is it good?

Sahajayogi: Following Delhi board.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi)The atmosphere also must be good. There is quite a lot of freedom here on certain things.Remember we had no freedom. Very difficult. It starts from here.

 There is the problem of Muslims here, and for them, there are two books we have got. Very good books. One is written by UNCLEAR and another is written by Javed. He is a black belt and he has made 25 black belt people Sahajayogies. He has made 25 people who are black belt people,he has made them into Sahajayogies. And they are working among all the Muslims in Maharashtra. In the same way, we had a conference of the Muslims as I told you in (UNCLEAR), where we had about 700 people. And out of them, 300 Muslims got their Realisation. It was such a success. They are mostly Shias. So maybe also Shunis you see, because today this fellow had a spondylitis so we cured him. Now we said we will give you the, I don’t know..

 (talking to children playing)Let him come. Let him come.Come.Come. Give that to him otherwise he will fall. It is all wet there. Is it wet? Sit there. Now it is alright. Everything has got wet. Yes, water has fallen. Is it alright now? Grow big fast. Flowers?

Child: I have a baby sister but she is only ten months.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) I can’t hear you. Come here and tell me.Be careful when you come here. Don’t fall.

Child: Repeats again. Now she is sleeping.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. You better look after her. Alright?

Child: Yes.

Shri Mataji: When she will grow she will sing like you and dance also.Alright? May God bless you.

Child: My brother is dancing.

Shri Mataji: You have?

Child: I have a brother.

Shri Mataji: He is your brother?Oh, very good.

Child: But he is dancing.

Shri Mataji: You dance. Areh! That’s all. Wonderful.

Sahajayogies: Laughing.Child dancing. People laughing.

Shri Mataji: (In Hindi)Don’t laugh. He will get shy. You are a great dancer I must say. Dance now. Now he is shy. Christ has said, you have to be like children to enter the Kingdom of God. What does that mean? That means that you have to be innocent and it happens because, see when your Kundalini rises, then your Mooladhara chakra..stops acting, closes and the only job Ganesha does is to raise the Kundalini to support it so that it does not fall down. All other functions are not there. For nine hours, ten hours, nothing. You don’t feel like going to the bathroom anyway, because this has stopped functioning. So all these things are so interconnected, the whole Universe, the whole Cosmic laws. All Spiritual laws. It is so connected that this happens then, that happens. So many things you see in Sahaja yoga there are UNCLEAR is nothing miraculous. It is a fact. It is there but for ordinary people, for general people, it is just a kind of a ‘miracle’. So many things are happening and it is working out. People are getting cured and improving.

(Playing with the child) Come.One is sufficient to entertain you. Laughing. (InHindi)Sit.Sit in peace. Now sit.Sit for a little while.Okay.He is himself now,  giving a lecture to you. (Laughing.)

