Butter is needed for the Vishuddhi and can be taken on a hot drink or with soup… or you can take a little ghee or butter on top of a cup of hot water… when it lines the epithelial cells of the throat and trachea – it soothes down all your sites… Krishna is soothed by that. Is also good for sinus problems, and can be administered warm with a dropper, to the inside of the nose for

3 to 4 days, where it lines the inner dry and cracked membranes… butter is softening in it’s effect (1981-0330; 1983-0202; 1985-0502); Shri Krishna is very fond of butter (1981-0330)

Now, in ‘collectivity’, the Krishna Principle plus the principle of Guru are mixed. So, when he becomes the Guru, then collectivity starts… when the principles of these two get integrated, then the collectivity starts… and as a result of that you get discretion. So to improve the discretion part… we take vibrated ghee or butter, which is heated up… and put it in the nose. But before that we gargle… with salt… which represents the Guru principle (1985-0502)

Is also important for the Swadisthan, which converts it for the use of the brain cells (1981-1005); Without carbohydrates, fats and butter cannot be retained by the body (1983-0202); Butter contains Vits A and D, and is good for the Vishuddhi (1985-0806; 1983-0202)… Vit. D is especially important for producing strong bones (1983-0202)

Ghee and butter can be eaten by those people who are in the ‘centre’, who are suffering from a drying up of their body liquids, or of their peritoneum, from fighting the anti-God elements too much. Also it can be rubbed onto the fingers and hands, to soothe them down, because the heat from the other people also can make them dried up (1983-0209)

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Chakras affected: Vishuddhi; Swadisthan

– end – 24 Jun 2003