Human beings are at an intermediary stage

Caffè della Versiliana, Versilia (Italy)

1999-08-29 Human beings are at an intermediary stage, Versilia, Italy, 97' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans and workshop
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Public Program at the “Caffè della Versiliana”. Versilia (Italy), 29 August 1999.

Romano Battaglia: ….Arriva a fine millennio. È l’ultima Versiliana di questo millennio. Prego. (…it arrives to the end of millenium. It’s the last Versiliana of this millenium. Please..)

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. If you are really seeking the truth, this is the best time when, at the end of this millennium, you can really understand what is the truth is.

We have one problem: as we are born, we have the inheritance from the animal kingdom we should say, because we evolved out of animals. So, because of that, we still have many qualities that are coming from our inheritance. Firstly, the desire to get over somebody, to sort of grab things, or aggressiveness, all comes from there.

There are many things we have inherited from them.

But now we have another problem: because we think, and by thinking we justify everything wrong we do. And because of this, we continue with all kinds of aggressiveness and all kinds of tortures of others.

But this is not what we have to achieve being human beings. Now the truth is that we all can evolve out of this. For that we have to become the Spirit. So we are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, but we are pure Spirits. We must have faith in that. Actually, to overcome these tendencies of human beings, they started religions. But religions also are now money-oriented or they are power-oriented, they are not Spirit-oriented. So the problem remains as it is.

Now, what are we to do, is to just to understand that we are the pure Spirit. And this is a special time, very special time, I call it a blossom time, when there are so many who are really, really seeking the truth. They can’t go on with whatever they have. They want to change themselves, transform themselves. They want to change the whole world, the whole transformation – where there will be nothing but peace and Divine Love. So human beings are at an intermediary stage.

But it’s not difficult, because your Creator has created within you the power to become the Spirit. For which you don’t have to go into any ritualism, or any kind of punishment, nothing of the kind. As you are, whatever you are, only you have to desire to be the Spirit and you become. Because in you resides the power which will make you that. It is your own power. Which is the pure power. Other powers are not pure. Other desires also not pure. Now today you want to have something, you get it, then you want to have something else – that means your desires were not pure. Every time, desires you go on running from one to another. You work very hard to achieve some desire, and then again you have nothing to do with it. This is we have to understand why it is happening, because this is not the pure desire. Now there is a power within us – believe Me – which can be easily awakened. Especially when you are sitting under the sky, under these beautiful trees and on the Mother Earth.

The whole nature helps us. Just look at them how like a witness they are standing, nothing moving. They want to see these miracles in you. And this is going to happen. I don’t want to tell you that you feel guilty or you feel bad about yourself, never. After all, if you have done anything wrong, you are a human being. But God has forgiven you. Otherwise you’d not have been here. So please forgive yourself. Do not have any guilt. Is a fashion nowadays, to have a guilt. But actually, when you feel guilty, you catch on this centre here with which you can get a very serious disease of angina, also spondylitis.

Especially Italians are very emotional people, their hearts are open, but they feel guilty for nothing at all. I mean, if you have such a large heart, you should be very satisfied with yourself. And not to feel guilty. This is a very important thing.

The second point is that we must know how to forgive others, and God has forgiven you. Now, if you don’t forgive, what do you do? You do nothing. On the contrary, if you don’t forgive, you are just playing with your mind and torturing yourself. So, it is best is that we should forgive ourselves, and we must have respect for ourselves. We have to love ourselves. That doesn’t mean self-indulgence by any chance. On the contrary, you must know that you are made a human being for a special purpose. Not to be wasted. This human life is not to be wasted. You have to care for others and you have to care for yourself also. That is a very important point. That first of all we have to become the Spirit, by which we will realise our own value. By becoming the Spirit, what happens is that you get connected to the all-pervading Divine Power.

They have talked about it, they’ve talked in all the religions about this Divine Power. But nobody has been able to really explain how to reach there. If it is possible to achieve that.

Einstein has talked about it. He says that there’s a torsion area beyond our mind. And the ideas come from the torsion area. And when it comes from torsion area, the scientists can work it out, they can find out. They should not live only on the rational plane. They can verify it. They should research it. With an open mind. He himself said that the theory of relativity dawned upon him from the torsion area. Also he said most of the scientists get their ideas from the torsion area. So we have to enter into that torsion area.

For example, when I came here, it was very hot. And then it rained very heavily. Then they were asking Me in the evening, will we have the programme inside or outside. I said: “Outside”. So they were thinking it might rain. I said: “It will not, it will not rain at all, take it from Me. But it will be very pleasant.” That’s what it is! Same thing will happen to you. When your powers will come, you will know everything through the torsion area.

For which you don’t have to pay. You don’t have to pray also. Don’t have to do anything. Because it is within you. It is your own power. Just like this candle here is burned by another candle. In this way, if you are enlightened, if you have the light, you can enlighten thousands of them. That is how Sahaja Yoga has spread. But after enlightenment you have to see that your light is burning alright. Little bit you have to look after it.

It’s a long story about the centres that we have, but I need not tell you all that, you will come to know in no time. But you must think about yourself very seriously. Your life is not for frivolous things. You must pay due attention to yourself and respect yourself. If you don’t want wars, if you don’t want violence, if you want your children to be beautifully peaceful ones, then try that you, after getting realisation here, you come to our follow-up programmes and become permanently an enlightened personality. Then you become peaceful personalities. You emit peace. Whenever you will go, there will be peace. And you are under the protection of the Divine.

Now in Turkey we have about 2,000 sahaja yogis. Not one person is hurt and nobody’s house were (crumbled?) down. Actually they were Muslims, some of them fundamentalist Muslims. But when I told them about the truth about Koran, they just became sahaja yogis. They had never read also Koran – just because some people said “you should become fundamentalist” they had become fundamentalists. But this kind of blind faith is of no use. You have to have the experience. Is very important. Don’t believe Me also, unless and until you have the experience. We believe into anything, but first of all you must see what others have got. Have they got joy? Have they got peace? Are they loving people? Can they transform others? Without that, you should not jump into anything. It is illusion. It’s an ocean of illusion. And we jump into that without thinking about it.

So for this special time I want to warn you all to be careful. I have to tell you this is the Last Judgement. Either you take to truth or to untruth. This is how you are going to be judged. As a Mother, I feel very much heartened to see people who come to seek the truth. And we don’t want to be ruined, and we don’t want other people to be ruined by our false faiths. You’ll be amazed how it has changed people.

In Italy itself I don’t know, we have how many? We have so many people in Italy, they all have become so nice – they don’t drink, they don’t smoke, they don’t take drugs, nothing, they’ve given up all those habits automatically. They have become very loving, beautiful people who think for the whole world. All of you can become that. And we have to become, the time has come.

So the message is today, is that we should be very much anxious to get our self-realisation and to establish it. Then all problems of country, nationality, this thing, everything get solved. Because we all become collective. We are so collective that a person, supposing something happens to him here, from all over the world people will try to help him. I don’t have to tell them, automatically they do it.

And it’s such a noble work, that once you get your self-realisation, you just dedicate to it. And then you really, really enjoy the collective joy.

So may God bless you all.

I hope you will understand what I’ve said and we’ll do just now the self-realisation process.

You don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to do anything, is just to enjoy your Self which is within you, and to enjoy the people of the whole world.

Thank you very much. (Applause)

Romano Battaglia: Vorrei ricordare che ci sono dei depliant con gli indirizzi per il Sahaja Yoga, anche qui a Forte dei Marmi, e i numeri telefonici per chi volesse seguire. Poi ci sono anche dei volumi nella nostra libreria dove si può sapere qualcosa di più. Volevo fare una domanda importante. Gli scienziati russi, che cosa hanno pensato? (I would like to remember that there are some leaflets with addresses for Sahaja Yoga, even here in Forte dei Marmi, and the telephone numbers for those who want to attend. Then there are also some books in our book shop where you can learn a bit more. I wanted to make an important question. About Russian scientists, what did they think?)

Shri Mataji: Ah. The Russian scientists, you see, they are very good scientists, and because they were so oppressed by communism, that they went into one place and they established themselves, you see? And the Russians were so oppressed that they went inside themselves much more, they’re very deep, deep people. And very sensitive.

You know, their leadership has been always a problem. But the people are so beautiful and so well-educated. Now these scientists who went there, and stayed there, they are the ones who found out, were thinking about spiritual life, about the torsion area. And these two of them, very, very prominent physicists – they were physicists – very prominent people, came to My programme. And they were looking out for this torsion area. And they saw in My photograph lots of light coming and spreading all over from My head. They also felt the cool breeze coming our of their heads. And they were amazed, and they openly declared that I’m the source of cosmic energy.

There are many types of energies, one of them is cosmic, which looks after the five elements, nature. Is the cosmic energy.

But there’s another energy which is of love, of God’s love. And that energy is what we call it as Ruh in Urdu, or in Persian, Ruh. And also in Sanskrit language it is Paramchaitanya, and in English language, or in the Bible, it is the all-pervading Power of Divine love. So what happens actually is this: that if the scientists see something, and feel something, then they go beyond the rational area. In America also it has worked out in such a way that their medical institution of that America has accepted Sahaja Yoga for curing people. Thus, you see, they want to accept the truth, they don’t want to deny it, because they are very clean people. Thus, these Russians are writing a book in Russian language, then it has to be translated also in your language.

Romano Battaglia: Non so se la Grande Madre potrà dare la realizzazione qui, davanti questo pubblico…. (I do not know if the Great Mother can give realization here, in presence of this audience…)

Shri Mataji: I will. I will now, if you want. Those who do not want, should leave the place, because it is only your wanting, your desire, I cannot force on you. That we can call it the actualisation of baptism. Actualisation. Of the baptism. But it is not artificial, it is real, because it comes through our living force of evolution.

All right. So, those who are prepared to have it can have it, but I have to make a very humble request, that you have to take out your shoes – not socks, but shoes. Because this Mother Earth, you know, is so powerful, and She takes away all our problems.

So you must promise that you will continue with it and will become complete enlightened people.

It is very simple. Nothing to be afraid of. Now please put both your hands towards Me like this. Alright. I have already told you that you have to forgive yourself, not to feel guilty. And secondly you have to forgive everyone. That’s all. It’s not difficult or anything, just you have to say “Mother we forgive everyone”.

Alright. Now put both the hands towards Me just like this. Now put the right hand towards Me like this, and with the left hand try to see on top of your head if there’s any cool breeze coming. Now bend your heads.

Could be hot breeze also. That is because you have not forgiven yourself nor you have forgiven others. You just bend your head and see.

Now put left hand towards me and put the right hand on top of your head. Again bend your heads. Right hand towards Me, right hand towards Me. Ah. (Aside: “Very well”).

Now. (Aside: “Alright, got it now”). You can put up both your hands. And you ask a question, anyone of these three questions, you ask one question in your heart. You ask – you can call Me Shri Mataji or you can call Me Mother – “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Or else, second question is: “Mother, is this the all-pervading Power of Divine love?”. Only one question you have to ask three times. Then you have to ask: “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?”. Is the Sanskrit word. You can ask anyone of these questions three times, from your heart.

Now. Please put down your hands. Please put down your hands. Now, again put your hands towards Me. And now just don’t think, you can do it; don’t think, you can do it. Just don’t see the silence, the nature is silent and you are also silent within. This is how you go beyond your mind.

Now. All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze on their fingertips or on their palms or out of the fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands.

All of you have felt it!

Congratulations. May God bless you.

(I told you, I tell every, they are very much vibrant people).

May God bless you.

Now you have to promise that you will develop yourselves into great yogis, into great enlightened people. And to thank Romano Battaglia for this chance to meet all of you. It is very kind of you.

Romano Battaglia: È il saluto dell’ultimo giorno del Caffè della Versiliana. (This is the goodbye of the last day of the “Caffè della Versiliana”.)

Shri Mataji: Ah. May God bless you. May God bless you, Romano, specially.

Now this song you can clap. If this song if you can clap, this will help you. Now this is a Marathi song, which was sung in the 1900 and, I think 16 or so. It was written by a very, very famous poet. And is being sung all over in the villages of Maharashtra. It says that “Oh God, I am prepared to enter into Your Kingdom. So it works out in such a beautiful manner that You make my Spirit shine. Yoga is the union with the Divine. It is not acrobatic thing. Is a real connection.

(The bhajan group sings Jogawa. Then Shri Mataji meets the public and works on the people)