A-TV Interview


A-TV Interview, Istanbul, Turkey, 2001-04-01

Dear viewer, now there are the message of happiness from a guest coming from India. Indian Yoga Master Shri Mataji tells those who are sufffering from the economical crisis to have patience/ She gives good news that very soon Turkey will come out of the crisis and adds, do not worry, after all you have a dervish (a member of a Sufi religious order who has taken vows of poverty and austerity) guiding you. 

(Name of Finance Minister of that time was Kemal Dervish)

Shri Mataji: Dervish mean Sufi.

She is a world renowend Yoga Master, the founder of a tecnique called Sahaja. She introduce Herself with the word Sufi meaning Dervish and She has tens of thousands followers. Shri Mataji is now in Istanbul.

Shri Mataji: I received an education in medicine in India. In 1970, I discovered Sahaja Yoga. From that day on, I am travelling all over the world to explain it.

She promises endless happiness to the people, going to every part of the world, She gives the message of self realization. According to Her, realization means to awaken the hidden energy in the body and to open the way to spiritual growth.

Shri Mataji: People who seek the truth come to me. Gandhi was also a Sufi and jelaous people finished him. My mission is to find new sufis and to open the way for them.

The reason why Shri Mataji comes often  to Turkey is that Turks are give importance to spirituel world and She is even aware of the economical crisis in Turkey. She loves Ataturk whom She knows from Her childhood.

Shri Mataji: Ataturk was also very great leader, he removed all the nonsensical obstacles. Thanks to him, you Turks are very talented but he had too many enemies that is why he was very unhappy.

She says that the difficult days in Turkey will be finished soon because there is someone like Dervish in the head of economy. Just looking his photo She understands that he will be succesful.

Shri Mataji: The word Dervish is coming from Sufism and that makes him amiable, as far as I can see, he works very hard and from his heart and he looks like a very good man but because of this extreme working pace, he may get heart problems or asthma. Because of that his heart center gets tired very much.

Regarding the economical crisis, She says, be patient, accoding to Her, health is of primary importance. Don`t make yourself sick being affected by the crisis.

Shri Mataji: Only way out of the crisis you are in, is to love your country, besides there is a turmoil and thay may cause you a lot of harm. Only those who realy  love their country can prevent this turmoil. When I was young, I also went out to the streets for the independence of India. I was imprisoned but I forgive everyone. Besides, too much running after money cannot make one happy, it will only create problems.

For those who believe in Shri Mataji, She is Holy and those who live according to Her teachings are considered prtected against evil. This is also true for all other religions.   

Shri Mataji: The essence of all religions are the same but mullahs and priests changed it. There is one God we all believe in but He has different hands and we believe in the evolution of people. People ascend slowly and Teachers show the way to them. Probhet Muhammed was such a Teacher.

On Tuesday Shri Mataji will meet those who interested in Yoga  at Lutfi Kirdar hall.