Chapter 08: 2003 – India, Europe and America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

India Tour 2002/3 email report

I went to Ganapatipule but just for the puja. That was the only night of the whole week Shri Mataji came. She was ill and also a lot of other people – upset stomachs. Of course the puja was great and Mother talked about generosity and how we must all be generous. I felt She was talking about world economics as well as individuals although She spoke as if to individuals. And about fundamentalism – She said, ‘Christ never converted anyone from any religion.’

We went on to Vaitarna, where Shri Mataji began by speaking about the late Baba Mama and said what a pity he wasn’t there to see the new Music Academy, and suddenly there was a loud noise of some people quarelling on the other hillside where the cars were parked. Mother switched to Marathi and said the Maharastrians only know how to quarrel and argue. Then She spoke in Hindi about how sweet and nice Baba Mama was and briefly switched back to English, and said, ‘Unless you stop quarelling it won’t work out,’ or something like that.

The following night was the inauguration, and Mother gave a wonderful short talk about how the academy is to spread Indian music to foreigners and to use music to spread Sahaja Yoga. She also said that She learnt English and Hindi largely by reading books and it is good to read good books.

Mother seemed to be trying to break our conditioning. She did not come on Christmas Eve at Ganapatipule, but in the puja the next day She asked for carols to be sung – quite a lot of them. I have never heard Her ask for carols actually in a puja before. Then at Vaitarna She began the New Year’s Eve puja early, at about seven thirty and it was finished by about ten. A lot of people arrived too late and missed it, assuming that it would go on until midnight. The music programme the next night was late – Mother came about nine and it went on until about three. Wonderful music and vibrations, but a lot of the people left or went to sleep before the end.

Linda Williams

Music programme for Shri Mataji and Sir CP on their 56th wedding anniversary, April 2003

The function was held at Sophia Hall, in the centre of Mumbai. Shri Mataji looked radiant in a red sari with a design of little gold stars. She was sitting on the throne that usually lives at the Belapur Sahaja Treatment Centre, and many people had brought flowers, some of which were put on the stage as decorations. Sahaja Yogis came from all over India – some had flown in for the evening, and there were a few foreigners, but mostly it was Sahaja Yogis from Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Firstly, seven ladies from Mumbai did aarti to Shri Mataji to welcome Her. Then children, members of local Sahaja Yoga groups came in pairs to give flowers to Shri Mataji and Sir CP. Each pair was dressed as a deity and his shakti. For example, a young person covered in bluish white powder and the traditional hair style took the part of Lord Shiva. A little girl who was dressed charmingly in a white sari and holding a musical instrument, represented Shri Saraswati, and another small person, in a white gown, had on a false beard and longish hair to represent Lord Jesus. They were very sweet and innocent, but also symbolic, as they came in, and knelt before our Divine Mother.

This auspicious day, April 7th, was traditionally also the wedding day of Shri Sita and Shri Rama. At one point fairly near the beginning Shri Mataji asked for the lights in the auditorium to .be switched on. She said to someone close to Her on the stage that She wanted to see who was there. Many of us felt Her Divine attention working on us during the music. This consisted mostly of a group of musicians and a man who sang forcibly and joyfully in praise of Shri Mataji in some of Her many forms – bhajans of Shri Sita Rama and Shri Radha Krishna. At times he encouraged us to join in the choruses. It was a very light and joyful evening.

Below is a transcript of the short talk given by Shri Mataji. Later a large cake was brought in and together Sir CP and Shri Mataji cut it. At the end representatives from the different states of India, and various foreigners came and presented flowers and gifts. After Shri Mataji had left, all thousand or so of us were offered a delicious meal, served in the gardens of the college where the function was held. Every one of us present was given a bit of the cake as prasad.

