Christmas Puja, You have to be loving, affectionate, kind and disciplined

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christmas Puja. Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 1997.

I’m sorry I had to talk in Hindi language because most of the people are, here, Indians. Some of them are Marathis and others are from the north of India.

I was telling them about Christ, what was his power. His power was of love and not of anger,  because he is the one who has crossed the most difficult centre of Agnya.

Those people who have ego never realise they have ego. With their ego they do all kinds of nonsensical things. Without asking me they have done something in Delhi and without asking me they have done something in Russia. And it’s so destructive to Sahaja Yoga that they don’t realise what they have done is a crime which is punishable by all Divine laws! If you want to do anything you must tell me beforehand, you must consult me, you must talk to me because I know what is happening. You don’t know if somebody wants to cheat you, then how will you know? If you were so sensitive you would find out. You would have asked me, “Mother what should we do?” At least ask me. This is the main thing missing among Sahaja yogis now, that we have a kind of a very subtle ego. If you make somebody a leader it’s very dangerous sometimes if the leader develops ego because of his wife. It’s a very difficult thing. They can destroy Sahaja Yoga completely. Anything is possible.

So before you do anything like that you have to consult. I am still living and you can ask me. You can write to me, you can telephone to me. At least I am there to tell you. But then you have to develop your balance and your love. That is only through this Paramachaitanya. With this All-pervading Power of Divine love, you can develop that discretion, you can develop those special powers.

Even if somebody telephones to me, immediately I know what’s wrong with the person. I don’t say that you can become like me but at least you have vibrations, to see. Also see your own vibrations, how are you moving. Put a paper on your hand and you’ll see, it will start shaking before my photograph. With this ego you cannot go further.

Why did you come to Sahaja Yoga? You came here not to become some sort of a leader or some sort of a king but you came here to become a great Guru, as you asked me, “Gurupada dijiye.” For that you have to have, in Sahaja Yoga, a complete humility, natural humility, natural balance. This is what Christ has taught us.

At that time I don’t think people had that much ego. Ego is a modern ‘present’ to you. People get ego out of anything. For example, I met one lady once and found her ego very bad, I said “What’s the matter with her?“ So I asked my daughters, “What does she do?” they said, “Mummy, she knows how to make dolls.” For that she had ego. What is so great than to be a good Sahaja yogi? You may be the king, you may be anything. Now you see the prime ministers, and all of them, going to jail. What have they compared to you? They have no balance, they have no sense. What makes you as separate individuals, higher people?  [It’s] because you have no ego.

Now people try to remove their ego, there’s two types: so they will go on beating themselves with shoes. All kinds of ritualistic things they do to remove their ego. But all this you do with your mind! Whatever you do with your mind will give you ego only. They become ascetic, they are the greatest egoists I must say. Hitler was the greatest ascetic, with his asceticism he became Hitler. If you want to become Hitler you become ascetic. In Sahaja Yoga you are not allowed, at all, all this asceticism. You have to be loving, affectionate, kind and disciplined. I must say this because when you are loving you go out of bounds sometimes because you have no discipline of Sahaja Yoga. ‘Loving’ doesn’t mean that you become like a Romeo and Juliet, it doesn’t mean that. You must have your balance through your discipline. If you have no discipline you can never be a good Sahaja Yogi.

From the life of Christ we have to learn these things, that, unless and until we have these things we cannot become good Sahaja yogis.

