A Sanskrit word (1984-0622; 1982-1008)… the Kundalini within you, is your own individual Mother, who brings you to the Kingdom of Heaven (1986-0305; 1986-0706); Your own individual mother… and which is the residual power… and has not yet manifested… and what is this power… is the ultimate Desire to be one with the All Pervading Divine (1982-1007); The pure Primordial Desire to be one with God, or the Spirit; The Residual Power of Pure Desire… the Reflection of the Holy Ghost, or All Pervading Power of God’s Love, which enters the foetus at 2 months age… your own Holy Mother (1981-0926); The reflection of the Adi Kundalini, i.e. the Kundalini of the Adi Shakti, is the Kundalini within us (1996-0609); Is Gauri (1990-0828); Is Mahakali (1990-0912); The Devi (1989-1008.1); Which cannot be destroyed, and knows everything about us. Which will never give you problems, and is waiting for the moment to give you Self Realisation (1989-0801); Who is your Mother, the source of all that love and compassion, full of kindness, and forgives all that you have done (1979-0616)

The Kundalini is the Residual force… after creating the whole thing… the whole body… it remains just the same… there… she is the power that is ‘your’ Mother… your own Mother… she is the complete Subconscious… or you can say the complete Mahakali power that you have. She has recorded all the small small things you have done… all the wrong things you have done… and she sits there waiting… so we say she is sleeping… but she is recording everything… and she is waiting there. She knows whatever you have done… and she knows what you desire… she is your loving Mother… she is settled down in the Triangular Bone down below there… in the end of the spinal cord… that is a sacred place… and she is waiting there to arise. You have the most special thing within you, hidden… which is the source of all the Joy… all the Peace… all the Knowledge. You have to have authority, to raise the Kundalini… it’s not an easy thing to raise the Kundalini… one must have an authority from God… and that authority is within (1980-0102)

There is a Divine Power… very subtle… which is surrounding us… and by this awakening of Kundalini we get connected to that Divine Power… by which you know all about your body… your centres. Kundalini is your individual mother… and she knows everything about you… and she gives you your second birth (2000-0902)

Kundalini itself rises through the Sushumna Nadi… and she is the Principle, she is the Tattwa of Shiva… and she rises through the channel that is made by Vishnu, out of the evolutionary process. So how can you do away with one of them… one is the road… another is the destination. So I hope you understand how important it is that your centres should be corrected… your road should be alright… that your Sushumna should be cleared… because we are Madyamargis… we have to go by the centre… by the central path… til you reach your Talubhag… where sits Sadashiva. So keep your road, the Madyamarga clean… and let the Kundalini pass through it. When the Kundalini will pass through it… you will be amazed that… the same Kundalini is going through the Vishnu path and reaching at the Lotus Feet of Shiva (2000-0206)

The Kundalini… is aware, it understands, thinks, loves, and organises – when it comes up, and it pierces your fontanelle bone… you can feel the baptism. When it pierces, and enters into the first strata of the Superconscious, the first thing that happens is you become ‘one’ with the Collective Being… and you start feeling from your hands a cool breeze flowing… vibrations… cool vibrations… called by Shankaracharya as Saundarya Lahari (1977-1121)

The Kundalini, when it reaches the top of the head, you can feel the lub-dub of a heart… Kabira has said… ‘at the top of your head, you can feel Anahata’… Anahata is the sound of the heart… you can feel it… it has to happen. Then, suddenly you find that it stops… and when it stops you find a cool breeze coming out of your head… and that’s called as Chaitanya Lahari… that’s called as Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost… and you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. When John the Baptist talked about baptism, he meant this… he didn’t mean the way we do baptism, to just call somebody, put some water on the head, and say ‘oh you’re baptised’… that’s just a drama. Baptism is a living process (1982-1007)

The ‘abode’ of Kundalini is called as Mooladhara, and is represented in the Universe as this Mother Earth, and in the Puja is represented as the Kumbha (1983-0821); Kundalini resides in the Sacrum bone in 3½ coils (1981-1005), in every human being, in a dormant state (1979-0616) above the Mooladhara Chakra; 3½ coils has a special coefficient, being also used in watch springs, and if bisected yields 7 points (1981-0928); Pulsates when obstructed (1984-0622), and which can be seen with the naked eye (1979-1203); Which rises in the split of a second like a jet (1984-0702); When there is a blockage, an obstructed 2nd or 3rd chakra for example, then you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini with your naked eyes… you can see (1979-0720); The Kundalini is the ‘Principle’ within us (1978-1218); The Kundalini cannot move without permission from Shri Ganesha (1986-0907); Our Kundalini has risen without effort, and without thinking, and has changed us so much – try to support her and keep the central path clean (1987-1016); May be nourished with pure Love and Compassion, and avoiding involvement into any relationships (1992-0621); The Kundalini sometimes dances (1990-0105)

