Always the great God Shiva be meditated upon He who is white like snow covered mountains He who is like beautiful moon He whose body is shining as if bedecked with jewels He who is pleased but is holding an axe in his hand to terrify the beasts and evil ones He who is sitting in lotus position and surrounded by the praising of immortal people He who is clad in tiger skin He who is first in the universe and is saluted first by the universe He who has five faces and is three eyed Always the great God Shiva be meditated upon


Amen. We, the children, We bow with utter devotion and adoration To The Sacred One who resides in the heart Of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. From Him came the desire for our emancipation. Om. Shivam Shivakaram Shantam Shivaatmanam Shivotamam Shivamarga Pranetaram Pranatosmi Sadashivam.

Shri Ganesha Puja: Four Oaths Hotel Riffelberg, Zermatt (Switzerland)

Shri Ganesha Puja, Zermatt (Switzerland), 2 September 1984. My joy knows no bounds when we have come to worship this holy mountain which we have named as Ganaraj. Sometimes the words are not sufficient to hold the outpour of your joy. I come to you as a symbol of your Mother, but the first Son who was created was Shri Ganesh. And then, when the Mother Earth was created as a symbol of motherhood, She created many Shri Ganeshas in this universe. In the cosmos, the star which is called as Mars is the Ganesh, Shri Ganesh. All these symbols were created for you, the Sahaja Yogis, to recognize them. To recognize all these symbols is easier if you are a realized soul. But we have had so many great realized souls in the past, of very high quality, and they recognized, they found out the symbols of Shri Ganesha, long time back. India is the microscopic form of the whole earth, Mother Earth. So, in the triangle of Maharashtra, we have got eight Ganeshas which are manifesting vibrations and were recognized by great saints of Maharashtra. But as you have seen, as a grace of these great saints, especially in Maharashtra, has created human beings who have shraddha as the highest expression of their emotion and mind. Because of that lofty vision in the mind, whenever they see something of this sublime nature, their thoughts go to God. [It is] thanks to the saints of that state that people have that Read More …