Fanaticism is against dharma, as for example the denouncing of religions other than one’s own; There is only one God, but many Aspects; Religions are like the flowers on one tree, nurtured by the same sap (1978-1005); Fanaticism comes from the word ‘finite’, we should say. When you go into infinity, how can you have fanaticism – in fanaticism, you ‘finite’ yourselves… I am this… I am this – that is ‘clubbing’… actually it is nothing but ordinary clubbing… like we have ‘clubs’, like… somebody puts the tableware on the left side… is one of the clubs… another puts on the right side… is another club… it’s just like stupid clubbing, that’s all (1986-0707.1); It is the fanaticism that makes you so much upset (.0005)… it is not religion – it is a disease (1979-0507); Fanatics say one thing, and do something other (1986-0303); All fanatics are on the right hand side (1981-0928); Fanaticism… identification with one religion to the exclusion of others… can spoil our attention… our awareness… which is based in the stomach (1975-1005)

The Solar Plexus… which is the outer manifestation of the Nabhi chakra (1979-0722)… looks after all the viscera of the stomach… physically – and mentally it looks after other things… like with any extremism, it gets caught up… or with any fanaticism, or for example… starving, fasting, or eating too much (1979-0618)

Give up all superstitions, fanaticisms, and fears… nothing can harm us now… whatever is gone, is gone… is finished – the leaves that fall from the tree don’t rise again, and get attached to the tree; What is new that is coming in, is to be nurtured – is the Joy… that dignified, majestic beauty within ourselves. Then we don’t get upset, we are not bothered what others say… and others will see that dignity (1980-0517.1)

On one side we have the doubting people… people who are doubting (1980-0505)… a negative activity which can lead to, or result in cowardice (1989-1008.1); There is no time for you to doubt anything. Do not waste your time. If you are still doubting, it is better to give up (1976-0330); On the other side… the fanatics – those who try to adhere more and more, to the teachings, had to become fanatics (1980-0505); The ‘real’ Religion in man collapsed… Religion is a continuous living process within, which is our sustainance… it’s like a ladder, on which we climb, step by step… but not leaving the ladder. So… these two types… one doubting… another fanatic… both had not known God… both had not achieved Reality… and they criticised each other… because both of them did not know what truth was (1980-0505)

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Chakras affected: Right Side; Nabhi

– end – 3 Mar 2003