Loss of eyesight could be due to two things only… it could be due to diabetes, or to some possession (1981-1006); A person whose eyes are open, but he cannot see… is affected by the Subconscious and Collective Subconscious, from where the spirits attack (1983-0209)… a left side disease (1980-0517.2); One type of bhoot… is the one that makes a person blind, even though their eyes are open and normal to look at. The left Swadisthan will be catching. There are 2 types of blindness here – it could be a bhoot, or it could be diabetes, or it could be a combination of both. Ask if he has diabetes. If he does not have diabetes, then it is definitely a bhoot. To cure this, take a Photo of the Hands, and put a candle in front of that, and ask the person to see if he can see the light – you will be amazed, gradually he will be able to see the light, and then gradually he will see the Hand. The candle alone will not work, but if you can see the Hands with the light, then this is extremely good for the eyes… and for the blindness caused by bhoots. It is possible that when frightened, as when a house is on fire for example, that at that time a bhoot may jump in, causing the blindness – but eyes burned out by a fire cannot remain open, whereas the eyes in a blindness caused by a bhoot, can (1980-0517.2)

Loss of eyesight could be due to… diabetes (1981-1006); Diabetes is a common disease of modern times, and doctors cannot cure it, but we can cure it no doubt. Diabetes is caused because there is one centre, called the Swadisthan which manifests the aortic plexus within us, and which looks after the pancreas, spleen, kidneys and liver, (1979-0720) but also looks after the production of fat cells for the… use of the brain (1989-0801); Now… when you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute… by the fat that is in your stomach… by this centre of Swadisthan (1982-1008)… and so if the control of the Swadisthan is diverted… away from the organs… to the provision of fat cells… for the brain… this can result in diseases such as… diabetes from an unhealthy… pancreas (1989-0801; 1987-0500; 1981-1005); You see… why you develop diabetes… and then as a result of diabetes, you develop bad eyes… the reason is that in diabetes, the fats are not consumed properly… and they are not supplied sufficiently to the brain… to the optic lobes. The brain is made of fat cells… and that is why you get these troubles… if the fat cells can be used for the eyes… then there is no problem (1984-0214); Butter is important for the Swadisthan, which converts it for the use of the brain cells (1981-1005); Without carbohydrates, fats and butter cannot be retained by the body (1983-0202)

If you have to give Realisation to people who are blind… who are deaf and dumb… you should use the photograph, and put a light before that. Tell them there is a photo… and to put right hand or left hand towards the photo… depending on… and at the back, if they cannot speak, then you should have one light and make a bandhan with that light, on the back of the thing… if they are blind… if they cannot hear with the ears… (0.0012)

Some people have a habit of keeping the eyes in an angle all the time… they never see you straight… they think sometimes it’s fashionable… and some of them have such eyes that they’ll go on looking and pouring their greedy eyes onto others, or their lusty eyes onto others… this is the worst thing you can do to your eyes… because such people easily can become blind. Such people may have trouble of the eyes… specially reddening of the eyes can come to such people very much (1986-0823); Hair Colouring can lead to blindness (1987-0500)

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