Talk After Birthday’s Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Speech after Birthday’s Felicitations. New Delhi, India. 21 March 1999.


Felicitation, New Delhi

[Hindi Translation Missing]

[English Transcription]

I told in the Hindi
language that love you can see one persons love manifested in so many
eyes here and when I saw the enthusiasm so my hearts got filled with
love greater love. So one can see how powerful is this love. All
kinds of bad feelings, negative thinking and also self-destructive
elements can be corrected and controlled very simply in Sahaja yoga. […]

Gudi Padwa (India)

Gudi Padwa puja, Noida, India, 18 March 1999

Translation from Hindi:

Today is the Day of Gudi Padwa [Maharashtrian New Year]. And it is celebrated in Maharashtra mostly, but now in other places too. It is said that it is a very auspicious day. Whatever work is done on that day it is fruitful. But whatever is the reason is as per worldly beliefs.

The other thing is that, in Shalivahana
dynasty, there was one person Babruvahana. […]

Christmas Puja, You have to be loving, affectionate, kind and disciplined Ganapatipule (India)

Christmas Puja. Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 1997.

Translated from Hindi:

Today, we are here to celebrate the birthday of Shri Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s life was very short and He spent most of His time in India, in Kashmir. He went back just for last three years and people fixed Him to a cross. It was somewhat destined. To open Agnya chakra He had to offer this sacrifice. So in this way He set up Agnya chakra. […]

Public Program Day 2 Kolkata (India)

I told you yesterday that truth is fixed in its place. No one can change it. We just have to know the truth and achieve it. Until we have experienced the truth, it is a big mistake to accept anything as the proof of truth. Many people have their own convictions that, “This saying of mine is true, and that saying of mine is the truth. This religion is true, and that religion is true”. In this manner, […]

Evening Program, Sahaj Yogiyon Ko Upadesh Ganapatipule (India)

Evening Program, Sahaj Yogiyon Ko Upadesh

TC06:10 Hindi mumblingShri Mataji: (Hindi)

(Musician?):Absolutely (Hindi)They must be receiving the music on vibrations.

Shri Mataji:(Hindi or Marathi)

Yogis and musicians:( )

Shri Mataji:

Musican:(speeks the words of the song Hindi or Marathi))Tucet tulata manava…Anand sinduru…

TC 21:12Shri Mataji:(inaudible)(Hindi?)

TC 37:20

Shri Mataji:This is not my wordingI am not used to this oneBut see how he is a masterMaster is a master, whatever may be the wording(?)Nagpur

Baba Mama:I want him to come to Nagpur.I want so many of you to come to Nagpur […]

9th Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Eve of Navaratr, Puja & Havan Mumbai (India)

9th Day of Navaratri

…..made Her bhaktas secure.

This huge task took place in an age when the bhaktas were troubled by evil rakshasas and instruments of the devil. Even nowadays.there is no scarcity of devilish people in the world, and the world is enveloped by their demonic thoughts and actions. And that is why humans are trying very hard to come out of it 

In this Navratri so many people have got their realization And by receiving this Self Knowledge, […]

Seminar Day 1 New Delhi (India)

Seminar (Hindi). Delhi, India. 9 March 1979.

[Partial Translation from Hindi]

First 4:53 minutes conversations with new seekers are not translated.

[4:54] Shri
Krishna has said in our Gita “Yoga
Kshemam Vahamyaham”.
This means Yoga first. He could say “Kshem” first but he
said “Yoga” first and then “Kshem”. “Kshem”
means your wellbeing, your Lakshmi Tatva (element). But first
“Yoga” should take place. Until Yoga (union) happens, the
divine has no business with you. First, you should experience Yoga
i.e. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Kshma Ki Shakti Ka Mahatav, Power of Forgiveness Mumbai (India)

Talk to yogis. Mumbai (India), 20 January 1975.
In Kalyuga there is no greater method than Forgiveness. The larger the Power of Forgiveness the more powerful you will be. Forgive everyone. Only the one who is Big can forgive. What can a small minded person forgive?
I had said this morning to know the Dharma. Know the Dharma that is within you. You are standing in Dharma. The one who is standing in Dharma has such tremendous powers within. […]