Human awareness grows downwards, in the opposite direction to the Divine. The ‘roots’ are in the brain; Descent, known as Adogati, is easy, whilst ascent is called Urdwagati. With descent we move through Nabhi and Swadisthan, to Mooladhara where we develop depraved and perverted ideas, leading to decadence (1986-0303)

Shri Krishna said, thousands of years back that the human awareness, the Chaitana, grows downwards… and the roots of the Chaitana or awareness, is in the brain. In our Sahaja Yoga, we consider three chakras as the lower chakras, or centres… the Nabhi… the Swadisthan… and the Mooladhara. First one is the Nabhi Chakra, where a person starts seeking… food, shelter, all life’s necessities… and either he can go upwards or downwards. The essence of this centre is Swaha, meaning the consumption. So all those people who started developing… started consuming. Then they went to the second chakra, the Swadisthan… where they started entering into space… that is Antariksha… and tried to find out what is on the Moon… what is on Jupiter. Now the third awareness has grown… into the Mooladhara… and so the attention went to this horrid thing called sex… and in the west, people have become nothing but sex points. I’ve seen it everywhere… that just filth exists. With this downward movement… what do we expect people to be

they have to be violent. If you make them worse than animals… what will happen… they have to be cruel, despotic… and after this… the next step is Hell… Nagasaki… or anything (1986-0224)

So, how to go upward – all the great Saints, and Incarnations, and Prophets have said that ‘you have to be born again’… Christ has said it… Mohammed Saab has said ‘at the time of resurrection, your hands will speak’… Jung has said that ‘you have to become Collectively Conscious’ – and so with Sahaja Yoga… the Kundalini rises… and takes us to our Yoga. Yoga means that the Kundalini, the power that is within us, which is of Pure Desire… should rise… and should meet the Divine… the All Pervading Power… which is doing all the living work (1986-0224)


Only with Realisation it starts, and what a jump it is from the first awareness, where it is just a desire (1980-0518)

In the second state you see the desire being fulfilled… but all these subtle things are mixed up within you – you do feel the chakras and their problems, but again you start analysing them… the biggest problem in the West is they start analysing. So what you have to do is to at least believe… yes you are giving Realisation (1980-0518)

This is where you must have faith… this faith that you have got Realisation through Sahaja Yoga… that it’s a tremendous power… that there is All Pervading Power which is absolutely dynamic… that you have that power flowing through you… that you are giving Realisation… and that your Mother is something special. The power of faith is the greatest becoming power… it is beyond analysis, beyond thought… so the surrendering starts. Then your awareness rises higher, and these small little little things which have become subtler, start departing from you. This is the third state, where your three gunas you can see, but they do not affect you… you see the catching, but now you don’t say catching, you say ‘recording’… you think you are an instrument, and you are just recording. To rise up to this third state, the only way is complete faith, and one of the things about faith is protocol. Faith is the ‘recognition’… it is only going to work out by how much faith you have. This faith then starts encompassing also what Shri Mataji says, means absorbing… not criticising… not repelling… but absorbing. And the mouth of absorption is Nirvichara – where you do not think about it (1980-0518)

Sahaja Yoga is a real becoming, ripening, maturing, living process, and how it is going to work out is not through books, by sitting and reading, but by… the photograph. And the photograph, if you think that it is ‘representing’ Shri Mataji… then you are not expressing it fully… it has ‘all’ the elements in it – moreover, it is a reproduction no doubt… but a reproduction of reality… ‘it is quite me… because my attention is there.’ You should keep one photograph with you all the time

respect it. Have that understanding that ‘that’s Mother with us’ – you’ll be amazed how things work out. So the third state comes in when you start seeing all this, recording it (1980-0518)

Then the fourth state, called Turya-desha, comes in, when you dominate the three gunas, you control all the elements. At this stage you just say and it works. The fifth is when in the Turya state, you have matured properly, and you do not have to say or determine anything, but it just works. Then you handle the whole situation sitting down here… sitting down here you know each and everything. Then not only you have mastered it, but you can enter into it. These states are not so clear cut… they mingle with each other… they are mixtures. Finally in the seventh state you just are… your being there is sufficient (1980-0518)

All these seven states you can reach, because Shri Mataji stands beyond them all, and She has come down to the first state and She is trying to pull us up. If we do not drag Her down, She can pull us up very fast… but if we do not desire, She’ll not do it… if we do not want it, She’ll not do it… so the only request is not to drag Her down. If you have still your attention onto something else, then you drag down the effort of the person who is trying to take you out… so try to disentangle yourselves… drop your loads… alright (1980-0518)

Now do not try to fix up yourself at this stage or that stage. When you grow, it will happen to you… allow it to grow. If your Kundalini is weak, try to sustain it… feed you Kundalini with the desire of becoming… neutralise all other desires with one desire… before you say something, think of it… what are you saying… are you saying of one desire (1980-0518)


Adogati is the downward movement (1986-0224); Descent; To go down is easy; Human awareness grows downwards, away from the Divine. First we reach Nabhi (from our starting point of Bhavasagara)… where we start consuming, through attacking and overpowering other peoples and other countries, by imperialism etc… like Columbus… and also by digging out and consuming Mother Earth. Then we reach Swadisthan, where we see and go to the stars etc… to no avail – we have to go within. Finally we reach Mooladhara, where we become depraved and perverted, with funny ideas about sex. This is decadence… and with one step we are in Hell. On the other hand if we try to go up, without going by Mahalakshmi… we end up at the heart… and start giving our heart to this person, that person… get into romance… and once again we go down (1986-0303)

Shri Krishna has said that this is a tree which is upside down

the roots are upwards, and the leaves are outwards; When we are dealing with our roots, we have to be in the centre, in the core… our attention not entangled with other things, with outside things (1983-0107)

4 Cont’ d…

The Shuparnaka ideas that come from the decadence that we have gone through, have no relevance to our ascent… and because we have come up (ascended – Ed), we can see the decadence of society. So we have to show our good behaviour, our good dress, and our good conduct… the beauty that has developed within ourselves… and that we belong to a society which has ascended, and that the decadence is over now (1985-0000.2)


Ascent. The first step upwards, from our starting point in Bhavasagara, takes us to the heart, and here we ‘see with innocence and chastity’ – then we expand the heart with compassion. Urdwagati is only possible through the Kundalini (1986-0303)

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