In the triangular bone… the pulsation will start… and will rise higher… and if you have a stethoscope… you can even feel the beat, much like you feel the heart beat… as it rises… and then you find the portion of the head becomes soft, just like a child’s… this is the baptism… the rebirth which Shankaracharya has talked about (1979-0722)

You can manoeuvre the Kundalini, but not the Spirit… you can raise your hand… the Kundalini will move… you can give it a bandhan… it will go round and round… but what about the Spirit… you cannot manoeuvre it… you have to bring the Kundalini to look after it… you have to take the Kundalini there… to the heart, so that the ‘little offspring’ as it is just now, has to be carefully developed and matured (1983-0821); Even the Kundalini should be raised with the light… try to use the light or the lamp of the ghee (1984-0214)

The Kundalini is the one that thinks… the one that understands… the one that loves you, and knows each and everything about you in this life and the life before. She is absolute dharma, absolute righteousness, absolute purity… the ideal-most personality that you could think of, which doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, falsehood, or untruth. She’s Nirmala… She’s pure – purity personified. She doesn’t accept any compromise… and She is within you… see how beautiful you are. She is not afraid of anyone… cannot be enticed, enchanted or tempted by anything… and She loves, but Her love is that pure… that nothing is higher for Her than Her own love. She never reconciles to anything, and She is the one who gives you your Self Realisation. So we have to find out methods of pleasing Her… what makes Her so unhappy… why doesn’t She want to rise… we have to find out the means and methods (1979-1111)

The Kundalini will do what is needed to correct you… up to a point she will do… and afterwards when she finds it is not possible to correct you… then I don’t know what will happen – if you try to behave like a very ordinary useless person… then you cannot stay in Sahaja Yoga… you will be thrown out (2001-0321); So again I have to talk about Kundalini… that you must have a Kundalini completely establishing itself within you… completely expressing within you… and enlightening your Self. Such a Kundalini should be there… and only possible if you do not put hurdles in her growth – if you allow it to grow… it grows and it works out (2001-0321)

The Kundalini is the ‘Desire of God’ within you… not the desire ‘for’ God… it is the ‘Desire of God itself’ within you… is the Shakti… so when it rises, His Desire is fulfilled in you, and that’s how you get ‘your’ fulfilment (1979-1111); The Kundalini has only one desire… is to be the Spirit, and anything else if you desire, the Kundalini doesn’t rise (1982-1219); The Kundalini of Sahaja Yogis is made of love, pure love. Pure love has only pure desire… is to love… love everyone equally (1992-0621)

Many wrong books have been written about Kundalini, saying that you will start jumping, or get heat or burning etc. This is all wrong, is satanic, and is written by people with wrong motives. The first Deity of Holiness sits at the triangular bone, and shows his temper by giving bad experiences to those who have experimented with the Kundalini in a wrong way, and has punished them as a result. There must be a proper protocol, and if not, then he is seen in a red or orange colour, to show his temper (1980-0609)

This power of Kundalini was known all over the world, because it can be seen in the museums… the Kundalini drawn in the triangular bone, even in Finland. In the Ukraine there are pictures of the chakras and of the Kundalini. In Bolivia, you find pictures of the Kundalini, and from ancient Columbia, statues are there, in which the Kundalini is the main thing (1998-0705); The Kundalini of the Universe is in Maharashtra, in India (1983-0127)

Yantra… is the mechanism… is the Kundalini… is a living force within you… it exists… it is placed for your Realisation… is a Holy mechanism… and Tantra means the technique which works out our Self Realisation… and is to be known and understood fully… is the manoeuvring of it… the technique of it… which came into being… but was a secret science (1977-1121)

If somebody has planted into you that Kundalini can be only risen through sex… he’s a Tantrika… sex has nothing to do with Kundalini… at all… it’s a wrong idea… she is your mother… the Eternal Mother that you have… she knows everything about you… you are the only child she has… and she is born again and again with you… how many of you would like to connect your mother with sex… that’s the worst thing that you can do to your mother (1977-1024.1; 1977-1024.3)

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