Linda Williams

Shri Mataji’s talk

I just want to thank you all from My heart for coming to celebrate this anniversary with your love. I can’t do more than to thank you really – how you people have appreciated My humble work. Moreover it is a work of just love. Love is the greatest quality of human beings. And if you have developed that then you will forget all other things, because love has its own reward. And the reward is here – I can see it. I am nothing special, except that I love everyone very much. And I don’t think anybody is to be condemned, because I have seen people coming out of all their problems, their smaller minds into a bigger area in which they are capable of giving love. I must say that whatever was My faith (word unclear) has worked very well. And it is very, very nice thing to see how many of you have understood My love and have spread love among yourselves.

Our human problem is one, and that is that we don’t know how to love each other. If we could understand that then we would understand all this love. We really enjoy this love. You don’t have to sacrifice anything. Don’t have to give away anything. It is all there and you enjoy, it is reciprocal. You enjoy giving love to others. Maybe some of your experiences may not be that good, but most of the people who are human beings are a special temperament of loving each other, and this is to be shared and this is to be enjoyed. I have enjoyed it, and you all have also enjoyed it. So I have said, continue to do that, and spread your love all over.’

This was a miracle

A few years ago, in 2003, we went to receive Shri Mataji on Her arrival at Milan airport. After having received the flowers, Shri Mataji left quite quickly in Her car, to go to Cabella. We knew there was no way we could follow Her with our car as we were in a parking lot, and had first to pay and then fetch our car, whereas Shri Mataji had already left, straight away. Because of this, we took our time to enjoy ourselves with the other yogis, at this joyful time after having received the darshan of our Mother. Finally we left, drove off at a normal speed, stopped to fill up with petrol and then went slowly on to Cabella.

When we reached Cabella we went first to the hangar. Nobody was there so we decided to go to the castle, two kilometres further on, because we thought everybody must be there, including Shri Mataji. However, when we arrived at the castle, to our surprise Shri Mataji had not yet arrived and there were very few people, and most of them had not been to the airport. After few minutes we heard that Shri Mataji was arriving.

We could again receive Shri Mataji, and be in the living room for Her reception. Afterwards, we asked somebody who had come with Shri Mataji from the airport at Milan in Her car, if they had been driving slowly, because we had arrived before them. They said that they had driven extremely fast and had not stopped at all. This was a miracle, as we had left after them, stopped on the way, and also drove slowly. Thank you, Shri Hanuman.

Trupta de Graaf

I’ve been waiting to see this lady for a hundred years

My daughter Megan (aged 5 in 2003) saw a picture of Shri Mataji which was given to me in the hallway of my house by a Sahaja Yogini. Megan grabbed the photograph from me, went deep into meditation and said, ‘I’ve been waiting to see this lady for a hundred years’. Then she ran upstairs and put the photo by her bed. I called to her to bring it back but the yogini simply said that she recognised Mother and there were plenty more photos.

Soon after I had my self realisation, I went with Megan to the airport to meet Shri Mataji. We dressed up and took flowers. It was a special occasion and we were there in good time. Before we saw Mother, I could feel a cool breeze approaching and my injured left knee felt better, and has been fine ever since. We saw Mother and gave our flowers. Then we left. My daughter was a little concerned, because she thought Shri Mataji would still be as young as She was in the photos we had been given, but later was alright.

 Philippa Benson

She understands everything

When I first arrived at Cabella in 2003 Shri Mataji took a Romanian nurse and me into Her bedroom for massage. She taught us how to do it. We didn’t feel any tiredness, even though we often did not get more than two or three hours sleep. The nurse did not know English, and was using words from different languages to express herself.

She doesn’t know English,’ Shri Mataji said, ‘but she understands everything.’

Luminita Fratila

Who is your greatest painter?

I remember some very sweet moments when Shri Mataji was talking about art, in 2003, especially about painting. She had been given a very nice painted plate at Cabella.