I am happy you have a school here. So at least your children can stay with you. But otherwise, this modern life is so horrible, teaching all the cities of India also and they are introducing all kinds of nonsensical ideas to our children. Very difficult. Moreover our cinemas, films now I feel will improve, because there is a big opposition for this kind of thing going on, for the vulgarity and all. Easy to take to something that is subhuman, inhuman. But to give in human life, you have to have a certain amount of Dharma. If you don’t even have this dharma you cannot ascend. See you may follow anyone. You may follow your religion, anything but if you don’t follow the dharma then you can not rise. It is like say a life which is so imbalanced and it cannot rise. Now that is why they say first follow the dharma and then you will have ascent. But not in Sahaja yoga. In Sahaja yoga whatever you have done, whatever you have been following, whatever  have been your mistakes, doesn’t matter. You come. And then you get your ‘Realisation’. Your Kundalini will tell you about ‘your self’.Mohammad Saab has said that your hands will speak and UNCLEAR that is your hands will tell you what chakras you are catching, where is the flaw. For a Sahaja yogi, his attention should be on his Spirit, not outside. Outside problems can be solved just like this if your attention is on the Spirit. Because of the light of the Spirit, you see solutions, you find your way out. For everything, for your health.For everything. So the best thing is when you meditate put your attention to your heart. Put your attention to yourself and also see for yourself how much compassionate you are. How much kind you are.How much affectionate you are. But it is not that I am saying that we should have attachment like’ Mumta’, you can have, this is my child, my house, my this, my that. If that is there then it is a big problem. That is not love. Love is without any attachments. It is real love. It is pure love. You don’t love somebody for money, you don’t love somebody for some gain or some position. But you love somebody because you ‘love’.And then that pure love will give you complete joy. If you don’t have ‘pure love’ then after some time you will be very disturbed, you will be very upset. You can feel the other way round. But with ‘pure love’ you never feel, you feel extremely gratifying, happy about it. So that is what is to be experienced. (Give me water)And that is what one has to experience in Sahaja yoga. Nothing else.It is the experience, is the point. Now Ganpatipule how many have you been? Wow.Really? Good. In Ganapathy, you can see how there is ‘ Love’ you know. Thousands of people with all the inconveniences and everything, I mean suddenly we never expected so many people and we did not know what to do. Thus they made little pandals suddenly. They never wrote that we are coming.They just arrived. Now, what to do? So they made some pandals and just temporarily. But everybody was very happy. There is no thieving, no talking ill about others, no discussion, no arguments. They only felt joy with each other. That’s all. That should be so. And I am so happy to see also, that from Srilanka we got people. That was a very big desire of mine. You don’t know how much I wanted to do something for Srilanka. They are very much in trouble in every way, and also Indian government is responsible for that I know. The mistakes they committed and all that they did was very, very wrong. And that is such a wrong thing to do. There was a journalist who came to Switzerland and he told me all about it. And I asked him to publish it and as soon as he published it he had to lose his job. You see because Rajeev Gandhi was a big favourite of your government. And when he felt that his mother was the one who brought them and all these things, now he is the one who has done this they were very angry. Because the Swiss bank people said that they are our very good customers. Who? Rajeev Gandhi. So you dare not. All the Gandhi family so you should not say all these things and he lost his job. So this is what it is, that even to tell the truth and all that you have to have circumstances where you can tell the truth. The old man came later on when all that happened. But he told me that for nothing at all there is a quarrel going on. There is no need to have a quarrel. It has gone too much now. So many people are going to be hanged. Let us see. It may or may not happen. I was just thinking it should not take place for one man to be against twenty-six people.

It was all manufactured in India, and then they learnt all this Gorilla warfare in India. There were, how many I don’t know, but many centres and Indira Gandhi was the one who started it. I know but what to do? How can you neutralize it now? So people have to understand that no use fighting, nothing. We should try to console them and try to bring them around. Because even in India there is no place to live. So better settle down properly there and live happily, instead of fighting and bring all kinds of problems. So one has to talk to them. But who can talk to them also? Very difficult. We sent somebody from Kuala Lumpur. He went there. He went through the airport and one taxi fellow came to pick him up and on the way, he was murdered. They have gone mad. I don’t know, they just don’t understand. By these things, we can not get Independence. And even if you get what happens? Now see, Bangla Desh and Pakistan. These are the two countries who separated from the Mother. As a result, now Pakistan is absolutely under the control of the Americans. Americans are giving them everything and now suddenly they have withdrawn, so their left hands are and the economy is so bad that they have no industries, nothing, while India has both. This side is Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the whole world. Very poor. My husband used to go to Bangladesh. He said you better not come because you will start your Ganga, Yamuna all the time. You can’t exist there. It is so bad. Bangladesh conditions are the worst. So it is such a mess they have landed. Now if they were part and parcel of India it would have worked out after all you know, but what is the use of having another country. Now the reason I have found out is this. There are few people who want to have their own importance, because they want to be the Prime Minister. Like Jinnah wanted to be the Prime Minister and Jawarlal which was a mistake maybe, but he wanted to have Pakistan. Same with this Bangladesh, there was this Mujibur Rahman. He wanted the same. But he was the one who was murdered by them. So you see the situation is such that they want it, but they do not know why they want it. What is the subtle thing behind it? They think we can have ministership. We will be Prime Ministers and then we can take the money of the public. Same with our country. See those who want power do not want it for power. They want it for money. Just say we have invested three lakhs so we have to get some investment or market you may call it, kind of bargaining, that we have taken this much trouble, we have spent so much money so the government must give and so we have stamped this, that. We have all kinds of things and all this.

Got a pain in the back?

Sahaja yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: What is the matter?

Sahaja yogi: He could not fold his legs for a long time.

Shri Mataji: He has put on too much weight. (In Hindi)If the diet is controlled it will get alright. Dieting and walking. Let him sit on the stool. Just sit on the chair. There is a chair there. After sometime.

Sahaja yogi: You want to sit on the sofa?

Shri Mataji: Give him 3 candle treatments. That will reduce him a lot.3 candle treatment. It will help him. He will be alright after some time. With the 3 candle treatment, he will reduce.Alright.Do you know how to do it?

Sahaja yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: And also then…Baby crying. (Shri Mataji laughing ) Very interesting. See the love.