Firstly ritualistic nature, secondly anger, thirdly miserliness. Like if you go to England it’s written there, “Save pounds by taking a taxi.” This is what it is: miserliness, where can we save money. “Mother, can you give concession?” It’s not some sort of a business I am doing here. “If you make it half price so many will come.” I am not using your money. I am using it for your buildings. All this I’ve got it (land and buildings of Ganapatipule). Of course my money also and your money. So many things I have done, the whole of Vashi, the whole of ashrams, in Delhi two ashrams, then the whole of school, and also land in Poona and other places. Now in Poona they want me to pay the land, to pay for everything, and Poona people are the, known Maharastrians to be great miserly, kunjush people. Even for their own ashram they would like me to pay, for everything! And then nicely go and sing bhajans. You see, they are good musicians that’s what they are. But very, very miserly people. Miserly people can never love; they love money. Egotistical people can never love because they love power: to control others. They think they are doing it for Sahaja Yoga, but [they are] not. Unless and until you do something for yourself and your ego, no use working for Sahaja Yoga.

Look at the Christ, he took birth in a very humble abode. But he was The King. And he lived with the poor and tried to save them. He saved the lepers, he saved so many people, there were twenty-one people were cured by him.

Now [with] Sahaja Yoga I don’t know how many thousands have been cured. But what is important is, if you are curing, know that you are not curing. It is the Divine Power that is curing. You are not doing anything. It’s best to be like that. I feel the same way, I’m doing nothing and I’m Nishkriya, doing nothing. But I’m not lazy. You should be active but all your activity should come from the Divine Power of love. First of all you must extend your hands for love. You extend your heart, extend your money, house, everything for love. Now if your wife doesn’t allow others to come in the house throw her out of the house, I don’t mind. Teach her how to be kind and generous. The other way round for the husband. Its very important, you have to be generous, you have to be kind and you have to be loving and sweet to others.

Christ only once went into temper, which he had a right to do that, when he saw people selling things in the temple. Same thing we have here (market stalls outside the gate of the Sahaja Yoga land in Ganapatipule). And if you don’t go and buy anything from them, they’ll be lost. But you only go and buy things from them because you have a habit of shopping . Anywhere people go they must shop, it’s a habit. Shopping they must do. They will not see the greenery, the beauty of nature, nothing.

When I went to so many countries with my husband, I had to go and see beautiful places like museums. I never used to shop. But when I have so many children, then I have to shop, so I would go for shops. But not the way that every place is for shopping. What is there to shop here when you have come here for your spiritual growth? In Mecca do they have any shops? This is the holier than holy. Why should you go to these shops, I can’t understand. I have told them not to have shops but you people are the ones who encourage. Who encouraged them to make money out of us? Nothing essential to buy there. Now you have come to the holy occasion. Here you have come for your worship.

In our Mahalakshmi temple, there are people who are selling garlands and things for the ladies hair, but they say it is for the goddess and they buy there, all the people who are coming, stupidly, and give it to the Brahmin in the temple and the Brahmin sells it back at a lower price; and his garlands are, I don’t know how many times, sold and bought and sold and bought because of the stupidity of the people who go there. If they have to take something they should buy from outside not at the place where you have come.

As it is you went to Delhi, you could have bought there, or you came to Bombay, you could have bought there. But not in this place, we cannot make this place Bombay or Delhi. Otherwise why should we come here? That’s why Christ took a hunter and beat them, those who were selling things near the church. Now they don’t have. I have seen, near the church they don’t have. They have outside. But they sell other things. Like Catholic Church sells a wine called ‘Benedictine’, imagine. That’s another story. Christ went for a wedding and they had no wine, now in the Hebrew language ‘wine’ means the juice of the grapes, it doesn’t mean fermented. So he converted water into that wine. You cannot convert water instantaneously into wine; wine has to rot, has to smell, the more it smells the best it is. But they think that Christ said you must drink! He never said that, he just converted it into wine meaning the taste of the juice of grapes. Once I went to some television and there was a very nice man, in Italy. He said “Mother you first give me realisation”. So I said, “Get some water!” I put my hand into it. “Now you drink it,” He said, “It is tasting like wine,” I said, “This is what Christ did.” He got his realisation. Instantaneously you cannot make wine. But if somebody dies, they will drink, if somebody is born, they will drink. At any cost, without drinking, they are not normal. But the people who got realisation are suddenly changed. They don’t want to drink, they have stopped drinking, their attention has become nice. It’s the whole thing is changed. This is the transformation that has worked: of which Christ has talked, Mohammed Sahib has talked. Everybody has talked about this particular time when people will get transformed. But even after transformation you do not want to become what you have to be – for which you have come here. You will be left behind. There’s a big transformation is taking place! In that transformation, also, your rising is taking place. There’s a big evolution going on and those who will not evolve properly will be left behind. As it is said that: this is the last judgement. And you will be judged. You will be left behind. You cannot adhere to people who are rising higher. With your weight you’ll fall down.