Come and see this, how beautiful it is,’ She said to me. ‘You have such beautiful things in your country, who is your greatest painter?’ I realised that She was doing this to show that She knew that I was living in a little town in Romania where the greatest Romanian painter, Nicolae Grigorescu was living for a while, in the nineteenth century. His memorial house was in this town. When I returned to Cabella I offered an album of photographs of this painter’s works to Shri Mataji, and She wanted to see his self-portrait.

Nice man,’ She said. She explored every part of my being and I was feeling Her deep love all the time. She was very natural and full of innocence. When I arrived at Cabella for the first time, Shri Mataji asked me how I had come.

I came by bus, Shri Mataji,’ I said.

Such a long way to come by bus!’ She said. I felt great love in these words, as if She was impressed by the so called effort of us to go there.

Luminita Fratila

Shri Mataji laughed

I always had the feeling to be as discreet as possible in Shri Mataji’s presence so as not to disturb Her peace. One day I entered Her bedroom and She was looking somewhere very far away. I looked at Her very briefly, and then went in the corner of the room, so as not to disturb Her. Immediately She showed me that She knew that I was there, putting Her attention on me and pumping vibrations through me. Almost all the time I had the feeling that we don’t know how to behave in front of Her. I asked inside my heart to be guided.

One evening I was with Shri Mataji and some nurses. Shri Mataji asked for something and being close to the door I went to get it, and came back very quickly, and didn’t knock on the door. The nurses were not there, only Shri Mataji and Sir CP, and I was just in front of them, without saying anything. I was delighted, and forgot to excuse myself. But Mother was very sweet.

Thank you,’ She said, and let me go.

The next evening She called me, for some reason and I was upset somehow that still I was a bit too speedy in my actions. I was also sad about some problems of the west. I lay on my bed and some tears came. Suddenly someone announced that Shri Mataji was calling me and the Romanian nurse. It was such a magical evening

Did I disturb your rest?’ Shri Mataji asked me and began to say that She was very sad because there had been a terrorist attack and a woman from India and her children were involved. She said that as a Mother it was very painful.

How are the Romanian people?’ She asked me.

Very simple,’ I replied.

And mild,’ She added.

But they must learn how to behave from You,’ I said to Her, referring to what had happened the day before. It was somehow a kind of excuse for my behaviour, and Shri Mataji laughed.

Luminita Fratila

I am different from you human beings

The moments spent in the physical presence of Shri Mataji made me feel some of the aspects of God’s realisation in this human aspect. Even though She looked human, She was so different. About this aspect I remember that one day Shri Mataji felt heat on the right and She was complaining of some pain on Her right knee. She asked for a warm water bottle to be put on the right knee.

Shri Mataji, isn’t an ice bag better?’ I asked, a little bit surprised at Her decision.

But you know, I am different from you human beings,’ She answered with a smile.

Luminita Fratila

She slowly exposed what I had to work out

One night Shri Mataji was sleeping, so called, because Her attention was alert at that time, and I was near Her bed and looking at Her. She immediately started to move Her fingers, showing me how my attention was working. I noticed that if there were some thoughts when I was near Her, She immediately had a bit of a reaction, as something was catching Her attention.

About this concentrated attention I remembered that one day I was giving some massage to Her, and during this time I tried to keep my attention in the best manner on the subtle body to feel how She was working.

Look what concentrated attention she has,’ Shri Mataji said, to an Indian Sahaja Yogi.

All this time spent near Her, I discovered myself better and She slowly exposed what I had to work out. I also noticed that if our ego does not recognise the mistakes by itself She may expose in the mistake in a very evident manner, but if we realise the mistake and put our attention in a humble manner this exposure is only for us.

Luminita Fratila

She wanted to buy some toys

In every situation Shri Mataji expressed Her divine love for us. Once some yogis and I were with Shri Mataji and we were shopping. She wanted to buy some toys for Her great-grandchildren. I felt to take the wheelchair and go with Her to choose the toys, and I was told to do this. Shri Mataji bought only what we chose for them.

