Chapter 05: 2000 – July to December, Europe, America and India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Mother plays with time

In 2000, we arrived at Cabella about a week before the Guru Puja. We heard that Shri Mataji was arriving from America and we could go to the airport at Milan to wait in the early morning for Her. There was a wonderful atmosphere at the airport, and the Italian yogis had made a beautiful chair for Shri Mataji. We got flowers and She arrived with Her husband.

For me this was the first time I could wait for Shri Mataji at the airport. It was a really special moment, to receive your mother when She came. You could feel She was really looking at each of us, and as She passed I felt this tremendous loving smile. First we all went forward and gave flowers to Her, and then She talked and told us all what had happened in America. After that She got in the car and left for Cabella. We all waved and felt it was so many blessings for one day. We didn’t go fast in our car, and stopped now and again, but we decided when we got to Cabella we would go up to the castle, which we did. We were outside the door, and we turned and saw the car of Shri Mataji was behind us. We asked someone who was in Mother’s car, and she said Mother had driven fast and had not stopped anywhere. It was an absolute miracle – you know how Mother plays with time.

Then Shri Mataji invited us all into Her rooms in the castle and shared stories with us, and gave a chocolate to all the children.

Mukta Acruger

Meeting with Shri Mataji, Krishna Puja 2000

As soon as I joined the Madrid collective, I had had a great desire to speak with Shri Mataji or to be near Her. I had been to several pujas in Cabella, but I had never been near Her. There was a great desire in our collective that Mother would come to Spain as it would give a greater dynamism in the collective, but it seemed to me that such an attitude meant leaving the problems to Shri Mataji so that She would solve them during Her visit.

A possible chance for speaking with Shri Mataji was at a leaders’ meeting, which used to take place before the pujas. Usually one of the leaders from Spain would go, but at the Krishna Puja, in August 2000, none of the leaders were there so I was able to attend it. Everyone sat in a semicircle around Shri Mataji’s armchair in the big room at the castle. When the meeting started, Mother asked for a yogini who represented South Africa, and then asked who I was. The leader of Italy told Her I represented Spain.

Are the Spanish still fighting each other?’ Shri Mataji asked me. I shook my head, meaning ‘No’, but then I realised that She meant the situation with terrorism and said, with my mouth, ‘Yes’. This made the other yogis laugh, for I had said no with my head and yes with my mouth.

Mother then asked me if those people wanted to split off from Spain to join France, or what did they want? I answered that they wanted to be independent. Shri Mataji explained that every time that this kind of situation arises, the side which wants to split off ends up suffering and with poverty, like Pakistan and Bangladesh. She asked us what we were doing about that situation, then said that the important thing was to work on the main land of the country, so that this improvement would solve the situation of the other zones which wanted the separation.

She went on with the problems in the different places. The leader of Greece mentioned that the relationship between Greece and Turkey was improving. Mother said the cause of that problem was the competition for the petroleum, and what was the situation of the countries which have petroleum? It is a situation of decadence and an absence of spirituality, all caused by the desire to accumulate money.

A way to thwart the desire of money is art. The reason is that genuine artistic manifestation comes from the heart. In this sense, Shri Mataji spoke about the difficulty of knowing which were really artistic objects. She proved it with objects which were in the lounge where we were sitting, and also asked to bring some more. Shri Mataji started asking us in which country each object had been made. Those who said the names of countries were scarcely ever right, except when it was a plate and they could see the name at the back. Mother knew the country of every object and finally told us She knew more than all of us and we all smiled at hearing that.

She said that a money-based lifestyle makes countries lose their art, that some countries had already lost it and that some others could lose it as well. Shri Mataji said that in the USA, in the region of Los Angeles, it is not that bad, and that France had very important art, which, however, could be lost because of the orientation of the French to alcohol.

