That part of the nervous system in the central channel, the Sushumna Nadi (1981-0928) which gives the balance (87000); Which brings things back to normal… relaxes and nourishes… after the sympathetics have initially responded to an emergency; Is formed by loops from the left and right sympathetics, and wherever these loops meet, are formed energy centres known as Chakras (MME); Is part of… the Autonomic Nervous System… that ‘self governing’ nervous system, comprising the left and right sympathetic, and the central parasympathetic nervous systems (1984-0731)

It is the Soul… which lines the spinal cord… which looks after everything… even before Realisation… which looks after the Parasympathetic nervous system… little, little things, you know, it looks after… just it tries to keep us on the right path… gives us a conscience… and that makes us think about the truth… and to seek the truth… to know there’s something wrong with society. So this Soul guides you… and it has brought you to Sahaja Yoga (1995-0625)

A problem that people who are in the ‘centre’ may develop, is low breathing, and low blood pressure, because of parasympathetic activity… and when they are fighting the anti- God activities, they might feel tired… but again they improve, and they feel alright (1983-0209); Cancer is nothing but an imbalance… the overactivity of the Sympathetic Nervous System. If you can control the Parasympathetic… you can neutralise, and completely you can cure cancer… but we are not here to cure people… we are here for our ascent (1977-1024.1)

Diarrhoea is important sometimes… to cleanse you out… it’s important; It is alright because it is a parasympathetic activity… it’s cleansing you see; Some of you have had some Gurus, and that’s why also the void acts very fast… and then with this Guru trouble, the void must be showing off; With diarrhoea and also vomiting… it’s the drugs, and bad Gurus, and things, that spoil your void, and when you come to Sahaja Yoga it comes out in this way. Let it be, it’s better; After Puja if it’s happening, it’s very good… it should happen after Puja (1988-1221)

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MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– end – 3 Oct 2002