Shri Buddha Puja Talk: The Search for the Absolute Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Shri Buddha Puja. Shudy Camps, near Cambridge (England). 31 May 1992.

Today we have assembled here to do Shri Buddha Puja. I don’t know how many of you have read of Buddha’s life, and how ultimately He achieved His enlightenment. I don’t know how many of you have really seen the Buddhists or have met them, those who call themselves Buddhist. As in every religion, all of them got lost into some sort of a fundamentalism, […]

Shri Mataji leaving UK after 16 yrs residence Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Farewell Talk. Shudy Camps (England), 3 December 1989.
Have you got that album also? Just to read.
I have to thank you all for giving money for the presents for Indians. From the Indian side I would like to thank you all for doing that. And I hope you all have done it. Indians are waiting for Sahaja Yogis and they are regretting that some of you are not coming. And we’ll be celebrating Christmas in Puna in a big way. […]

Diwali Puja Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Diwali Puja, Shudy Camps (UK), 13 November 1988.

Today we are here, all of us, to celebrate the Diwali, that is dipavali, meaning the rows of lights.

In the darkness of Kali Yuga when you find from every place confusion of the worst type creating the darkness which cannot be penetrate into, and which looks like a solid mountain around us, and which can never be covered, as we feel, by the grace of God. And even with the grace of God it would never melt. […]

About Forthcoming India Tour Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Talk about Forthcoming India Tour. Shudy Camps (UK), 13 November 1988.

It’s a nice occasion that we could all meet together on this auspicious day. And actually today is the day of the brothers and sisters. It’s also very nice that you are all meeting your brothers and sisters here and enjoying this Diwali function. We had a very nice function in India and it was celebrated in Bombay and they all send you their good wishes and Happy Diwali to all of you. […]

Shri Vishnumaya Puja: Cure That Left Vishuddhi Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

“Cure that Left Vishuddhi” Shri Vishnumaya puja. Shudy Camps (England), 20 August 1988.

This was least expected that we’ll have a Puja here or we’ll have any program of this kind. But I think something was left out of the whole program of such a fast one as you know I had to do, going from London to Frankfurt to America to Bogota, to be back, then Andorra and all these places still, I thought, now it is finished. […]

Seminar Day 2, The Role of Women Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

“The Role of Women”, Seminar day 2, 19 June 1988, Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, UK
Yesterday, we have had a nice meditation, and we all felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, and I told you that we have to understand that this is the greatest moment in the history, while you are born, and you are doing the highest work, that is of God, here. And you are specially chosen for it and how you must know that you are a saint. […]

Seminar Day 1, Introspection and Meditation Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Advice, “Introspection and Meditation”. Shudy Camps (UK), 18 June 1988.

This year we won’t be having I think, public programs in UK, because also there are certain circumstances. But whenever there is a circumstance which, somehow or other, changes our programs, we must immediately know that there is a purpose behind all that change, and we must immediately accept it with an open heart that Divine wants us to change. Supposing I am going on a road and people say, […]

Easter Puja: You have to be strong like Christ Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Easter Puja. Shudy Camps (England), April 3 1988.

I’m sorry for being late but I have been working, I tell you, since morning.

Now, today we are here to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Resurrection of Christ has the greatest significance for all the Sahaj Yogis. And we have to understand that He resurrected Himself so that we could resurrect ourselves. 

The message of His life is His resurrection and not His cross. He bore the cross for us and we don’t have to bear anymore. […]

Evening Program, Tabla (Zakir Hussain), Harmonium And Santoor, Eve Of Easter Puja Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Talk on arrival at Shudy Camps. Shudy Camps (England), 2 April 1988.

