If you feel attracted for any man… think that ‘that’ man has a bhoot, and I also have a bhoot… only the bhoots attract bhoots… it’s as simple as that… it’s only the bhoots attract (1981-0904); Why to make your body that attractive to every man, spoiling his attention, and your attention… what is the need… the whole idea is wrong (1978-0000)

Entities are being exchanged in flirtations, and result in wobbly eyes, and also are the cause of those ‘attractions’ that we cannot explain or understand (1978-1218); In a very gross way, we see that people are attracted towards others through the body element. Any body attraction can enslave you, and cannot give you freedom. It will give you habits for your body enslavement, and will enslave you to your Guru. The other attractions are for food, greed, and lust – materialism at it’s worst. Once you start getting used to it, you become enslaved… and not a Guru (1986-0706)

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– end – 29 Dec 2002