So, for you to understand Christ: it’s all his qualities you must have. If you are hot tempered, alright go and beat yourself with shoes, but if you are not then you need not. You must know what you are. First of all introspect. Accordingly you should work it out. But this ritualism is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga all the time. I would love all my children to be extremely loving and collective. Not to denounce anybody for no rhyme and reason. And if you have to denounce you should tell me. I know what is what. Without asking me you should not measure up somebody and say, “I’ve measured somebody.” With what? What is your yardstick? You, yourself, are caught up in the web of ego. You cannot condemn anyone without telling me. You have to tell me. Don’t worry that this will disturb me or anything, but you should ask me.

I know about everyone, maybe I have not met that person, but I can feel the vibrations. You can write to me. Many people just telephone – that’s not the way! You must write to me because I read each and every letter. But all nonsensical letters you should not write also to waste my time, like, “My father’s, mother’s, mother’s, this thing is sick or is dead and her bhoot is moving about.” All sorts of funny letters come to me. What can I do for such people? That’s not important. Or, “I need money, I have no money and I’m depending on you for money so please send me money.” (laughter) You can ask on my photograph. If you are a good Sahaja Yogi you don’t have to worry about money also. Or, “I have no child Mother, what to do? I want to have a child.” Those who have a child, ask them what do they have to say!! So many have got children after coming to Sahaja Yoga but you must deserve it.

So many miracles have taken place, so many people have been cured, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean you have done it. Don’t get into the trap of ego. That’s most dangerous. If you destroy Sahaja Yoga, you are destroying yourself.

So, today, you all have to promise in your heart . Put your hands to your heart and to say now, “Mother we’ll love. We’ll spread your Divine love, encompass the whole world. Give realisation to all the people. We’ll not shout. We’ll not be angry. We’ll not do all kinds of rituals. But just surrender, surrender our ego to you.” Surrender it, surrender your ego: all your problems can be solved. Because as long as there is ego this Divine power doesn’t take over. You may do anything, you are not connected, your connection is missing, Christ is missing, he is no more there. To establish him first of all you must show how you love, but that doesn’t mean that you love your wife, love your children and love your house! You have to love everyone. Try to make everyone happy. That’s why I like music because through music you can spread vibrations. It’s a very good media of spreading vibrations, of loving vibrations. But those who are musicians have to be loving people, not hot-tempered, not showing off, not thinking too much of themselves.

All this will work very well if we understand that this Divine Power is so powerful, and, no doubt it is love, no doubt it is truth or no doubt, if you get out of it you’ll be caught up by anything and you could be finished. It is a very, very powerful, effective, and absolutely conclusive power you have within yourself. And thanks to Christ that crucified himself, sacrificed his body for our sake, that our Agnya is opened, otherwise I could not have done this Sahaja Yoga. But in this area we have Buddha, Christ and Mahavira, and they had to do tapasya, tapaha. They did it. You don’t have to do now, they have done for you. Now, see, I saw the musicians yesterday, in two, three months they have learned so much. Otherwise, formerly, all the musicians I knew for Indian music had to really starve for months together, they had to practise for years together [and] they had to bow to their guru. That’s all over now because of this Paramachaitanya and your power to be one with the Divine. This Divine power can transform you completely to such an extent that anything that you want to do you can do it in two, three months.

