We use something very simple… which is the living lime, and we put our vibrations into that. Then we put them near the head of the patient, and they suck the negativity of the person. You have seen one little boy… who would run all over the place, and would not sit down even for a minute… he was possessed… he was horrid… now he’s a sensible boy, he’s started going to school… he’s started speaking… so all these things happen with the lime. So you vibrate these limes… and you put them under the pillow (1978-1002)

These limes have a speciality… to suck in the vibrations and to contain them… because they are living and they have a coefficient

– by which they suck in these vibrations… and they throw these vibrations whenever it is necessary. It’s not the limes that do it, but it is the vibrations that are contained in them, that do it (1978-1002)

Just like you create a battery… the battery cannot do anything… but if you put the battery near some point, then it starts working… because it is inside. In the same way, we really make it into a battery… then when they are near the heads of the people, these limes you see, they are doing nothing… but these vibrations come out… and they start working it out… you don’t have to tell them… they understand much more than you do… and they know how to find ways to extract the negativity (1978-1002)

Tape References:

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1978-1002 Knots in the 3 channels, Caxton Hall poor 90

– end – 30 Sep 2002