Public Program Galat Guru evam paise ka chakkar Dehradun (India)

Public Program Galat Guru evam paise ka chakkar, Dehradun (India)

Date: 12 December 1993

Place: Dehradun, (India)

Type: Public Program

Speech language: English, Hindi

Sahaja Yogis in background in chorus are saying ‘Shri Mataji ki Jai’.  

Sahaja Yogi announcing in background: Now Sri Arun Goyal will offer garlands to Her Holiness Shri Mataji on behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis of the world. (Claps in the background).

Shri Mataji talking in Hindi in background: The light is so bright that it is not clearly seen. […]

Seminar: The Almighty is the most powerful of all Dehradun (India)

English Translation from Hindi. Seminar (Hindi). Dheradun, UP, India. 4 March 1979.

(Shri Mataji asks the audience to sit comfortably with their hands open.)

I had told you this morning that Shri Ganesha is placed on the first chakra of the Kundalini. He is the giver of purity and is purity itself. This chakra is below the Kundalini. Not only does it safeguard the Kundalini but it is also vigilant towards anyone who tries to get to the Kundalini from that side. […]