Our behaviour should henceforth be such that we do not show any symptoms like that of Shuparnaka, who tried to entice men, and that we should behave in a manner that we are Sahaja Yogis. Our behaviour should be very decent and decorous so that all the vibrations that are flowing through us, which are Holy vibrations, auspicious vibrations, should not be spoiled by our ego or our Shuparnaka ideas, or any such nonsense, which has no relevance to our ascent. All this comes from the decadence that we have gone through. And because we have come up, we can see, the decadence of society (1985-0000.2)

You should live like normal people… like dignified people… nothing of indignity, childishness or joker-like, clownish or outstandingly funny… all these dresses should not be worn. You should be properly dressed, in a way that you have a ‘presence’ (1980-0927)

Some people shave their heads… and all that nonsense… to become spiritually awakened… to be reborn – if by that you are going to be reborn… then what about the sheep… which is shaved every year… twice… he should be the most spiritual thing. In the same way… we think… we wear some kind of a dress, and say that we are ascetics… and by that we become spiritually awakened – with

£1 you can change the colour of a dress. By changing dresses, or by colouring dresses… if by doing these things you can get even one seed sprouted, I would go in for it… but when it comes to sprouting the seed… we don’t do all these things. When it comes to our own sprouting… we have to leave it to God. So how do we leave it to God… we should be leading a life of temperance… we should not get to extreme behaviour in life… but to temperate life… and then the time comes when a person who is authorised to do this… to give this light… comes in this world… and it can be done (1979-0722)

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– end – 14 Sep 2002