Luminita Fratila

It sounded really different

In Cabella at the castle in July 2003, we were many Sahaja Yogis, from different countries. Shri Mataji invited all of us from the castle and from Cabella to sing bhajans to Her. Shri Mataji was sitting in the living room and around Her were about twenty yogis from all over the world. She asked us to sing Jogawa, Brahma Shodile, Guru Ashtakam and others. When we were singing bhajans like Bhaiya Kaya Taya She stopped us and asked us to sing the song again so we could sing the meaning, and not only the meaning but also what the words meant. Then we sang it again and it sounded really different, so She was very happy.

She told us that if we sing it just by the melody it is not the same and we have to know what we are singing and that makes a big difference. It is also better if we know the songs without reading, so we have to learn what we are singing. Finally we were able to do a small puja to Her Lotus Feet and we, Her blessed children present, did aarti, and could meditate in Her presence. It was like heaven.

The next night, just before the Guru Puja, She invited us again. We were around forty yogis and again we sang bhajans. She liked Bhaiya Kaya Taya very much, and spoke about when She was a child and She had sorrow, and She always sang this song. The meaning is, when we belong to God, why do we have to have fear?

After that we had prasad, which was some nice chocolate from Switzerland. Again it was like sitting in heaven around God, angels!

Meera Szegvary

They’re just innocence

At one Guru Puja in Cabella, possibly 2003, we waited in the hanger for nearly two hours for Mother to arrive. Upon taking Her seat, the children were invited to sit at Her Feet. Being only two or three years old, and it getting dark outside, usually time to snuggle up with mummy, our daughter was a bit reluctant, but was persuaded, a little forcefully, to accompany another child. Of course we, her parents, were quite proud to see her there though, sitting quietly at Shri Mataji’s Feet.

The music played for some time as the pujaris got everything ready and Mother’s needs were taken care of, but then, during a long lull in the music, our daughter got up of her own accord and walked off the stage, wailing loudly, ‘I’m tired, I’m tired…I want my mummy….’

Shri Mataji just gazed at her lovingly, with the usual faraway expression She had when observing children, and said, with nectar dripping from Her words, ‘They’re just innocence, they can’t hide anything.’

Shri Mataji then began telling us that She felt it is not possible to be a parent and a Sahaja Yogi at the same time, Her reasoning being that She Herself had just had a terrible experience, the reason why She had been so late, that Her grand-daughter had not turned up and nobody knew where she was until they checked the hospitals and found she had been in a car accident, hence the whole family, including Shri Mataji, had been worried.

She then sent all the children off the stage and suggested we send them outside with some aunties to play, at which point no one stirred and the children remained with the parents, quietly, and we had a short but very sweet puja, with Mother radiating kindness throughout.

Clive Bates

Paris, July 2003 (email report)

I would like to share my personal account of Shri Mataji’s visit to Paris in July 2003. I had just finished a training course in the office when I received a call from a Sahaja Yogi that Shri Mataji was arriving and would be staying at the Hilton. One of our technical support men had received realisation recently and was very sensitive to the vibrations.

You know the lady you have been meditating on for the past few weeks?’ I said to him. ‘Well, She’s arriving at the airport tonight.’ He was very excited at the chance of meeting Shri Mataji.

I think that plane landed a few minutes early,’ he said to me while we were standing in arrivals. He was right. Shri Mataji had landed.

We saw Her from the window and She waved lovingly at all the yogis, making sure that She waved at the yogis in each window as She passed by. She received flowers from everyone and all the yogis gathered around in a sea of divine love.