Also Shri Mataji explained that Spain had quite important art, but it could be lost because of the tendency of the Spanish to fight among themselves. She said that situation was making women become like that so there are even bullfighter-women and that what we Spaniards have to do is to fight the bull we carry inside. She also said that we Sahaja Yogis should have artistic objects from our country at home. This way, people who visit the house will see the beauty of these objects and appreciate art. Likewise, children, who will be in contact with these objects, will learn to appreciate them and develop this sensibility.

At another moment of the meeting, Shri Mataji spoke with the leader of Russia, who had invited an Indian yogi to visit Russia. She asked him why he had invited him, and told him that he had legs for walking and that he had to learn to solve his problems without waiting for an Indian to come and solve them. I was very attentive to these remarks, because a very curious thing was happening to me. Although Shri Mataji was speaking with the leader of Russia, I was feeling that She was addressing those remarks to me, saying that we Spaniards had to face our problems without waiting for Mother to come and solve them.

Mother also spoke with the leader of France about a carpenter who would come to work in the castle. Shri Mataji said She would like him to make doors with mirrors. I felt She was saying the doors with mirrors were a symbol: if we really see how we are, we will be able to open the door and enter a deeper level. When we prostrated ourselves after the meeting, She told us the way we prostrate ourselves is very important. We have to turn our palms upwards and extend them forwards with respect, not just near the head. She told us that we had to learn to do it that way and explain the rest of the yogis how to do it.

I went out after the meeting and felt as if I were floating. I spoke with some yogis and told them Shri Mataji’s remarks, especially those about the Spanish. Then I went to the river to do foot-soaking and saw a big rose floating towards me. I had a deep sensation of energy in the environment, which was enveloping me, and it seemed Shri Mataji was sending me that present after the meeting, that She knew me and knew perfectly what I was doing.

Five of us went up on the stage to give Mother the present and we were so lucky because right before us the Belgians were giving Her their present and had quite a long conversation, so we could bathe in vibrations. When we approached to put the present at Shri Mataji’s Feet, She asked us about whether those people (in our country) wanted union with France or independence, and we all answered that they wanted independence. Then She asked why that was happening. None of us answered and Mother closed Her eyes for a while and then said that there was somebody who wanted to be the Prime Minister of the separated zone, and that the situation was due to a desire of power, and that these kinds of people always end up badly. She told us we should never join people with such ideas.

Roberto Sánchez-Labrador

Only a bandhan works

Shri Mataji also worked out things through bandhans. There was a public programme in Genoa in September 2000 and there were only two people on the stage. I was there holding the light because I was scared that it might fall. Genoa is very windy, maybe because it is on the sea, but it was so windy that if Shri Mataji were to give realisation, people would say the cool breeze was the wind. All the while the decoration was blowing around, and I noticed that under Her blanket She was making bandhans. I was wondering, ‘Shri Mataji is Adi Shakti, why is She giving bandhans?’ Just after She had given the bandhans, within two minutes, the entire place became still and not even a leaf was moving. She gave realisation and the people got realisation.

Months passed and I was with Her in the castle.

This is not working, let us all give a bandhan,’ Shri Mataji said about something. So we all gave a bandhan and She gave a bandhan, too. Shri Mataji looked at me because She knew I was having some doubt about this and She said, ‘Only a bandhan works and everything can work through a bandhan.’

So if something is very difficult, keep on giving a bandhan until it works out.


The boy’s first words

I found an old diary entry: it was at the Navaratri Puja in 2000 at Cabella. After the puja presents were offered to Shri Mataji and a Ukrainian couple went on the stage with their two or three year old boy who could not talk. Shri Mataji worked on the boy and the first thing the boy said immediately was: Mama, Papa.

Angi O’Rourke

Immersed in the divine

In October 2000, I was attending an international puja in Los Angeles, and we went to inform our Holy Mother on the Sahaja activities of our respective countries.

