Ghee, and also butter, can be used to correct problems with the Hamsa Chakra. May also use oil (1984-1005); Put one drop in each nostril, morning and evening. Also may be used to correct drying epithelial cells of the throat, by putting a few drops onto hot water or milk, and taking it (1987-0408); Have a small bottle of ghee, which can be warmed in hot water, prior to use, maybe under the tap (1987-0408); One of the symptoms of Aids is a bad Hamsa. It is important to put ghee in the nose to correct a bad Hamsa, otherwise, there will remain a susceptibility to Aids (1987-0503.1)

Those who are left sided, should use as much as possible the lamp, lights and things like that… I hope you all have got these things in the house… a good ghee lamp should be burnt for people who have left side problems… and then see me through those lights… not through the electrical lights… you can get ghee very easily in England… use that ghee, and put your eye onto the photograph through that light… I’m sure it will work out; Even the Kundalini should be raised with that light (1984-0214); In the lamp, the Ghee represents the mild and soft Love of the heart, and it burns to give soothing light of love to others (1987-1024)

Ghee is also very good for the eyes… you see why you develop diabetes, and then as a result of diabetes, you develop bad eyes… is that the fats are not consumed properly… and the fat for the brain and for the eyes… is not supplied sufficiently (1984-0214)

Ghee and butter can be eaten by those people who are in the ‘centre’, who are suffering from a drying up of their body liquids, or of their peritoneum, from fighting the anti-God elements too much. Also it can be rubbed onto the fingers and hands, to soothe them down, because the heat from the other people also can make them dried up (1983-0209); Satwoguni… is the centred person who eats honey, ghee, Channa, lean meat (1983-0131)

In Puja… the ingredients that were used were… firstly very little ghee, followed by honey, yoghurt, milk, and sugar (1985-0310); Shri Krishna is very fond of ghee or butter… so when you rub my Feet with say butter, your Vishuddhi will improve… ‘you’ know that (1980-0927)

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– end – 7 May 2003