Shri Krishna Puja: Look Inside

Pune (India)


Shri Krishna Puja (Hindi). Pune (India), 9 August 2003.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Now we have to realize that Sahaja Yoga has spread a lot and in all corners of the world people respect Sahaja Yoga, but until and unless Sahaja Yoga is completely manifested within us, the people who respect Sahaja Yoga will not continue to do so. That is why it is essential that we look inside of us. The nature of Shri Krishna is that we look inside of us and see what are the things that put us in trouble. We should find that out. We should look towards ourselves, within ourselves and that is not such a difficult thing.
When we want to see our face, we look in the mirror. Similarly, when we need to see our spirit, we should find out how to see it within us. Many Sahaja Yogis have asked Me, “Mother, how do we see what is within us and how we are doing?.” For that it is necessary that we ourselves should become very humble. If we lack humility, we will be clouded by our own thoughts.

So in the life of Shri Krishna, first it was shown that he was just like a small child. Absolutely like an infant. Not knowing anything. He did not think anything of himself. He had his mother and he wanted to grow with the support of his mother. We should also look inside of ourselves and realize that we are like a small child as well. Shri Krishna has said this repeatedly. Also, Jesus Christ has said the same thing that we should become like small children. We should see the comforting shade of the sweet nature of a child. Do we talk like a child? What is the quality within us that we become like a child?

Now child means purity, innocence. With this innocence we have to look towards ourselves and cover ourselves with it. This innocence is very lovable. If you look at children and the love you feel towards them is because they are innocent. They don’t know cleverness; don’t feel their importance, nothing at all. What do they know? They know that all these people are related to us. They are our brothers, sisters and everything. But how do they know this. That is the question. In the same way that these children know, we have forgotten that we are like an innocent child and that we have innocence within us.

There are many Sahaja Yogis who come and think that they will show their cleverness and prove themselves to Mother. What is the need to prove anything to Me? I already know everything. So what you should do is look towards yourself and recognize your innocence. Where is it and how is it doing? And we should think how joyful it is.Now the thing about Shri Krishna is this only. He was absolutely simple as a child and when He grew up He explained The Gita, which is very deep. How did it happen that the human beings grew in it? In the same way we can grow in Sahaja Yoga. We have found it but still have not progressed in it. And to progress we need to leave the bad things behind.

First of all we need to have a childlike temperament. Now if we say to somebody that you should become childlike, it is a very difficult thing to do. We cannot just leave whatever we are and become childlike. But living with children, having respect for them, listening to how they talk, can make a big difference and we change all the things within us.
So first of all we have to know that within us, as we grew up, a lot of bad things have gone in. How should we remove those bad things? What are the kinds of bad things that have gotten into us? If we think about it and put attention on it, then we can correct it. We have to put attention on things like, when we talk to somebody aggressively, or we want to scold someone or we keep thinking about how to correct somebody else. When our attention goes on other people then we get removed from our own self, because we have to ourselves be all right. That is why it is no use thinking about other people. So, first of all we should look at ourselves only, we should see ourselves. But all of that is happening, I have told about it and it is happening in Sahaja Yogis, because inside the kundalini awakens and shows all the paths.
Now the remaining thing is the dirt that is within, how to fix that.

First and foremost the way we look at the defects of others should be changed because the same defects exist within us also. So instead of looking at the defects of others, we should see what are the defects within us. If we can learn to see this, then a lot of things would become all right automatically. The thing with saints and sages is that they see their own defects and they think about how they became like that. They think, “Why do I say such harsh things? Why do I lie like this?” So this is a flow of watching oneself. Most of the time we do not flow with that. We think we are separate from that. But it is not like that. If we understand that there is this flow within us that takes us to such paths where we cannot even recognize ourselves, then a human being can turn inwards.

