Talk to Sahaja Yogis Grand Hotel Taipei, Taipei (Taiwan)

Talk To Sahaja Yogis Grand Hotel Taipei, Taipei (Taiwan)
It’s nice to see so many people there, for the program. I counted about [UNCLEAR] there were about, little less than 500 people. Because I was counting the chairs and then the seats that were [UNCLEAR] and some were sitting upstairs also.
Now the thing is to, [UNCLEAR no, know] reference.
[UNCLEAR Mother Talking to yogis]
See these people will be coming now, [UNCLEAR, will] be good. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Grand Hotel Taipei, Taipei (Taiwan)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis in Taipei (Taiwan) 21 April 1994.
[… various voices – inaudible …]
Shri Mataji: My God, it is very nice in this country, very nice. You can open the door, yes. But that door should be closed because otherwise it is …
Yogi: Yeah.
Yogi: Yeah, this side.
[ A Chinese voice – some whispering – inaudible ]
Shri Mataji: Now the two ladies, the saris for the ladies. This you should give to the artist because she really learned it better. […]

Public Program Shih Chien Hall, Taipei (Taiwan)

1994-0420 Public Program, Taipei Taiwan

[Full speech – 45:00 – 2:09:11]

Tell them, when I am lecturing don’t take photographs, will be better, see when I am lecturing they should not take photograph, otherwise 

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, you have to know that truth is what it is; you cannot change it; you cannot conceptualize it; and unfortunately at human level with human awareness you cannot know it. […]

Public Program Chientan Youth Activity Center, Taipei (Taiwan)

1990-1110 Public Program in Taipei
I bow to all the seekers of truth. At a very outset, I have to say that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it ,and we cannot conceptualize it with our human awareness. Now whatever they have told you, whatever I’m going to tell you, you have to listen to it with an open mind of a scientist, you should not believe me blindly. Blind faith doesn’t lead you to enlightenment, […]