A smaller group of yogis then received Shri Mataji at the hotel and She was always graciously smiling and offering namaste to us. The next day I was giving a training course and heard that Shri Mataji was going shopping. I asked an Austrian yogi who works for the same company, to signal me on his mobile phone when She was leaving. I was in the middle of my training course and told the trainees that I had to go out for fifteen minutes and that they should continue with the exercises. I raced to the Hilton Hotel, only five minutes away, and as I walked in Shri Mataji was in the reception hall with the leader, who was pushing the wheelchair. Shri Mataji gave me a big smile and offered namaste and I felt so blessed to have received Her darshan. After She left I raced back to my trainees feeling bathed in vibrations. It was quite a bizarre adjustment from having the darshan of the Goddess to going straight back into explaining our software product.

Later we heard there would be bhajans and some yogis went back to the ashram for instruments. We were ushered into Shri Mataji’s room expecting bhajans but She wanted to talk to us about the hotel – why the seats were so low and why the hotel was uncomfortable, especially for elderly people. We had never realised this but as Shri Mataji spoke it became obvious. She said it had been a positive experience since She now could see what the problem was – that She needed to build a hotel that catered for people’s comfort.

After the talk was over we left the room. We then heard that Shri Mataji wanted to go for a car ride with all the yogis! So we all rushed out and drove off behind Shri Mataji with no idea of where we were going. We arrived in this beautiful hotel in the countryside. The Sahaja Yogis had considered this hotel but unfortunately it didn’t have showers – only sinks and baths.

Shri Mataji toured the hotel and Her eye fell on some crystal horses, upstairs. I was downstairs but heard a lot of laughter. Shri Mataji then came down and as She was being wheeled out She stopped by another glass cabinet and bought virtually all the antiques inside. Earlier someone had asked me if I had ever gone shopping with Shri Mataji. I said no, but thought I would really like to. Two hours later my desire had been fulfilled!

My Sahaja Yogi work colleague and I made an appointment the next day with Sir CP to write down the list of complaints. He was very diplomatic and stressed that we accentuate the positive as well as the negative. He was happy with the staff and other features of the hotel.

After Shri Mataji had left my colleague and I tried to upgrade our rooms to the Presidential Suite and managed to arrange it. The manager was a bit confused. He asked if we needed some extra beds since there was only one bed. My friend said we would sleep on the floor.* Many French yogis came to meditate in the suite and we had a beautiful evening discussing the day’s events, talking about the only thing that really matters in this world – Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga.

I was thinking about getting some sleep when about eight of us walked into Shri Mataji’s bedroom. The vibrations were so strong that we couldn’t talk any more and we fell into deep meditation. At this point in my meditation I had this deep sense of what Shri Mataji really means about being the Spirit. That within us there is a deep ocean of blissful consciousness, beyond space, time and death: Her divine world.

Steve Jones

Editor’s note: it was customary not to use the bed Shri Mataji slept in for a few days after She left.

The photo of Shri Shirdi Sainath

At one point Shri Mataji was coming to France and the question arose of what to put in Her hotel room since it felt bare and I offered my photo of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Shri Mataji was surprised that a photo put in Her room at the hotel at Paris Airport was emitting so many vibrations. She asked a yogi to bring Her the photo. Shri Mataji then realized that it was a photo of Sai Baba of Shirdi. She put that photo of Her Sahasrara and declared that in future all the photos of Sai Baba of Shirdi would emit even more vibrations than before.

Gwen Verez

A visit to Paris

Shri Mataji came to Paris in 2003 and stayed at the Hilton Hotel.

If you have a desire,’ the leader had said two days before, ‘just surrender it with full heart and faith, without limitations, at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji.’ I had one and followed his advice. After the meditation, I was with two yoginis on the terrace of Montfermeil, Mother’s House in Paris.

I would like so much to serve Shri Mataji,’ one started to say, and the second one said, ‘Me too,’ and I said, ‘Me too.’

The following Tuesday, I received a call at my office.

Mother is coming to Paris tonight,’ a yogini said. Then the leader called, and told me to go to the Hilton Hotel as soon as possible. After this, I had the feeling that I was completely in Mother’s hands. At work we were very busy and it was difficult to leave, but I went to my boss.