Now just to say that you go within yourself, meditate, take out these things from within, is very easy. But that will not do. That is why we have to meditate and constantly work towards it. And we have ways that we know. Like to meditate on Shri Krishna. By meditating on Shri Krishna we get cleansed from within. But when we meditate on Shri Krishna we think about the defects of others. If we want to look at the defects of Shri Krishna we can see that also, but we cannot see our own defects. This is too much that we cannot see our own defects but are able to see the defects of Shri Krishna. I have seen a lot of people who have written books about what were the defects in Shri Krishna. What wrong things did he do? How he should have lived? And they don’t know about themselves. But even when they think about themselves, and look at themselves, it is never in a way that this defect exists within and it should go away. They can keep on discussing about the defects of others. The only thing we have to see is what are the defects that we have within ourselves.

I do not believe that there is a greater yogi than Shri Krishna, because he showed us the way to look at the mistakes within ourselves, the defects within ourselves. This is a very big thing. He said it, but people who actually do it are very less in number. Mostly we look at the defects of others, because everyone remembers them, everyone knows them. But very few people are able to understand their own defects. That is why those people will never be all right. We have to be familiar with our own defects and laugh at ourselves and think that “look at me, what kind of defects I am having within myself”. We should think about this.

This attention is never on the self but on the defects of others. This causes us to be unsettled and we fail to understand that these are our own defects. Why are we looking at the defects of others? By doing this, is it going to fix our defects? They can never be fixed like this. Slowly, as this point is understood, man will stop focusing on the defects of others. Looking at his own defects will amaze him and realizing how many devils he has harbored within himself. Within our mind we keep thinking such dirty things.

When this cleansing starts, man, in a way, assumes a special form. He gets special powers and with those powers he can do many things. This happens not to boost his ego, but so that he gets cleansed. When we start getting cleansed like this, we have achieved our goal. Therefore, by looking at our own defects, we start cleansing ourselves and leave the defects behind.
Now how to do this? Because, seeing the defect is not a hard thing, but to let go of it, is the hard part. That is why the way to see the defect has to be subtle and minute, and our attention should be towards it. A lot can be cleansed like this.

The message of today’s festival is that we should look within ourselves and see. This is what Shri Krishna has said. But people find this hard to do. It doesn’t happen. What is the reason that we are not able to see ourselves? What is this veil in between? The veil is of bad things like ego etc. They stand up and we are unable to see the defects that we should see. To see these defects is very essential.
I am very happy that you kept today’s puja. Shri Krishna’s puja will take place and a lot of people will get cleansed from within because this is a special blessing of Shri Krishna. He will do it Himself, but you have to show a little interest, an inclination that you want to be completely cleansed from within. You don’t know how profound this question is. To fix this we have to work very hard.

Earlier, people would do many physical exercises; listen to the orders of their guru. They would do a lot of things but they would never achieve the depth. But you are Sahaja Yogis. It should not be difficult for you. So now I will only say that you should learn to look into yourselves. It will be a lot of fun. Till now, it is alright, but I do not know what you have started doing. You keep a watch on yourself. You will see how this whole thing works and you will be enjoying it and start laughing at yourself and exclaim ‘what to say?’ When this happens, you will start manifesting innocence within you. This is the Bala Leela (Childlike playfulness) of Shri Krishna.

Once you get bathed in this innocence your eyes will become very steady. On your own you will start understanding yourself. Actually, the defect lies within us only. Looking at the defects of others, how can we fix our own defects? A very simple straightforward question is “If something falls on our sari and we do not remove it, and if we abuse or blame someone else, it won’t just go away, will it? This much intelligence we all have. But we don’t use that intelligence. And for this you should all use this intelligence.

If anyone has not understood this you can ask questions, in Marathi also. At least you should ask some questions. Now see, the attention is going inside and we are pushing it farther but it should happen spontaneously. The attention should have the habit of going inwards by itself. I know that you have many questions to ask. We have a lot of confusion within us, there is no doubt about it. But the questions are very subtle. There is no end to it. Always, there is a question of rising above all this. Now, people say, ‘Mother, how can we rise above all this?’ Meditation. What to say about meditation? You have to meditate on your own selves. You have to see your own selves, that, where is your brain going? And where are you going? Slowly you will get cleansed.

Today is of great importance. The incarnation of Shri Krishna has done a great deal of cleansing for us and He has helped us a lot. His coming on the earth made a lot of difference. The awakening of Kundalini has also gone smoothly on account of His blessings. Please try to look at yourselves. You should not be annoyed with yourselves and you should not be annoyed with others either. It will be very joyous. This is the Krishna Puja.
If you have any other questions, alright, you can ask Me…. What to say….