Three candle treatment he will reduce and also he should do.,  you people eat a lot of rice?

Sahaja yogi: Yeah.

Shri Mataji: You take out the water? Take out three, four times. Starch.Hello.So that will take out the starch.

Sahaja yogi: Starch.

Shri Mataji: So that will take out the starch and anything that grows under the mother earth they should ‘not take it. Nothing under the mother earth. Shouldn’t take. That is the ‘Prithvi tatva’ much more in him and also you should give him 3 candle treatments and Ganesha Mantra will help.Alright.It is not difficult. It is very easy. You can reduce him. And also for eating fats should be reduced and carbohydrates If you don’t take carbohydrates at all then there is no harm, you can take little fat. But carbohydrates if you are eating then it is better not to eat any say fats. That will solve. It can be done. If he can do a single bar.Very good. You know it is called puppy fat. It is not bad fat. Then suddenly they shoot up, quite tall. Also, give him Calcinol. You write it down. He will become very tall. Calcium, I don’t know what you get here. Calcium but is very good and chew one or two tablets every day. He doesn’t like roti?

Sahaja yogi: Wheat chapati?

Shri Mataji: He likes. Then better not give him rice. Bit if you are giving rice then wash it three, four times.Starch like potatoes, any starch and carbohydrates, if you could avoid it. The single bar has lots of benefits. But I think they suddenly go up like that. My daughter herself was like that at the age of 14 years. And now she is very tall, I think she is 5.61/2.”But three times (UNCLEAR) very good. We have lots of people from Ceylon in Kuala Lumpur who are Sahaja yogis. They are in Kuala Lumpur and they came to Ganapathy pule. I don’t know if anyone of you met them or not. Chinese came and also we can call them Tamilians they came. Do you speak the same language?

Sahaja yogi: We speak Sinhalese.

Sahaja yogi: Sinhalese.

Shri Mataji: This was a Sinhalese song?

Sahaja yogi: Yeah, yes. It was. It is a mixture of Tamil and Sinhalese.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi) How do they write in Sinhalese?

Sahaja yogi: What is the script? Do you have a script?

Sahaja yogi: They have. It looks like Telugu.

Shri Mataji: Alright.But this fighting for a separate land doesn’t help.Noway.It will never help.It was a wrong idea somebody has given.See if you are in minority and there is discrimination, you can fight it.But don’t fight for the separate land you know because that does not work out.And gradually you suffer a lot.So many examples are there.Wherever they have tried to separate the land, the Motherland, the Mother Earth is angry.Punjab was doing so well and then suddenly I don’t know they took to Pakistanis,  and lots of Pakistanis came in.The whole place was such a prosperous thing, they became really poor.Very poor.So these are examples to show that, they should not demand for separate country or land. Instead, try to bring more together so you will be much more stronger.And also help your government and people.That will be very good. I was having a talk about Buddha also, recently.So they said that Buddha gave up everything and he went away, left his wife and child and all.I said those days are gone.If what you are praying for is within you, you can get it.I gave him realisation but the same day I was leaving.I did not know what to do.He said that stay for one day more.I would like YOU to address all the people, cabinet, everything.I said sorry when the time will come I will come.We have in Thailand also lots of people.Now they are having a bad time with the finance with this government.These time come and go.Bad times come, good times is there.Also, this is our I should say, the fate that is there. But more than that is our courage, our realisation.With that what does it matter?You just watch the whole drama going on, sometimes up, sometimes down.It goes on like that.And it is very enjoyable, if you learn how to enjoy it, then you don’t mind anything.I am very, very happy.You don’t know how much I am touched by this song.Because you have expressed your heart in it and I said, in this desert to have people like you all very gratified.Very gratified.Now you should get more people and more people. Approach more.People from India, from Srilanka and maybe also there are some Chinese.Chinese are very good Sahajayogies.Russians are excellent.Excellent.I was surprised at these Russians.They are in millions. You can’t count them.And the way they got their realisation was amazing.And so sensitive.So deep already.So then I found out two things that this communism has made them love, I should say in perspective and they developed their depth in that. Because communism was very disgusting maybe or oppressive, whatever it is.That’s one thing that happened to them.And the second, there is no conditioning.They are neither Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, anything.No conditioning.They did not know even about God.But as soon as they saw me… the first time when I went to Leningrad I was surprised that when I went to the hall about two thousand people were sitting outside.I said why are you standing outside, why don’t you go inside.They said Mother there is no room.All the seats are full.In Russia there is a law, if you take any hall they charge you some nominal amount and they occupy the rows so they don’t give us neither they give it to anybody.They keep it for themselves, not UNCLEAR.So they said there is no seat and we can’t go in.So we are sitting outside.I said alright we will finish the program.I finished the program and about one hour or so and came out.They were still there.I said what are you doing? They said, YOU said, YOU will come and give Realisation and we are waiting. I said, “‘O’My God.Alright. Can you come tomorrow morning?” There were lots of big, big compounds in every place.I said I will sit on the steps and we will have the program.The next day 2000 inside ones,2000 outside ones and 1000 more from somewhere.5000 people were sitting.What is the matter with them?It never happened in any place.I said, “how is it, the first time I went, how is it you all have come like this.”What else can we say?Mother, we saw your photograph.”It is obvious. It is obvious”.”Obvious from your face”.I said look at that.My Mahamaya part finished off I think there.”It is obvious?””Of course. It is obvious”.So then it spread just like fire.We never have any program in any hall but always in a big theatre where 20,000, people can be seated.So 20,000 are inside and 10,000 are outside.On and on and on.So much so that they are banned.Even Hindus are banned there.They have an orthodox Church and some Muslims and something like that.Now you see, there they call it the head of the Church of the Orthodox Church.His name is Alexi and he has a woman who advises.Because her Agnya is sort of a …. I don’t know what.Instead of seeing inside, she sees outside. So she sees people as they are. So as a spy she is the adviser for this gentleman. She came to our program and she saw me and she saw lots of light coming out and all ask for me and then she went back and told him that they are not in any way any cult. They are healers so it is alright. So we are not banned. Whether they call it healers or anything we are not banned. And that’s how we have started this…But I have seen them anywhere. They are in America, anywhere Russians, very very deep. Very deep. If you could get hold of Russians here talk to them. Or let us know, we will find out from where do they come and all that. So their relations UNCLEAR. Otherwise, they are very much afraid of all kinds of these false gurus. Very much. But they are self secured. They described to me about ISCON people and also they described to me about this Satya Sai Baba. They say he is like a golliwog. Before I could tell them anything they knew all of it. It has gone up to Siberia. The whole thing is working out in a very nice manner and things are going smoothly.