I have to go, family emergency.’

He said it was ok but I had to be back the next morning, and I promised I would. I reached the Hilton and saw the two yoginis. We got the bedroom ready for Shri Mataji and prepared ourselves to welcome Her. We were asked to stay in the room but couldn’t resist watching erHer arrival and getting Her darshan. We were behind the window and when Mother arrived, She looked in our direction. Her visit had started, it was our first experience, and what an experience! The first day, we served the food. I remember the plates going past us, and our empty stomachs, and we eventually got one plate for four of us girls, but it was so joyful and taught us that as Lakshmis, we have to give priority to others even if we are hungry.

I was supposed to only stay for the first night, but called my boss and told him I would only be back at 11am on Thursday. He was furious, but after bandhans slowly cooled down, but warned me to expect problems when I returned.

After that Shri Mataji went out shopping. We were standing outside and She looked at us with a smile.

I will come back tonight,’ She said. I felt completely blessed as if She had said, ‘You can stay here, don’t worry.’

These words of our Divine Mother reached directly to my heart, I felt completely protected, and trusted She would work out the situation at my office. On Wednesday night, Shri Mataji called us into Her room. This moment was indescribable – you are in front of Shri Adi Shakti! So powerful! We sat behind in the corner.

No, come in front,’ She said. We felt so shy. Mother spoke about the lack of comfort in the hotel, for the rate it was not so elegant and the service was not good enough. ‘What do you think?’ She asked.

When we are with You, we feel comfortable anywhere,’ one yogi said.

Oh yes, I know you are great people, we are old and always complaining,’ Shri Mataji said, laughing. She was so sweet, so near, so beautiful, just love was flowing. Then She asked us to make a complaint and said, ‘Maybe you should ask Sir CP to help you,’ and then, ‘No, as a diplomat, he will confuse you.’ We stayed about an hour with Her – an amazing experience. Then again Mother went out to visit the surrounding area, to see the castle.

The day after, Mother left. We all went down to say goodbye to Her, one yogini and I hid behind a column so as not to disturb Her. While Mother’s car was leaving She put Her head towards us and waved, it was an explosion in our hearts. We bid Her goodbye with tears in our eyes. How to express such joy and bliss and how to thank our Holy Mother for these eternally holy times? In three days we slept only about five hours.

I reached my office at 11am on Thursday and my boss was furious. I said I had to be near my mother and wept a little.

Now I understand.’ he said, very gently.

 Virginie Patil 


In 2003, at Canajoharie, I was with Mother in the living room. She asked me questions concerning Algeria. In my ignorance, I answered obvious things, but my understanding was that all human’s attempts seemed in vain.

Mother, they simply need You. Without You, they won’t make it!’ I told HhHer from the bottom of my heart and with tears in my eyes.

Yes, I know, and every day I put My attention on them!’ She replied, looking at me with a grave, but deep and caring tone.

Without being capable of receiving more love than Her Motherly look was transmitting, I stood up and with my soul bowing in adoration, I left Her. That was the last time I saw Her, and still to today, my soul is in reverence, probably until we meet again.
Hamza Belgourari

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Diwali Puja, Los Angeles, 2003

Moments with Shri Mataji

I have been quite fortunate to see Shri Mataji in person several times. The very first time I saw Her was in LA as She arrived for Diwali Puja in 2003. The yuva shakti had decorated the outside of the hotel with designs made from lit candles, and just inside we were on both sides of the hallway each holding a candle. As Shri Mataji entered and passed by we just had tears in our eyes from the emotions of seeing Her.

Adam Cortese

Yuva Shakti gift, Diwali 2003

Her deep love was waiting for us

I had a feeling that Shri Mataji was waiting for us to make a great step when She moved to Genoa. It was a manifestation of the elements – a big storm. Suddenly the sky became dark, and the sea was one with the sky, complete darkness, even though it was during the day. Shri Vishnumaya was there with a lot of thunder and lightning and rain. Then there was silence and the light. It was the same when Shri Mataji left Genoa for America in 2003.

Luminita Fratila

She named her sweets khajur

When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to make special sweets of her own creation on Shri Krishna’s birthday every year. She named her sweets ‘khajur’ which also means dates, but they had nothing to do with dates at all. In fact, you will never find anyone in India who knows a sweet called khajur, except in our family.

Some days after Shri Krishna’s birthday in 2003, a yogi from England was to go and see Shri Mataji at Pratishthan in Pune. Some people at the Vashi Sahaja Health Centre, where I live, took the opportunity to offer Her flowers and other things through that yogi. I decided to make some khajur sweets for Shri Mataji. While preparing them, I had the strong desire, that if She ate a little bit of them it would be a great blessing. I also wrote a letter to the lady who was attending Shri Mataji, asking her to offer Her the sweets. On the yogi’s arrival at Shri Mataji’s house, he did not find the lady and left the basket of flowers, dried fruit, khajur and other things in the kitchen. Then he was invited to meet Shri Mataji. She talked for a little while.

Bring me the khajur (dates) from the Health Centre!’ She said suddenly. One of the boys in Her house started to look for what he thought were dates in the kitchen, but could not find any and brought the whole basket to Shri Mataji. She Herself picked one piece of the khajur.

This is a very nice sweet!’ Shri Mataji declared. It was only after he returned to Vashi Sahaja Health Centre that I could explain to the yogi the mystery of these dates.

Lily Rai

She relieved me without having to talk

I was in Shri Mataji’s house in Pune in 2003 and started feeling the Left Agnya chakra in Her presence. She was sitting on a chair sleeping, as it may happen sometimes when She works on the Left Side channel, but on several occasions one has experienced that She remains fully aware of things around Her though She looks as if She were asleep.

At some stage, with closed eyes, Shri Mataji removed the two rings She was wearing from Her left Agnya finger and put them both on Her right finger. Then, She asked a lady to put some powder and rub Her left finger while it seemed She was still asleep. Soon afterwards, I realised my Left Agnya pressure had completely gone. She had relieved me that way, through massage with some powder, without having to talk to me.

Madhur Rai

Shri Mataji remembered, after twenty-five years

I live in France but was working for my bank, which has a branch in Mumbai. After I had been here for about five months, in mid-December 2003, I had a very strong desire to pay my respects to Shri Mataji before leaving India. It came to me that the best thing was to phone Her daughter Kalpana, who was at Pratishthan with Shri Mataji. So I phoned, and when Kalpana came on the line, she was sitting next to Shri Mataji and asked if I could come and see Her, and Shri Mataji asked me to come the next day. At that moment I felt my Kundalini come up so strongly, and could feel the Kundalini very happy inside me.

I went up to Pune, and got some flowers from a place next door. It was the first time I had seen Pratishthan and it seemed very beautiful, much more beautiful than the pictures. After about ten minutes I was invited in. Shri Mataji was sitting there with Sir CP. She was looking so beautiful and had obviously had Her afternoon sleep.

Shri Mataji asked me what I was doing in Mumbai. I explained that I had been sent by my work, but it was Her blessing that I had this chance to be in Mumbai. and Shri Mataji said She remembered when I first came to Mumbai, in September 1978 for just a couple of weeks. She had sent for me then. At that time I worked for an airline and had a free ticket. I remembered going to all the pujas then and meeting the Sahaja leaders of Mumbai and it had been a wonderful experience. But more wonderful was to know that our Mother remembered such details, that twenty-five years ago I had been there.

We also talked about England. I talked about all the help and support I had got from Sir CP then, when I had gone through some difficult patches, and I wanted to thank him.

It is all thanks to Shri Mataji,’ he said.

Djamel Metouri

Shri Mataji at Ganapatipule for the last time, 2003