Friendship… is to have a friend – if we have worries, we always tell to our friends. Even if you are a leader, you are a friend of the people. Friendship is such that you could share your secrets… you could share your problems… you do that with me… and why not with each other… is a question of understanding that Sahaja Yogis are all really friends to each other. I think relationship of friendship is even higher than any other relationship we could think of, because there is nothing to be gained out of our friendship… it never ceases… and you just enjoy the friendship, that’s all. When you can pull each others legs sometimes… you could be joking with another person, making fun of another person… is alright… is friendship. A friend is the one who is always for no rhyme or reason concerned with his friend (1989-0709)

Before Sahaja Yoga you could have only one friend or at the most two… three meant a crowd… cannot have three persons as your friends… but in Sahaja Yoga we are all friends… pure friendship… friendship of a very beautiful nature… that you enjoy the joy of another person… in vibrations you do. This is how… I have to tell you that we have to be friends… we have to share… enjoy sharing… there’s no seriousness about it – how can you be serious with your friends… just relaxed, enjoying each others company… even if you have to argue, argue… doesn’t matter… even if you have a different view it’s alright… but you should not try to impose yourself on your friend… nor your friend should try to impose… but try to understand each other. That’s how we are going to learn such a lot from each other (1989-0709)

So you have friends in India… you have friends everywhere… you have friends now in South America… everywhere you have friends – you just go with my badge… finished. Oh, they’ll all jump for you… they’ll do anything for you. So this friendship… just think of it… in this world we have thousands and thousands of friends everywhere we go… and this is what we have to know within ourselves that we have to be ourselves very very friendly type… very friendly – there’s an openness between one friend and another friend… there’s no tension… there’s no formality… and a reliance… so much so that you can talk to them about what you want… what is your need… and what problems you have. You have to feel that friendship and you’ll feel very proud that you have so many friends… and real friends. You’ll be feeling a thing as if you are a great personality that you have so many friends in this world (1989-0709)

You are not alone… you are all friends to each other… and the greatest friend you have is the Divine Power which is looking after you… and doing everything for you. If you have that kind of a relaxed beautiful alertness within you, you are going to enjoy life… you are going to enjoy Sahaja Yoga… and you are going to get many many more people in Sahaja Yoga (1989-0709)

You cannot have friendship between men and women… you cannot – it’s absolutely absurd (1985-0901); A brother and a sister are never friends, they don’t talk much – but at the time of difficulties, of Mariadas, of consulting about something dear to the family… then it is, that the sister comes in (1985-0901); No unmarried girl has to go with an unmarried man… it’s not done in Sahaja Yoga (1981-0904); Suppose there is a man coming in a taxi alone, or say, in a lift alone… I would not enter into that thing… I would not… why should you be so friendly with anyone… they’re very common like this, I’ve seen. Suddenly a woman will come up and speak to someone… some man will come up and talk to me… it’s so rude… I don’t know him… what is there to talk (1981-0904); Vishnumaya will see to it that husband and wife sit together (1985-0901)

In India it is said that if someone’s pin is in your house, you should look after it for eternity… but if ‘your diamond’ is lost with somebody, you should never ask for it… it is not good manners. What is more valuable, is not the diamond… it is the relationship… the friendship (1987-0503.1)

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