In Pune when they were singing once, foreigners, as we call them,  with respect. In India ‘foreigners’ means respect, not like other countries. So they were singing [and] there were some very great musicians who had come and they told me, “Mother, we put down our head to them because how could these people, who don’t know a word about Indian music, have learnt it so well?”. “And the pronunciation of this Marathi language is very difficult but they are so good at it, it’s very surprising.” Now all this has happened in your presence, in your presence.

It’s nice you have balloons here to celebrate Christ’s birthday and all these balloons in your heads, of ego, should be burst, should be finished.

And I’ll be happy if you could learn Hindi language. I know English maybe not so good but best is to learn Hindi, if possible, because there are already fourteen languages in India and so many languages in other countries. Every country has a different type of English language. If you go to America I don’t understand their English for at least two or three days because they go on taking their tongue and their lips on one side and then on another side. English, and the French is another point. So best is to learn Hindi, and that too, a good Hindi, not Sanskritised (sic), but as they say “Roz-marrah ke” – day-to-day Hindi, because I feel better if you all understand what I am saying. It’s not difficult because you are all Sahaja yogis, you can learn Hindi in no time. I’m not saying learn Sanskrit! But Hindi is very easy. It’s not my mother tongue. I have never studied Hindi language, never. But it’s a very easy language to learn. But, as my Father told me, “Never teach Hindi language to an Englishman.” I said, “Why this advice?“ He said, “There was an Englishman who was after me that I should teach him Hindi.” So he said, “I have to tell my servant to open the door or to close the door. So to open the door he said you say, “There was a cold day” – means “darwaza khol de,” And for closing the door, you have to say, “There was a banker, ” “darwaza band karo.” But now it’s different. They’ll pick up Hindi very quickly, very quickly; I can see that. If they can learn this horrible Indian classical music, which is so difficult, so easily that will happen. They can learn Hindi in no time and make me happier with that, not because Hindi is my language, it’s not, it’s Marathi. But Marathi [is] very difficult. I don’t think you can learn Marathi. It’s very precise. I think that it’s one of the best languages to put down your ego. That’s why Maharashtrians are normally not egotistical because in their language there is built in process. For example, somebody is boasting, that, “I have done this, I have done that.” So in Marathi they will say, “Don’t climb on a bush or the tree of chana,” which is so big as that (very small bush). Then the person is finished! Like that there are many words by which you can put down the ego of the man on his face. So Marathi language has so many advantages. But I would not ask you to learn Marathi language, it’s not so easy. But Hindi you should, it is very easy, very easy. But you must know one thing, that in Hindi language there is adab. Adab means modesty and…

Babamama: respect, respect.

Shri Mataji: Respect, but more than respect it is. A style of saying things. Not Urdu, but Hindi of day to day talking, there is respect and a way to address others. All this will give you a kind of a more flexible vehicle to express your love. Because in Hindi language we can never translate, “I hate you,” we never say like that, “I hate you.” They cannot say because to hate somebody is sinful. So they can never say, “I hate you.” Chastity is more in Marathi language but it’s a little hard because it has got such, as I told you, idioms which can correct you, just there.

All this is just to request you now, if you can learn this music, which is very difficult, you can always learn a simple Hindi language which is very, very easy and very, very easy to talk.

There are so many things I would like you to know about Christ, but this is a short time in which I cannot tell you, the way he had his own priorities. Though in the Bible he’s not described fully, I should say, and whatever it might have been they have reduced it, maybe. And the way they practice Christianity also is shocking. So one has to learn Christianity through the heart, [there’s] no other way out. They should learn through the heart, heart of your Mother.

May God bless you all.

Normally after my lecture I give realisation to people – but you all have got it already. You can just put your hands and see for yourself if you have the cool breeze or not. And face yourself. If there is something wrong you must get it corrected. Better, better. Ta puja kara! (marathi: So let’s do the puja). Good!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi