Can result from too much thinking, and can be soothed down by placing the left hand on the centre of the stomach, and the right hand towards the Mother (1980-1027); Nervous problems… can also result from a left side imbalance of the Swadisthan Chakra (1984-0313)… a left side disease (1983-0209); Attachment to anti-God people can give serious problems, such as Leukaemia, nervous troubles, cancer, heart attacks etc. (1984-0313)

Do you suddenly get nervous sometimes… or distressed… depressed. You do get nervous and depressed sometimes… then you shouldn’t go, in the night, out alone… not good to travel at night… at least to walk around… after say 10 o’clock (1979-0609.3); But sometimes you can also put almond oil… on your head… is also good for you… because if you have any problems that you feel exhausted, your nerves need attention, you are a nervous type of person, then almond oil is good for you (1986-0504)

Today I found one gentleman who was just shaking before me… like… all the time… so he said why am I shaking before you… I said because your nerves are out… you are a nervous person… that’s why you are shaking… I have to steady them, otherwise the Kundalini won’t rise, and you won’t feel the Cool Breeze… because the Kundalini is now attending to those nerve centres which are absolutely overdone (1983-0308)

Eyes must be pure and loving. Soothe the eyes, by looking at the green grass, by looking at the ground, instead of always looking at every man or at every woman; Entities can enter into the eyes, as in ‘flirting’; 80% of attention is through the eyes, so it is very important to protect the eyes. Nervousness can be cured if our eyes are pure. The eyes express the whole of our being (1978-1218); The green grass is created by Mother Earth to soothe our nerves (1986-0803)

The women… the way they dress up… I’m surprised… this is the best way to get sick. They wear such big heels… this modern generation in the West… they are going to develop such terrible diseases… their legs will become swollen up… not only varicose veins… such big heels they wear. God has created you with such care… what are you doing to yourself – little heels are alright… but to have heels of this height… this is the best way to spoil all your nerves… and circulation (0.0011)

Some people now are colouring their heads… and I found that some of them are becoming blind. So I said… why are you doing it… they said ‘what’s wrong’ – why do you want to colour your hair… it will make you blind. We are human beings… we have got cells here (top of the head – Ed) which absorb paints and that can go onto our nerves… can go also onto our other centres (1987-0500)

The limbic area is a hollow space between the Agnya and the Fontanelle bone area, having within it cells sensitive to joy and happiness, and which gets soothed down by the Kundalini (1989-0801); So far you see, at human level, one feels only the pains or pressures on the nerves… but never the Ananda. But after Realisation only, your nerves start feeling the joy (1985-0502); Once you have reached the shores of joy… then you should not give it up for anything… because it is your choice… whether you want joy, or you want unhappiness (1986-0707.2); Everything is to increase our enjoyment… even our ascent is to increase our enjoyment… our sensitivity to joy (1988-1211)

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– end – 27 Oct 2003