Liberty Radio Interview London (England)

Liberty Radio Interview. London (UK), 12 July 1999.

MODERATOR: (speaking clearly and enthusiastically) Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, recognized world-wide for her pioneering work in awakening the natural healing energy that lies within every human being. Apparantly it’s called the Kundalini and we’ll be awakening yours hopefully this hour. Shri Mataji, that actually means Mother, was on GM TV [for a popular morning TV show] only last week and the switchboards were actually bombarded with calls. We wonder if Shri Mataji or Mother will have the same effect here today. […]

Understand what is wrong in your country Moscow (Russia)

Understand what is wrong in your country, Public Program, Moscow 19-09-1995

I bow to all seekers of truth. (so many Sahaja Yogis are sitting here). At the very outset one has to understand that the truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot describe it and we cannot transform it.

Today we are living in a chaotic world. We don’t know how the things are working out in a manner that is not good to us, […]

It is your right to be united with the Divine Power of Love Tolyatti (Russia)

Public Program. Togliatti (Russia), 17 September 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. It seems Tolyatti is a special place in Russia. where we have so many seekers and very genuine people, so many singers, musicians, dancers such a beautiful volgari yuvavour. its such a pleasure to me to be with you again.

           At the very out said, we all should know that Truth is what it is. We can not change it, […]

You have to have the experience of feeling the kundalini coming out of your fontanel bone Kongresové centrum Praha, Prague (Czech Republic)

1994-0904 Public Program, Prague, Czech Republic

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know, that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot describe it. It is what it has been, it will be what it is, so we must understand that, if we want to know the truth we have to go a little higher than the human awareness. At human awareness, you cannot know the truth, […]

Conversation on Islam Montfermeil Ashram, Montfermeil (France)

Conversation on Islam, Montfermeil ashram, Montfermeil (Paris), France, July 11th, 1994
Indians are ancient people; they travelled all over the world. They went to, even to England.
But the best part is the timing: six hours difference. And this six hours difference comes in with the exact timing in India and here. And another I will tell you, the way they give degrees to the studies, Bachelor of Arts. “Apne a brahmachary tatva”, masters of arts, […]

Sahaja Yoga: A new dimension in your awareness Křižíkova fontána, Prague (Czech Republic)

Public Program

I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. If you want to know the truth, first of all you must know that through your evolutionary process you have become human beings. And if you have to go at a higher state, it has to be the same living process of evolutionary growth. We must also know that when we evolve, […]

Dinner with Ayatollah Rohani Paris (France)

Dinner with Ayatollah Rohani, Hotel in Paris, July 1993


Shri Mataji: …About what’s
happening all around the world about Islamic people. And they said
that “Mother we will join you in every way because we will bring
peace.” I was very happy.

Ayatollah: Is it?

Shri Mataji: So they said they have had
lots of conferences and this and that, organisations but
nothing has worked out. And in Sudan, most of them are
Muslims. […]

Boddhisatva Bangkok (Thailand)

Public Programme Bangkok, Thailand March 11, 1992

Can you hear me there? At the back? It’s alright?

But one must know that you cannot change the truth and you cannot transform it, unfortunately also at human awareness, you cannot know the truth. So, you have to get enlightenment. You have to get ‘Bodha’ as Buddha has got it. You have to have your self-realization, your selfhood. Without that, you cannot know the truth. Now, whatever I am going to tell you, […]

Talk After Film Henry V Christchurch (New Zealand)

Talk After Film (Henry V). Christchurch, New Zealand, 25 February 1992.

If they take to modern writers, then they are really horrible and they just very vulgar, extremely vulgar, very superficial. Sadly they are doing Shakespeare like this, [inaudible] be successful. And you see how he has avoided all the pomp and show of the courts and all that, just focusing on them, with the light and  Rembrandt style, too much of…

Yogi: Mother, how did You cause the miracle? […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program Wamuran Ashram, Brisbane (Australia)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program. Brisbane (Australia), 19 February 1992.

Only thing I have to tell that these people who will be coming to you now, they are very beautiful nice people. I think we have to, handle them very gently. That’s very important, and not to tell them: ‘You have got a bhoot in you and this and that.’ Then they get frightened, they can’t [INAUDIBLE] There should be very gentle handling of the whole situation. […]

Bhajans and Talk About Divine Love Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

“About Divine Love”. Rome ashram (Pichini) (Italy), 22 February 1991.