As Her children, we sat on the floor of the living room, which was for me a physical difficulty because of the hip prostheses I have had for the past eighteen years. Though our Holy Mother indicated for me to sit on a chair, I preferred to remain on the floor, changing position every half hour. After an hour, our Holy Mother asked me to go close to Her. I knelt down before Her, and She put Her Lotus Foot on the upper part of my leg, where the prostheses are. Losing track of time, I became thoughtless and got immersed in the Divine, and was one with Her. Probably after ten, fifteen or twenty minutes I went back to my place among my brothers and sisters, and Shri Mataji went with all of us into a profound meditation. I remained floating in joy for at least fifteen more days.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

I just eat the vibrations

In LA in 2000, Shri Mataji came to visit, and for Diwali Puja. I was in the kitchen cooking for Her and I had never done that before in such full swing, so was pretty nervous. 

That year was special as Sir CP was not visiting with Shri Mataji so all the ladies could go up to Her and serve Her and She too would ask us to sit with Her while She had lunch. One day I was asked to make bhakri, a roti made out of bajra flour. She loved it and in Maharashtra it is common, and very delicious if someone knows how to cook it. I had seen the ladies make it before and was also told how to make it, but perfection comes only by practice and I had never made it by myself. However, seeing how it was done, I just managed to do it.

I took it upstairs to Shri Mataji and offered it, not sure if it was alright. She asked me to sit while She ate it. I was shaking a bit while She did so, and asked Shri Mataji to forgive me for cooking the bhakri and told Her I had never made it before. I was sitting before Shri Mataji and She was eating the roti, and She smiled at me. I could never see Her face while She talked, I was just gazing Her Feet. She told me to look up and listen to Her.

Look, I am eating the roti you have made,’ She said. I asked Her to please tell me how to cook it.

I Myself do not know how to cook this roti, whatever you make, I eat,’ She replied.

I was very shy. All of a sudden She told me one thing that totally changed me.

You all think I eat the food you cook for Me as per taste and looks, but you do not understand, I just eat the vibrations. If the vibrations are good I will eat and if not good I leave it. I ask you to make enough dishes, as I know some of those will have good vibrations and I will eat and fill My stomach.’

As those words came out, I had a total change in my cooking, and until today when I cook at home, I remember those words. I know that to offer prasad or any little thing to Shri Mataji has to be full of vibrations, or else it is no use cooking.

Geetika Vasiu

Wild horses

In Los Angeles in October 2000, one afternoon Shri Mataji was talking with Her granddaughter about raising kids. I had just gone up to Her room to serve Her roti, but when I heard Her talking did not find it appropriate to go and disturb Her. I waited outside when all of a sudden I heard Her tell Her granddaughter Sonalika to call me inside.

I want you to hear this and remember this always, as your daughter will grow too sooner or later,’ She said to me.

I sat and She explained that our realised kids, till twelve years of age are under the parents, and their immunity is not developed, so you should work on yourself if you find catches on kids of twelve and under. For a minute I thought, ‘I have read this before,’ and that I was smart enough.

Ji Shri Mataji,’ I said, ‘but can I go and get You a nice warm fresh roti.’

Just as I said that, I looked up and most of us have seen that glare. I knew I had said something stupid and will surely be asked to get out – but no.

I have to tell you about something more important,’ She said, and asked me to quietly sit and listen. She went on, ‘When our kids are between thirteen and eighteen, or even twenty years old, they are like wild horses, and I would like you as parents to be responsible in taming them. These horses, if not kept under proper control, or lagam (as She said in Hindi) will go haywire and do what all the other kids do. They are growing and they cannot understand how their body and mind are conflicting with the surroundings and meditation. I want you to be responsible and make them understand. After eighteen all these kids will become lotuses.

Now go and get the roti for Me.’

I went downstairs, not sure what had happened, not sure why I had to open my mouth or why when my daughter was just two, she was asked to hear all that. Of course today when she is turning thirteen, every morning I remind myself that I have to follow what Shri Mataji told me all those years back.

Geetika Vasiu

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Computers and jasmine oil

Back in 2000, we were a bunch of yuva shaktis in Shri Mataji’s house in Los Angeles and She was asking each one of us what we had studied and what we did. Most of us had studied computers or worked with computers and Shri Mataji talked about how mathematics and computers are connected.

