Resurrection is the message of Christ’s life… the Spirit cannot be killed by anyone… it is eternal… and he had to prove it. To prove it, there had to be somebody here on this Earth… to come in, with a body, to act like a human being, to live like a human being, and to go through the drama of death. To show that he overcomes death… that he resurrects himself… he had to die, and he had to be resurrected (1981-1006); This was the true message of Christ (1981-1005), the reason for the crucifixion, that Christ had to undergo (1987-1023)

Because I have said now, I am the Holy Ghost… everybody seems to be over happy, and joyous – I have told you whatever was needed for your counselling… I have taught you how to redeem others, and comfort them… you know everything… now just become masters in this art… forgetting your past… you are all great people, all of you. Declare to all the nations now… that I am the Holy Ghost… and I have come for this special time… that this is the resurrection time (1983-0321)

The ‘Resurrection time’, also known as the ‘Last Judgement’ in the Bible, and as Kiyama in the Koran (MME); Mohammed talked more about the Resurrection time than the Doomsday, but Muslims are using more the Doomsday. It is the same with Christians, who don’t want to talk about the Counsellor but about the last Kalki… just to frighten the people so they will stick on… so it’s a business proposition (.0005)
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