If anyone perspires, this means that the heart is weak, that the left side is weak, or that they may get too much cool vibrations. To correct this, when working with the fire, you should put the right hand on the heart, and left hand (to the fire – Ed) (1980-0517.2)

This liver has a special capacity to extract all the poisons from the body… as heat… and the heat in the body is to be conveyed to the blood… and that has to be taken out of the body… maybe as perspiration… or in other forms. But what happens is that when this liver is out of gear… it cannot pass this heat into the blood stream… and the heat remains in the body… and you become heated up… and that makes all these problems for you. Those people who have bad liver feel a little heat when the Kundalini rises… but you can definitely cure your liver… no doubt about it (1982-0514)

Tape References

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