You are singing so beautifully. It seems your heart has opened after this Puja very much and you’re singing like small children now. So sort of, all the conditionings we have had, all the ego also there, it seems now you have become very pure all these problems have gone away and you are enjoying yourselves. This is the best way, when we love ourselves, we know ourselves we become love. […]

Truth is self-supporting Leningrad (Russia)

Public program Day 1 . Leningrad (Russia), 18 August 1989.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

One has to realize that Truth is what it is. You cannot conceptualize it. You cannot organize it. And you cannot maneuver it. It is self-supporting. Now before you I have to put the theory, you can call it, or a hypothesis about what is within ourselves. In a subtle form, what we have inside and outside. We see everything – […]

You have to become a saint Geneva (Switzerland)

Public program, Geneva (Switzerland), 12 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday that we have to know the truth on our central nervous system. That is why in every scripture, it is written that, “You are to be born again”. You are to be born again, in the sense, a happening has to take place within you. And this happening should give you the Self-knowledge.

In every religion, […]

The Time of Resurrection Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 11 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The seekers of truth is a very special category of people. They’ve existed in all the centuries before also. And you find glimpses of that in many literary work. Today I read a book written by [Ayalahu ?] from Spain who was there in 1906. And he had described a seeker of truth how he became a saint.

William Blake from England, […]

Talk on marriage, Songs, Shri Mataji giving names Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

Talk on marriage, Songs, Shri Mataji giving names. Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (Paris-France), November 4th, 1987

It’s nice to see you all here, to meet
you all. Now, we were very successful in these programs and so many
people came. I’m sure they will be coming again.

Some of them are such that they may not
have light, a particular statement of mind or maybe something like
that. Because one lady came and asked Me: “How do you say that
Hitler was the disciple of Dalai Lama?” […]

The Weddings Evening Program Ganapatipule (India)

Music and Talk, End of Weddings

Shri Mataji: In your presence, they are also very much inspired. I think the artists are playing so well, so beautifully blending with the whole atmosphere of joy and peace. I [know/note] all of you are enjoying it so much, and we cannot have you very close, but as many as you want, you can come and sit this side or this side just to hear them. There’s no harm in moving [round/out]. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Kingsley and Ruth Flint's flat, Strasbourg (France)

Informal talk with Sahaja Yogis after Public Program , in Kingsley and Ruth Flint’s flat, Strasbourg (France), 1985, October 9th.

[Sahaja Yogis say the three great mantras]

Om twame wa sakshat Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasarasvati, Mahakali,Trigunat mika Kundalini sakshatShri Adi Shakti MatajiShri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha

Om twame wa sakshat Shri Kalki sakshatShri Adi Shakti MatajiShri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha

Om twame wa sakshat Shri Kalki sakshatShri Sahasrara swamini moksha Pradahini MatajiShri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha

Shri Mataji: May God bless you all.May God bless you all. […]

The Priorities Are To Be Changed Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

The priorities are to be changed, 44 Chelsham Rd, Clapham London (UK), 6 August 1985.
Now My stay in England is completing its 12th year and that is the reason I wanted to talk to you people about Sahaja Yoga. How far it has gone and where are we lacking.
The greatest thing that has happened is that we have established our religion: Nirmala Dharma as we call it, the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. And you know the meanings of the words, […]

Departure (to Belgium) Talk Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France)

Departure Talk, Charles de Gaulle airport, Roissy-en-France (France)Monday, July 1st, 1985

[All the attempts that have been done to create a trade by Sahaja Yogis for Sahaja Yoga have failed, but the ones that exist before]…Established shop is alright, like she has, but otherwise.

So everybody must take up a job and should go on working on his job, not to change, it’s ego, absolutely ego that: “I’ve given up my job.” It’s ego, 100% it’s ego. […]

Seekers of the beyond TU Wien, Vienna (Austria)

First Public Program in Technische Hochschule, Vienna (Austria), 6 May 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It is very important at this time to know that human beings are not complete, that there is something more to be achieved to be complete. Whether you go to the north or south, east or west, you do not find people joyous. So the conclusion should be that whatever has been our so-called achievements, has been of no avail. […]

Sahasrara Puja Seminar, Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Nirananda Vienna (Austria)

“Nirananda”, Vienna Ashram (Austria), 2 May 1985.