So all of you enjoyed Ganapathypule, I am happy to know and actually for certain people they have In Hindi ) Did you get a concession? No. They can give concessions to you people. Like we had gone to Kuala Lumpur they gave. (In Hindi.)No one came from Ceylon. We can work it out and if they want to come we can arrange it. It is a big concession they have given. They asked me and I said, I don’t know, do whatever you like. (Laughing.)Because all these people are from Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, East Asia, there are lots of places…I have no idea. Also for Russians. In the beginning, I used to pay them when they came. Poor thing. They did not have money to buy a little sherbet or anything. So difficult. But now they are better of and they are doing. For Ganapathy puja this time, we will again have marriages. Last time we had, I thought you people will come but there were more than 100, and I did not know what to do with hundred couples. And I was thinking from where will I get sarees for them. And suddenly they discovered in Cabella in the attic, two boxes full of sarees. I don’t know. And  I never bought them. I know nothing or I forgot and that’s how the marriages took place there and they were very happily married and all have gone with their husbands or wives. It is very good. So many  Indian girls are married and also so many, even Japanese girls. One Japanese girl is married in Cabella. Very interesting.What about Tamilian girls or Srilankan girls? We have one only, in England. She is Srilankan. One person. She is from some university. She came with me to this conference ‘Peace Conference’, the women’s conference in China. She came,  Srilankan. Don’t remember her name. She is very dynamic. So the whole pattern is so different. This world is so very different. Sahaja yoga pattern is just different, but it is all working out. Spreading very much. Especially in the U.P of all the places. I can’t believe it. Even the chief secretary there said. So many secretary IAS officers have said. Even in Delhi but not so many. Delhi we have the DIG Police is Mr Toor who came and he gave a very nice program himself this time. When C.P.came, he came to the airport to receive him, and then we have Income Tax people, the customs. I mean these people who are… now one thing, to be honest, I admit ‘because they are satisfied.’ What do you want to have more? They are satisfied. (In Hindi) Do not take pains, bother, for tomorrow . Very happy. This time you see last minute they said, ‘yes, yes  you can get out of the airport.’ (In Hindi)I said what is the use of going early then. There is no use because we will come back here.

All your love and affection and suddenly I got…(In Hindi) It has got late for everyone. I felt so happy meeting you and so relaxed that I went off to sleep nicely and they would wake me up. This shopping business has to be done so the whole thing became very late, isn’t it? But what to do.