We can feel catches on the fingers, as heat on the fingers, instead of cool all over… the fingers denote the chakras. After Realisation it is also possible to feel like ‘pins and needles’ on the hands. If there is a problem on the centres it can be cured (1979-1203); When there is an obstructed chakra, for example the 2nd or 3rd chakra, then you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini with your naked eyes… you can see (1979-0720); People who are caught up in your groups… please don’t call them for Pujas. They should be kept back… they will be helped much more if they don’t come to the Puja (1988-0105); We may become caught up sometimes when we go on ‘holidays’ or if we take to ‘sunning’ too much (1980-0609)

Now when you are facing the photograph, just to check up yourself, humble down yourself first of all, like a person who wants to perfect himself… and try to find out what is wrong with you. Humble down means to bring down your attention to your heart… don’t think. Now see what chakras are catching… you need not judge ‘why’ you are catching… that’s not important for us. It is catching… alright… so you don’t go on a trip of thinking (1980-0907); In the third state of becoming, we see these things, these catches, but they do not affect us – we do not call it catching… we say we are just recording… like we are an instrument (1980-0518)

Now say Agnya is catching… one doesn’t feel bad about it… you are not attached to your chakras… but to your Atma… so, as the Atma, you say… ‘oh, my… this chakra is caught… that chakra is caught’… a concern… these chakras are out of gear. So one need not go to the doctor… you can diagnose yourself… but you will not diagnose the way the doctors do… but you will say… ‘these chakras are caught up… the left or the right’ (1977-0215)

If you give vibrations in thoughtless awareness, you will not catch anything, because all these entities and all these material problems that come into you, come when you are involved in those

3-Dimensions – of your emotional, physical and mental being (1976-0330); If you are having compassion for others… then you don’t catch – you catch because you don’t have compassion – a mother never gets a disease from her child… she’ll never get a disease from her child… it’s a fact. In the same way… when you really ‘love’… you’ll never catch anything (0.0011)

If your chakras are alright you don’t catch from others. (1984-0506)

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