Nirmala Vidya


Nirmala Vidya

Is the science of the Divine Laws, which you must know how to manage, because the Living Reality is your Power (1981-1103); If you are catching on a chakra or centre, just put your hand there

– don’t feel condemned about it. All is made easy and simple, but it is difficult for a sophisticated man to become that simple… children are very simple (1981-1103)

There are many… techniques… and include: Meditation; Using the Photo; Raising left or right side; Using Light and Fire; Candles; Using Mother Earth and Water or even Ice; Adjusting Food; Footsoaking; Sugar; Salt (1983-0121); Shoebeating (1980-0907); Introspection (1991-0728); Giving Bandhan (1987-0408); Use of Vibrated Water (1978-1005) etc.; In use, give the body different, different types of treatments – use wisdom (1983-0204); These things work. We must become experts in Nirmala Vidya (1981-1103); All techniques in Sahaja Yoga must be learned and mastered (1976-0330)

Just say Nirmala Vidya… Om Twamewa Sakshat Nirmala Vidya… tell him to put his hand on the… on left Swadisthan… tell him… you just say Nirmala Vidya… Nirmala is ‘pure’… Vidya is the ‘art’… Vidya is the ‘knowledge’… ‘Pure Knowledge’. After you are Realised, then you get the knowledge isn’t it… that’s it… you are the embodiment of Pure Knowledge… and the technique you see (1979-1015)


We are here to be Nirmalites, to fight all that is wrong, to stand for right and to emancipate the whole humanity (1988-0103); We are all enlightened… we are all Nirmalites… in everything you see, you feel the joy pouring in… you can’t understand how – you see something that you see every day, and there is joy (1985-0502)


Completely without any mala, or mire (1982-0731); Pure (1985-0806); Clean (1988-0106); The same as Nishkalanka, meaning spotlessly clean; This is the time of cleansing – that is why I am here, as Nirmala, to cleanse you (1979-0928)

Nirmala Tattwa

The principle of cleansing (MME); Pure Principle of life (1995-1224)


Pure, as in Shuddha Vidya, Pure Knowledge (1984-0708)

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– end – 12 Mar 2003