Comment from Sahaja Yogi: Everyone is in nirvichar.

Shri Mataji: Any other questions?……. What’s the question?……
Sahaja Yogi: Everyone is sitting in nirvichar.
Shri Mataji: Come closer.
Sahaja Yogi: How do you attain nirchvichar(thoughtlessness) in meditation?

Shri Mataji: In meditation? There is no vichar (thoughts) during meditation. Why should thoughts come in meditation? You are not to seek anything during meditation. It is only to be felt within. It is you who have to discriminate whether you have realised this or not during meditation. In meditation, first you will come to know your own mistakes, where you were wrong, and where you were right. When you start realising your own mistakes, then you are on the right track. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see yourself. What is the use of seeing others? The trouble with us is, we always like to see others in the mirror. Then how will you identify your own faults if you start to see others in the mirror?

Sahaja Yogi: How do we protect ourselves from the clutches of the false gurus?

Shri Mataji: Why did you have to go to a false guru?(Shri Mataji laughs)You tell me first, why did you go to a false guru?What attracted you to go to the false guru? How did you go there? You must ask yourself this first. Then you will realise that you ignored the evils of that false guru. That is what you didn’t protect yourself from. Now, in the past I have already given lectures on false gurus where I have clearly talked about their evildoings and how they take one for a ride. It is their business to entrap you all. There are different types of business which they adopt. Out of that, gurus also have a business to entrap you and you are trapped. From this, one must realise which trap we have fallen into. We have filled our brains with the badhas (negativities) of the false gurus. Now if you can tell me any of those badhas, then I can tell you…..

Shri Mataji: Now if you know one or two of these badhas, you let me know. The false gurus’ badhas. Now what do these badhas actually do? First they focus their attention on your pocket. (laughter)Isn’t it? As they start doing this, then you must understand that their intentions are different. But it is all on the gross level. On the subtler level, in fact, there are many who wouldn’t want to entrap you, but they would try to project their own imortance. And for this reason they become gurus. It is like this, that one projects his importance. So you must watch all this and be critical about it. Then it will forsake you. But most of the people absorb their badhas, their ego, their anger, their physical health and many more aspects that you absorb from the guru. Like these gurus, when they fall sick, their shadow starts reflecting within you.

For this reason, you must analyse yourself and look at yourself, that, what have I received from this guru? This is very important. Then when there is a cleansing of yourself, you will see that it benefits you to a great extent. Why did you go to a guru when you were seeking for your own spiritual ascent? You went to a guru to know him but you were in turn entrapped. This guru is such a guru,and you yourself should know how to protect yourself from him. You should stay away from them. I had been to many such gurus just to see them and what they do, and how they tempt and attract people. And with what they entrap people.

So the first thing I saw was that these people find your own weaknesses, that what weakness you have. If this doesn’t work then they put badhas into you. The badhas are of various types. Out of these badhas you must first learn to detect what type of badhas he has put into you that you are unable to get rid of. The greatest badha that they put into you is FEAR. It keeps on frightening you, that ‘if you leave me, such and such thing will happen to you.’ This type of fear creeps within you. It doesn’t have much strength in it. But it keeps on frightening you. When this fear comes,you must say to it, ‘yes, I know it’. With this fear the human beings keep on going round and round the guru. For that Shri Krishna is there, Who drives out this fear from everyone. Is it over, or do you have any other questions?

Sahaja Yogi: Everyone is in nirvichar (thoughtlessness)
Shri Mataji: Saying that everyone is in vichar (thoughts) now we have to go beyond vichar (thoughts).
Sahaja Yogi reaffirms: No Mother it’s nirvichar (thoughtlessness)
Shri Mataji: Nirvichar. How did that happen?You have organised such a nice puja that I also keep wondering. How is the environment? Is it OK?…Yes, it is peaceful and calm….. peaceful…..Now better.

A person who can witness himself laughing, that is perfect. One who laughs at others, his attention is in another direction. Again, one who can witness and laugh at himself, and his own environment and aspect, he is perfect.
Endless blessings.