Are the extroverts, whilst the women are the introverts. Men can become homosexual or impotent… with aggressive women, who try always to compete with the men (1985-0528); Man is important, because without men, women have no meaning (1980-0517.2); Men must respect their chastity. Interest in another sex all the time is not a sign of chastity – it’s horrid, you become stupid. Some men know so much about what women use, perfumes etc.… what’s the use… are you slaves of women or what. You are men… live like men (1985-0901)

So on both the sides, of men or women, we have to understand, that if you are a man, and if you are dominating man, it’s alright… but if you are a woman, and if you are dominating, then it’s a difficult thing for Sahaja Yoga to cure. Now the men when they are dominating, they have to understand that they have to be compassion… to be kind… to be considerate… but never subservient… never subservient (1983-0821)

So aggressiveness must be given up by men. Also, because they are Sahaja Yogis now, they have to take to feminine qualities… and not of fighting; And if women fight… they are not women, you see (1983-0821)

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– end – 10 Mar 2003