The exuberance of the heart; The essence of beauty and aesthetics is variety (1985-1128; 1989-0527); Beauty and auspiciousness go hand in hand… they are not two things… because beauty is a thing that gives joy to your Spirit, and auspiciousness is the same, which gives joy to your Spirit – all other beauty is no beauty (1980-0927); These flowers when you give it to me, they give you two things. Flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras (1980-0927)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1980-0927 Lethargy – Chelsham Road good 75

1985-1128 William Blake, Hammersmith (C100) Not good

1989-0527 Essence of Self respect, Devi Puja, Istanbul, Turkey good 30

– end – 10 Sep 2002