Hollow Personality


Hollow Personality

That short-cut or short circuit to achieving our ascent, when we allow the Divine Love to flow through us (1978-1115); First you have to empty yourself… if you are already filled with these ideas… these age old ideas… and you are still carrying on with them… how can the Divine be filled. If there’s a pot already full of water or anything… you cannot fill it… so you have to empty yourself… empty your mind – it’s possible through Sahaja Yoga, if you can take your Kundalini beyond Agnya chakra… by… not reacting (2000-1231)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

2000-1231 New Years Puja, Kalwe – see 2000-1225.2 not good 25

1978-1115 Evolution – see 1978-0911 good 45

– end – 12 Sep 2002