Saraswati and Lakshmi are together,’ She then said, for the first time.

Shri Mataji was happy about it and how this was bringing more prosperity. On another occasion, She did mention that computers can give a Centre Heart catch, and suggested we should apply few drops of jasmine oil on the Centre Heart

Ajit Mohekar 

Lifesaving career guidance 

One thing that was useful to my career was that I could read a book and mostly know how many copies it would sell. This was apparently possible, because I was, in Sahaj parlance, right-sided.

Eventually I found a way to balance: Sahaja Yoga, and was more than happy to trade whatever it cost for self realisation. What I had before, affluent misery, was of no value to me. My career went into free fall. I’d started a small branch office in New York some years before and this proved to be my lucky break. It was a terrific experience and Shri Mataji married me to a phenomenal woman from Russia. Post fifty years of age, for the first time, I found completion, joy, even bliss and discovered the meaning of love.
In Shri Mataji’s house in Ealing She told me to go and live in the USA, in California, however as I couldn’t get a work visa for California but could get one for New York, in November 2000, at Diwali Puja at Lake Piru near LA, Shri Mataji said I should go to New York.
 By February 2001, we were living in the Bronx. When I arrived in the USA, aged 57, my new family doctor found out I’d never had a colonoscopy, done here as routine when someone is over 50. The specialist I saw found a pre-cancerous growth which he assured me would have killed me had I stayed in London. (Thank You Shri Mataji, again and again). Later, Shri Mataji advised me to leave the firm I worked for. I did so, and had I stayed in London I’d have ended up dead rich, and dead. As it is, every day is a bonus.

There was something else extraordinary. The specialist kept finding polyps growing. Eventually he said, ’When we’ve analysed this latest polyps, if it’s benign, you’ll have to have major surgery. That’ll be the good news. The bad news will be if it’s malignant.’

I had two weeks waiting to find out which it was, and coincidentally went to see Shri Mataji at Her house in New Jersey the day before I was due to see the doctor. She was less than well Herself and although some suggested I tell Her about my condition, it just didn’t feel right – after all since I have been lucky and blessed to recognize Her, what could I tell Her that She didn’t know already? So I offered Her some money from Daisyamerica LLC and that was that.

Next day, the doctor told me that what he cut out it wasn’t a polyps, in fact he wasn’t sure what it was and said I was one lucky guy.

Alan Wherry

Concerning names  

In 2000, while visiting our centre (Berkeley) Shri Mataji talked about names, as one little girl was having some problems and She asked her name. The parents said – Tamanna – which means desire in Hindi. Shri Mataji said this name was causing problems because its meaning was not good for ladies. She said that Devi names are good for girls, and gave the little girl the name Ananya.

Shri Mataji asked people not to use the name Rahul, because it was the name of Buddha’s son. The legend tells he gave it with a bad meaning, it means ‘obstacle’, because Buddha wanted to detach himself from the new born baby. Shri Mataji changed several yogis’ names from Rahul to Ram. Also the name Yogita was not recommended because it means ‘the one who loves tapasya’, so giving such a name means you’d like the person to have lots of tapasya. The name Gabriela was not recommended because Gabriel, Shri Hanuman, did not marry.

In the past Shri Mataji gave names to many babies, children and adults, then She asked yogis to select names for their kids on vibrations. Some Sahaja Yogis were still eager to get a name from Her, but She said She came to earth to give us the connection to the Divine – once it is achieved everything else should fall into place. Shri Mataji said Gyaneshwara gave a name to his sister that was beneficial for her spiritual ascent, and a realised soul can find a proper name on vibrations.

 Shri Mataji had Her favourite names and there were some She did not recommend. On some occasions She gave a name based on the Hindu calendar or the Sahaj events when a child was born, such as a certain puja. Shri Mataji said on many occasions that the name is very important and influences a person’s life significantly, including health and ascent. She changed the names of many people, which provided help with their problems. Shri Mataji asked not to use names starting with ‘U’ and changed the names of some yogis who had such names.

