Talk after Sahasrara Puja: Penetrate Your Attention

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Talk after Sahasrara Puja, “Penetrate Your Attention”,. Cabella Ligure, Italy, 7 May 2000

It was really a wonderful idea to put my attention to all these fields of life which are very important and, as it is, I have attention on all of them and I care for all that. But I would say now you all people put in your attention to it, because it is you who can do something about it. You can start with the nature as they said is this: we have to be kind to the nature. We are having such problems. People are cutting out trees, doing all kinds of things, without even thinking that this is for the progeny [and] will become a desert. So, in the same way, for everything, for your fruits and agriculture, vibrations can really change it. We had in our garden, you won’t believe, a peony flower – just like this (Mother open’s her hands) even bigger than this, very bigger. We have never seen such a flower. We had also the tulips so big as that. I haven’t seen such tulips in my lifetime.

With vibrations you can improve everywhere.

Say, you go and see some politician, let’s see, or some political party, then you use your hands and give them bandhans all the time. You can sit on the table across and under the table you go on giving them bandhan. (laughter)

You have powers, but if you don’t use your powers then it is useless – if you just go on thinking about building up yourself and looking after yourself. Now those days are gone. Now you have to look after other things. And I was very much happy with all the things that they have shown and all my attention is already there. But if you people also put your attention…As you know I have already purchased seven big, big lands, fifty to sixty acres of lands in Maharashtra for different projects and these projects have started.

Now in Delhi also we have a very huge, big plot to put the women who are destitute. First, on the social level, we have to do something I thought. So it’s all done, we have started a school, we have started a [music] academy again – we are going to have another academy. And also teaching young people with vocational knowledge and all that.

India, that way, has not so progressed as you people are in these things. But there’s one thing very great about India is that – because of our culture maybe, because of our Indian style of life of respect – people have become very well equipped for the software; this kind of thing. They are very intelligent and software, because their attention penetrates. So if you also penetrate your attention, I mean, you can achieve the same. You are higher than them. But because they have been brought up in that culture, they are very intelligent, but their attention is not spread out. It is not. It is just on one point and they penetrate very well. And they are doing so well now that a day will come when India will become one of the most prosperous countries.

So this is what has to happen, that, firstly, our culture has to be brought round to such a state that the children get all the positive ideas and a good character and proper building: with love, affection. But not to spoil them. Not to spoil them. They should be brought up in such a manner, that they develop a proper view of the whole thing and also they have penetration of their attention. But if you go on changing your attention all the time, the inside is finished, because the attention gets broken.

So this penetration of attention has to be seen. Say, for example, you look at some tree: then, just watch it with love. See what the tree is talking to you, what is she saying? If you are looking at a mountain. Then just talk to the mountain, and see what the mountain is saying to you. Put your attention completely on one thing and see for yourself, that will help you a lot. But if you have an attention which is all the time watching this, watching that, this, that. And criticising is another way you miss out on attention. Lots of attention goes to this.

Thirdly: could be, as they said, self-importance; [which] is the worst thing. In that, then, you do not think anything is important, you just go on looking after your self-importance.

There are so many ways, but the best way is to learn how to handle your own attention, and how to handle other people. That’s very important. How you deal with people is very important for a Sahaja Yogi. If you deal in a proper way, in a decent manner, in a way that’s congenial, that’s appreciative, then you will find so many friends and they will try to find out: how are you like this; how are you so peaceful, how are you so kind, why are you not agitated like others are. So in your own lifestyle you can establish it. But when you are dealing with others, what I am saying [is] that the social relations with others is very important.

Now, at what level you should start I can’t say. It depends on your temperament and aptitude. But whichever of these areas that you think is important, you can just try to find out: What is the solution? How can you help it? How can you work it out?

All of you can do it. It is not that you have to develop a kind of a party to fight anything. But to have your own attention, you will know the solutions of many problems. Many problems can be solved if you find out the solution. But the solution you can find with your concentration of mind. That is very important. And if you can really do that, all these problems that you face today, in those different fields of life, can be easily solved. It’s not so difficult. Family life can be solved, depending on the wife and depending on the husband and their relationship. Very simple it is.

But somehow or other our background is such, I think, that we don’t understand simple things. We only understand complicated things. In a simple way, if you deal with people at different levels in these different aspects of life, you will be amazed [that] you will be very much popular. People will want to know what sort of a thing it is.

I’ll tell you [of] one gentleman. His name was Mr. Dhumal. He’s no more. They know him. He was in the village, he was looking after his fields and things, he was like a farmer. And somehow he got Realisation in Poona. After getting Realisation in Poona he went to his own place and he started Sahaja Yoga there. And he started giving them Realisation, this and that. And it was surprising, because he never came, as such, to me, or he never came to Poona [yet] suddenly he developed that mind of concentration. And the people told me, “Mother, he’s got so many Sahaja Yogis. He has developed it with such an understanding.” And when I went there I was surprised that we had more Sahaja Yogis there than we had in Poona! In Poona there were Sahaja Yogis who were doing the work, but this one single fellow had changed the whole idea of people in Ahmadnagar and Rahuri. Very surprising it was, that he was just a simple man and a farmer type, and then he started using vibrations for his activities and things. And it was so remarkable. Actually he was not very educated but we always went and stayed in his house and we were really enamoured by the way he tried to express his spirituality to others. In the same way all of you can do it.

Now what I have seen is that we are very shy – shy about Sahaja Yoga. Once I was travelling in the plane and there was one lady sitting with her burning absolutely. So I asked her, “Who is your guru?” And she went into another realm of describing, “The guru is like this.” I know the guru is a horrible false person – horrible – but she was praising him so much. Without knowing much about me she was just going on and on and I said, “Look at this woman, how much she is talking about her guru!” And while we are a little shy to talk about Sahaja Yoga. First start talking to the trees about Sahaja Yoga, maybe (laughter) – you practice it that way – and then you can start talking to others about Sahaja Yoga.

You can work it out. You have to do it. Anybody who meets you, should see you, ask you. Because it will be quite evident from your face, from your behaviour, that you are a different person. But then you should start talking openly about it. If I was shy like you Sahaja Yoga would not have spread! (Laughter)

So there’s nothing to be shy about it. You should just know that you are Sahaja Yogis, you are all Sufis, and you can talk to people openly to all the people whom you meet. Gradually you will be surprised that they will see your character, they will see your nature, and change. Like this Dhumal: once he went to an office and he had to get some work done. And there he started telling them, “I want to do this.” But he was so peaceful and joyful that they asked him, “From what mill do you get your food?” You see, they couldn’t understand that how could he be so quiet, and so honest and so very penetrating. And that gave him all the popularity in that office. It’s a collector’s office. And so many people came and asked him, and he told that, “I am a follower of Shri Mataji and I am a Sahaja Yogi and you all can become Sahaja Yogis.” They said, “All right, we’ll also become.” Like that. So one should not feel shy about Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise what happens that it melts away with you.

So this is I have been telling and again and again. All these things that you have said is very good. My attention is there and I’m the only woman in the whole world must be reading all the newspapers. Normally women don’t read newspapers, because they are headaches. But I read newspapers and I try to follow and I get to the right point and, I mean, it’s quite in my mind about these things. But only (one) person cannot do it alone. You have to have others who can channelise this. So I would say that – don’t feel shy. You should talk about it. You wear the badge. With the badge people will ask you a question, “Who is this one?” Then you talk to them. Any way you like you should expose yourself and that will work out better.

All these problems can be solved by you. You are quite a lot of number here, and [you are] also representing so many behind. So you can understand what is your personality is and how much you can impress people. Alright?

Thank you!