Food can be used to assist in correcting an imbalance in the subtle system, by using more carbohydrates, or vegetarian type foods, and avoiding too much proteins, for a person who is too much on the right side, or the converse for a person who is too much on the left side (1983-0121)

Organs can be Active type, if we eat too much protein type of food – in which case we should take more of vegetarian foods (1983-0131)… whilst organs can be lethargic if we eat too much carbohydrate type of food – in which case, we should take more proteins. There is no harm in taking meat (1983-0131); Proteins are… useful for correcting an imbalance, where the person is too much on the left side of the subtle system (1983-0121)

Those who are strict vegetarians, who don’t eat even garlic… and don’t eat even onions, are very vulnerable to the left side business… and on top of that, if they go to a guru who is left sided, they are even worse. One has to be a normal person, eating the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fat (1983-0209)

A right side person, is the one who eats proteins and meats (1983-0131), who is the thinner type of person, and for whom it is prescribed, in India, to eat more carbohydrates (1984-0906)… whilst a left side person… is one who eats carbohydrates (1983-0131), and is a fatter type of person (1984-0906)… they are the people who eat too much of carbohydrates (1983-0209); People who are left sided should take to more nitrogenous foods, means proteins and foods like that (1983-0121)

The left side is the Tamasic side, is the side where darkness is affecting people… those people who live in too much darkness, or in the past, or in a sly way… in a hidden way… are introverts… are extremely cautious… are afraid of people… do not talk much… who avoid meeting people… are nervous… will not have self confidence… will be running away from the public… will hibernate in the house… and also they become schizophrenic; They eat imbalanced food as far as proteins are concerned, and in proteins, are so weak, that they might suffer from lethargic muscles in every way (1983-0209)

Right sided people have a very very overactive personality… and become very hot tempered and obnoxious… and can be so cruel. These people who eat too much of proteins… all the time, meat, and heavy foods… they develop muscular capacities too much. They will be very quarrelsome and aggressive… snappy and sharp in their language; They look brilliant, and consider themselves to be very intelligent… but actually they are stupid people; (1983-0209)

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