It is so joyful to be with you all again here in Vienna.

A poet came to Vienna long time back from India, he said that walking on the streets of Vienna the heart starts beating in a poetic rhythm and the ripples of poetry start flowing.  So, there have been people who have been seekers before in this place definitely and that they are again sort of reborn. […]

Enter into the state of absolute Sydney Masonic Center, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 2, Australia, Sydney 11-3-1985

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. I explained to you yesterday that seekers are a special category of human beings, and they have to first seek their Self. They are to be blessed first and then the rest of the world will follow them. Dr. Warren has explained to you at length the connection between the gross and the subtle, how the different centers are related to different plexuses, […]

You have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond Sydney Masonic Center, Sydney (Australia)

1985-0310: Public Program Day 1, Sydney, Australia

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I bow to you because you are the epitome of the evolution, because you have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond. Maybe there have been mistakes. Makes no difference. But you are the people who are the special categories described by William Blake as “men of God” who will become prophets and will have powers to make other prophets. […]

Radio Enghien Interview hold on telephone Marie Rouger’s flat, Paris (France)

Interview on Radio Enghien, Marie Rouger’s flat (175 avenue Ledru-Rollin 75012), Paris (France), September 29th, 1984

Interviewer [speaks in French]: She is known in India as the greatest woman of these days. She comes to propose to Westerners as well as to Orientals a new stage in their conscience which was promised by Jesus-Christ himself. We can ask Shri Mataji how to achieve this new state of conscience and what will it bring to us?Marie: The question is how to reach this new state of consciousness and what will t bring us? […]

Conversation on traditions Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, in ashram Le Raincy, Paris, (France), 1984, May 7th

[Shri Mataji is working on the Agnya of a Sahaja Yogi]Sahaja Yogi: His father is from Vietnam.Shri Mataji: Where is he from?Sahaja Yogi: Vietnam.Shri Mataji: Ah.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother, there’s so much pressure on Vishuddhi.Shri Mataji: Hum?Sahaja Yogi: Vishuddhi Mother.Shri Mataji: There’re no vibrations coming out.Hum, better.Ah, again. Are you feeling in the hands?Ah! Lao Tze was [inaudible].[Laughter].Shri Mataji: Well done, you see? […]

Talk To The French Sahaja Yogis Bordi (India)

Talk To The French Sahaja Yogis, Bordi, 1984

End of seminar after weddings; each group of countries was taken apart

Shri Mataji: Only for the French. Only for the French, only the French. Now, I’ve told about the French you see. The problem with the French is that they are very individualistic. Can you translate?Sahaja Yogi: Yes.Shri Mataji: And they can’t bear leadership. In your country, you know how many times you changed your President. That your President, […]

Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis Bordi (India)

Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), 13 [or 14?] February 1984.

Now Austria is very strategically placed in Sahaja Yoga, it’s a bridge. It’s a bridge between the left and the right. Austria is a bridge between the left and the right or we can say that now all the Western Europe is becoming “leftish” because of the influence of alcohol and frustration from aggression and they’ve done their level best, now they are fed up with themselves. […]

Interview: 8 questions to Shri Mataji in Mulhouse Mulhouse (France)

Interview de Shri Mataji, 8 questions to Shri Mataji, Mulhouse, France, September the second, 1983

Interviewer: ….L’éveil du Soi et la Kundalini, le Sahaja Yoga était ces jours derniers à Mulhouse, effectuant une tournée de conférences en Autriche et en Suisse, notamment à Genève, Lausanne et Vienne. Shri Mataji, et c’est assez étonnant, a choisi comme 1ère ville régionale française, Mulhouse, métropole Haut-Rhinoise. Mais justement, pourquoi ce choix, pourquoi le Sahaja Yoga ? Et un certain nombre d’autres questions, […]

God is above us Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale, Paris (France)

Public Program 3, Paris (France), 18 June 1983.

To all the seekers of joy, I bow. I already told you that joy has no duality. It does not have happiness and unhappiness. It should never be confused with pleasures. Because the pleasure that looks today the pleasure, tomorrow will turn into remorse. But the joy is absolute and eternal. It does not change. Only thing that, how far we have been able to allow the Spirit to shine in our attention, […]

Newspaper Interview Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

Newspaper Interview, Ashram in Le Raincy, France, June 17th, 1983

Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon?