A couple asked Shri Mataji if the name Aashrith (one of Shri Ganesha’s names) was good for their son, because it means ‘dependent’; they were wondering if ‘dependent’ meant he would be a weak person.

It is a good name to give a yogi child,’ answered Shri Mataji, ‘because all of you, Sahaja Yogis, are dependent on Me.’

Another story is from a UK newsletter, when Mother changed a baby’s name baby from Devi Shri (meaning the main Goddess) to Shridevi.


Joy beyond all joy

While meditating in Ganapatipule in December of 2000, Mother Kundalini started relaxing my body. She was preparing me to receive Shri Mataji in my heart.

Mother has arrived!’ the call came.

Mother Kundalini jumped in alert and respect, the heart anticipating the arrival of the Divine Mother. She was coming. The moment we saw the car, our hearts rejoiced and tears were ready to fall. The heart started beating faster in anticipation of seeing Mother for the first time. Then slowly, very slowly, Mother stepped out of the car. At that moment we felt like running to Her already. She took small steps and walked to the chair. Though I could only see Her back, already all of us were in such tears of joy. The heart cried out, ‘Joy beyond all joy’ just to see Her. This feeling goes beyond any kind of love ever felt.

At that moment you just feel like hugging someone to your heart’s content. Shri Mataji turned and paid Her respects to all present. The music continued. With the joy of seeing Her, a new transformation took place.

Seetha Murugappan

Tremendous to see that light

I saw Shri Mataji at Ganapatipule and She was listening to Debu Chaudhuri playing classical Indian music. He was playing for hours and after that the vibrations were incredible.

After he had finished playing, Shri Mataji got up and embraced him. Somebody took a photograph that time with a Polaroid camera, so it came out immediately and in the photo all around were vibrations. Light could be seen all around them in the photo. It was tremendous to see that light in the photo, at that very moment.

Nirmal Gupta

My answer to my every question

At Ganapatipule in the year 2000, I had the great privilege to offer the garland to Shri Mataji when She arrived for one of the music programmes. I was waiting at the back, holding the garland in my hand, just meditating and hoping someone would tell me what to do. I was a bit worried because it looked like quite a small garland and I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit over Shri Mataji’s head. There were ten thousand people watching.

Just sit and meditate. Shri Mataji is doing everything,’ said someone who happened to be passing.

Shri Mataji, You do everything. I do nothing,’ I said to myself over and over again. Then the time came to go out. The other lady did aarti to Shri Mataji and then I went to try to put the garland over Shri Mataji’s head and then I heard this voice very close to me.

You can put it at My Feet only,’ She said very softly. With that, I almost fell at Her Feet and put the garland at Her Feet. So She must have known it wasn’t going to fit and that was Her way of working it out for me.

You can put it at My Feet only,’ She said, and those words are my answer to my every question.

Anna Chicos

The heart followed Her

On the last day in Ganapatipule, which was during the weddings, I was feeling a little under the weather caused by the clearing of the Vishuddhi. In my heart, I asked permission in my heart from Shri Mataji to go into the ladies’ pendal to sleep, got ready for bed and slept. Suddenly, the voice of Sir CP giving a talk on the microphone woke me up with a jerk.

After that, Shri Mataji was about to leave Ganapatipule and go to Mumbai. I wanted to see Her before She left. Since I was not dressed properly, it seemed better just to stand outside the ladies hut and watch the car go by. Mother knows everything and She knew very well that Her child wanted to say goodbye to Her.

Before getting into the car, She stood holding the car door and She looked right at me. Oh, Divine Mother! I was a little surprised at first, but that feeling was taken over by the gratitude and love towards Her. I said my goodbyes to Her and thanked Shri Adi Shakti for such a great blessing. She smiled and entered into the car.

My heart followed Her in.

Seetha Murugappan