Shri Mataji: I have no words, really, to thank these great masters of music. They have given us tremendous joy. And I could feel all your hearts jumping and dancing with it and also your vibrations beautifully weaving beautiful themes around it. I always told you that Indian music is something very divine, but these personalities seem to be divine themselves. (Laughter) The way they created this beautiful atmosphere where we do not have to think anything, […]

Arrival and Talk: Importance Of Sahaja Yogis Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Shri Mataji speaking with yogis. 1988 04 02 EasterPuja Shudy Camps

The Importance of Sahaja Yogis

It was such a fortunate thing that I
could come for this Easter puja here to see you all meet you and see
the growth of Sahaja Yoga within you. I can see in your faces. I can
see in your eyes the light which is so benevolent and so balming.
When I came to this place long time back and looked at it everyone
told me that this should not be bought, […]

Baptisms in Shuddy Camps Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, Baptisms, Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England), July 13th, 1987

[Children and
Sahaja Yogis are waiting for Shri Mataji]


Cannon singing, “Mataji, Mataji”.

“Sat chit ananda rupam, Shivo ham”.

“Mother we adore you”

[10:20 Shri Mataji arrives.]

Shri Mataji: Hello, Prity!

May God bless you.

Ah, let’s take a chair.

[12:00 Conversation starts.]

Shri Mataji: Can you bring the children
who are to be baptised. One by one.

That’s all right, […]

Evening after Guru Puja Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

1987-07-12 Evening after Guru Puja, Shudy Camps, UK[After the concert – 1:45:57 ] 

Shri Mataji: We have to thank all of us, Debu Chaudhary who is one of us, who has played such divine music for the entertainment of our spirit.  I wish from here many of you take inspiration and go deep down into the arts that you know and develop beautiful things for the entertainment of our spirit.  May God bless him and may God bless Subhash who is such a good player and will come up very fast I am sure.  […]

Guru Puja: Sankhya & Yoga Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Guru Puja. Shudy Camp (UK), 12 July 1987.

Today, it’s a great day that you are here to worship your Guru in the realm of the Heart of the Universe. If we can do that in our domain of the heart, we don’t have to do anything else.

Today, also, I feel I have to tell you about Sahaja Yoga and its value, which is related to other Yogas which were accepted in the olden days all over the world. […]

Talk, Eve of Guru Puja, The New Jerusalem (Evening Program) Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Talk day before Guru Puja (Evening Program), Shudy Camps (UK), 11 July 1987.

Today, I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis of the world. First, I used to bow to all the seekers of the Truth and today, all those seekers of Truth have shown that truth is love, and love is truth. With the power of love, you have been able to establish a beautiful place for Sahaja Yoga in England. I must congratulate you all for fulfilling your desire so beautifully, […]

Pre-Christmas Talk Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Christmas puja, Shudy Camp, England, 12/12/1986

(Probably the correct date is 1987.11.12 or 1988.11.12)

All of you could come here, this side. Yes, that’s nice about meeting every [?] here all together… Get forward, sit forward, that people can come, there are some people also.Still there’s some room here.[Cut in the audio]… The day of our coming or something like Sahaja Yoga, first we were coming towards Shudy Camps, then we are going back. Then again, […]

Shri Bhumi Devi Puja Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Shri Bhumi Puja, Shudy Camps (UK), 3 August 1986.

Today we have assembled here to do the puja of the Mother Earth. We call it as the ‘Bhoomi Puja’, ‘Shri Dhara Puja’. She’s called as ‘Dhara’. As you know, ‘dha’ means ‘sustain’. Ra-dha – the one who sustains the energy is Radha. And Dhara, which is the one which is sustenance itself, She sustains us. On Her we live.

As you know this Mother Earth is revolving with a tremendous speed, […]

Evening Program Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Evening Program, Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Shri Mataji: This is for the description of [unclear/Annapurna ] which is the power of Sadashiv that is the primordial mother and she is the one who is the giver of food and it is said that the “Vishweshwara” means Sadashiv has manifested itself in Kashi …in Banaras and she is the power ” Annapurna “.(who is the giver of food), food and everything, spiritual food, physical food, […]

Shudy Camps Ashram Inauguration Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Talk to yogis on Shudy Camp Ashram Inauguration. Shudy Camps (England), 2 August 1986.
It’s so very joyous to see you all here assembled together. I’ve to thank you very much for getting such a nice place as this Shudy Camp; I’ve given it a new name, Shoody Camp meaning cleansing camp which is such an ancient building. It has gone through various stages of history and has kept the mark of all these times and now you have to build up the future on this land, […]