Mataji: All right, she will translate it. Thank you.

Journalist: Alors ma Mère, je représente un journal d’Alsace, L’Alsace, à Mulhouse et je suis Réalisé à Mulhouse mais je viens vous parler en tant que journaliste.

Marie [translator]: I represent a newspaper in Mulhouse. I come to talk to you as a journalist but I got my Realization in Mulhouse. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Creation, Incarnation New York City (United States)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis on Creation, Incarnation, New York, USA, October the 29th, 1982

Shri Mataji: They may be quite shocked when I tell you all these. [Laugh]But you will, can find out on the Kundalini whether it is true or not, you see. The thing is, the Kundalini the only One, which is going to tell you that whether it is true or not. So now, we, to begin with, let’s see, when God Almighty, […]

Conversation (Evening) Gregoire's Flat, Vienna (Austria)

1982-0927 Evening at Gregoire`s flat Vienna, Austria

Many people mother were very interested and asking and Mother, many people were asking and very interested and they wanted to know more about you and they are going to come tomorrow.

Vibrations were so cool.

Shri Mataji: very cool vibrations. They had come today after ___0:29__ I must say it was very great the translation, because I speak quite complicated.

Gregoire: first of all the picture too much, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Western Woman Bianca's House, Versoix (Switzerland)

1982-0825 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Western Women, Bianca’ House, Versoix, Switzerland

Gruhalakshmi hee?Sahaja Yogini:Shri. Mataji.:Sahaja Yogini:Shri. Mataji.: I might say the camera is great.Sahaja Yogi: [Laughter].Shri. Mataji.: [Laughs.] Or the cameraSahaja Yogi:Shri. Mataji.:Sahaja Yogi:Shri. Mataji.: Now, this is in the West.Sahaja Yogi: I know.Shri. Mataji.: Now, the people, the women are intelligent and the women of the West being intelligent and educated have developed a kind of a very complex situation around themselves.Sahaja Yogi: Ya. They also can earn money, […]

Advice to French Sahaja Yogis: Respect your dignity, preserve your Vishuddhi Geneviève's House, Grilly (France)

Advice to French Sahaja Yogis, respect your dignity, preserve your Vishuddhi, Grilly, (France), August 24th, 1982

I think that it is important that they must develop a behaviour which is very dignified.

The whole culture, somehow or other, has created an atmosphere that people talk in a casual way. They are not guarding their words to see what they speak. And they speak just because they want to speak all the time and that’s also another way of aggressiveness that all the time, […]

Conversation with French Yogis Brompton Square House, London (England)

Conversation with French Yogis, Brompton Square, London, UK, June, 15th, 1982

Shri Mataji: To Me? What’s that? Alexandre: Some cherries. Shri Mataji: All right, thank you very much. Thank you, very kind of you. So, I’m very happy with the French for the way you people have done it. And I want you to do the same here now. Somehow, you’ll have to work it out and I don’t know how, how will you work it out. […]

Ego and Humility Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

“Ego and Humility”. “Nirmala Palace” Nightingale Lane ashram, London (UK) – 7 June 1982.

We had a very good session, I should say, and a very successful trip in Portugal and even better in Spain. Portugal is a place where gurus have touched very nicely because people are too simple I think, and because they are too simple they are affected too hard. And I was really confronted with so many sick people there who have been to gurus, […]

Sahasrara Puja: Opening the Primordial Sahasrar Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

Sahasrara Puja: Opening the Primordial Sahasrar

Sahasrara Puja. Le Raincy (France), 5 May 1982.

Today, it’s a great day for all of us, the seekers that the last work of the Divine, of opening the last centre in the Great Primordial Being, was done on the 5th of May 1970.  It is the greatest event of all the spiritual happenings of the Universe.  It was done with very great care and great adjustments.

It is not in the limits of human understanding, […]

Meeting with French Yogis Cambridge (England)

Conversation, songs, with Shri Mataji, Cambridge, England, 24/03/1982


Shri Mataji: May God bless you.


So, you hurried
up too much. Will you have something to eat or not?

Sahaja Yogi: No,

Shri Mataji: You
had your breakfast?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes,

Shri Mataji:

So, I wanted to
talk to you about France, the programs.

Oh God! What is it here? It’s a tree! It’s a tree, is it?

Sahaja Yogi: A
very small tree. […]

Prophecies of Acharya Bhujender, World War III Solapur (India)

Prophecies of Acharya Bhujender. Sholapur (India), 30 January 1982.

[This tree is so auspicious. I was wondering how it is that you are standing under this tree. It is the same auspicious tree which has the symbols of Adi Shakti on the leaves which you see and if you put these leaves in some sort of compressor such as a book or something all the green also and the nets, the network, remains and people paint on that. […]

Christmas Puja: You Have To Be Peaceful Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

Christmas puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, London (UK), 25 December 1981.


I wanted to be with you people on a Christmas day, but it never happened before. It has so chanced that I have to be here with you today and on the New Year. Something good has to happen I hope next year, some good luck has to come.

Christ’s work was very unique. The whole thing was a very unique thing, […]

Within us lies the Spirit in our Heart which is collectively conscious Lille (France)

Public Program, Lille, France, 12/09/1981

I’m sorry I do not know how to speak French. But I have got my children all over the world and I do not know how many languages I have to learn to talk to them in their own language. But love knows no language, there is no mental activity in the working of the Divine. Like a flower becomes a fruit or a butterfly comes out of the cocoon, a bird comes out of an egg, […]

In the optic chiasma there is a very small center where Christ is existing Paris (France)

Public Program, day 3, Paris (France), 11 September 1981.

…Because the tree of life has reached a stage where it has created a human being who is a seeker, not all, but many of them, are in a special category of seeking. Say, about a hundred years back, people were busy seeking power, overpowering other countries, mobilizing all their energies in enjoying their overpowering and the rest of the world was under slavery. Then the power game shifted to more, […]

Hear the music of your Spirit Paris (France)

Public Program, day 1, Paris (France), September the 9th, 1981

[Starts here]: Marie: … Que vous devenez, que vous devez devenir l’Esprit. […That you become, that you must become the Spirit.]Shri Mataji: Once that happens all these great people will be born here. People always are worried about Indian population. Where should they [the saints] be born? In this England? Where every week two children are killed by their parents, heartless? The poor Indians have to bear the load. […]

Shri Krishna Puja: There is a war going on Tamworth, Birmingham (England)

Shri Krishna’s Birthday Puja, Bala’s home, Tamworth, Birmingham (UK), 15 August 1981
… they dictate the information about their attack, how they’re attacking about. Now, we have to know that there is a war on between the satanic forces and the Divine forces. Now you are the people who have chosen to be Divine.
But, even if you have chosen that and God has accepted you, and has given you your own powers, still you must know that you are still vulnerable, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Warwick Road Ashram, Warwick (England)

Transcript of advice to Warwick Road Ashram 1981-07-21

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]. Can you bring the baby to Me? I think the church is to [UNCLEAR]. 

So, now, also you have to baptise this one. All right? 

The child is baptised already because she is born-realised. But the problem is she has been baptised by these unauthorised people.  And so she has a problem in the Sahasrara. And the Sahasra is to be brought [UNCLEAR]. You all say the mantras. […]

Birthday Puja: A Great Day in History Sydney (Australia)

Birthday Puja, (Shri Mataji’s first visit to Australia) Burwood, Sydney. March 21, 1981.

I’m just trying to remember if I had a more fantastic birthday than this! Where words do not come, there the joy cannot be expressed. When it becomes so deep that there is no movement.

This is a great country: Australia has been created for a special purpose in Sahaj Yoga. This is the Mooladhar Chakra where resides Shri Ganesh, of this world. […]

Problems of Sahaja Yoga Bordi (India)

January 24th, 1981, Problems Of Sahaja Yoga – Bordi (India)

Sahaja yogi_1 (Mr. Chavan): of a certain other individual or the individual who has been caught, what to do? So, he is advised in the matter like this, first you put your attention in your own Sahasrara, this is the first thing you have to do. Then while chanting the mantra, put the attention on the chakra of the person to whom you are giving treatment. […]

The Creation of the World Paris (France)

Public Program Day 3, The Creation of the World

Subject: This is, Human evolution and what is the situation today?

The subject itself says that it is the evolution of man from amoeba to this stage of creation in one part and the second is what is going to happen to be him after. So what has happened from creation we shall hear today and what is going to happen after today. The part of it which I am going to tell you today maybe is not yet known to many people.The part of it which I am going to tell you later on is known to our science.But is not yet being felt at the subtler level what it has done to us. […]