Right Sided


Right Sided

If there are no vibrations on right side, or if right side is heavy, or hot, then this means that you are right sided. Also, if there are more vibrations on the left side, and none on the right side, this also means that you are right sided. If the left side is numb, this also means right sided (1983-0202; 1983-0512); In an intellectual or futuristic person, where the right hand is burning, and there is nothing in the left hand, that means that the right hand is not getting proper vibrations, so you raise the left to the right (1983-0512); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (1983-0121)

Those who have too much ambition, are extremely ambitious people and want to win the whole world, want to become something independent, on their own, malignant and cancerous, and don’t want to keep their relationship to the whole (1979-0928); A right sided person (someone who is too much on the right side), does not allow others to enjoy collectivity (1989-0806); Right side catching means we are on an ego trip, and with right side, we may have health problems (1980-0517.1); Over-thinking also gives you liver (1979-1118)

More Right sided… put his Left to the Right… for Right sided, Left to the Right… raise Left to the Right… what work do you do… some physical… that’s why… Left to the Right… no no… other way round… because you do physical work too much that’s why… now it’s better (1984-0622)

Supposing you are a right sided person, then what happens to you… you become overactive. Overactivity gives you fatigue… gives you all kinds of diseases… such a person is very speedy… he cannot sit in one place for two minutes, all the time jumping, and he creates problems for himself and his family. This is Rajoguna. The Rajoguni has an opinion of his own about everything… he goes on forcing it onto others. But if you see his own life, he is a complete misery… he cannot carry on with people… he cannot talk to people, and there is a very big gap between himself, his Spirit, and his being (1998-0712)

Right sided people have a very very overactive personality. Such a person eats too much of proteins… all the time, meat… and receives a blessing of ego. Such a man aggressively destroys others… the images of others… pulls them down… criticises others… jumps on them… he can be hot tempered… can be absolutely demonic – Hitler is the example. These people who eat too much meat, and heavy foods… they develop muscular capacities too much. They will be very quarrelsome and aggressive… snappy and sharp in their language; They look brilliant, and consider themselves to be very intelligent… but actually they are stupid people; Those who indulge too much into life… and so-called ‘enjoy life’… and waste their time in drinking, and being with women and all that… they all can be ruined… not only by money, but by their very bad health. They may have a bad time with their children… with their parents… with their wives. They may have money, but they can never enjoy that money, or think of living a life which is comfortable (1983-0209)

The right sided person becomes very hot tempered and obnoxious… he can be so cruel… so troublesome that he would be really a challenge to the whole family… to the whole society, and he will be very miserable. Now he may not look mentally upset… but when he grows old, he will just talk… he’ll go on talking so much… so egotistical that he just goes on talking… he doesn’t allow anybody to speak. This is very injurious to a proper social life (1983-0209)

An ego oriented person has another very big problem… that he asserts his ideas above everything else. So always such a man… because he’s stupid and idiotic… the idiotic ideas survive… and because of these idiotic ideas, every planning that is done by such people is a failure. A stupid man is a very big problem to the whole society, though he never realises it… he thinks ‘I have managed the show’… I am the most successful person (1983-0209)

People that are extremely ego oriented, become very miserly… extremely… so money oriented… they spend all their money on themselves… and not on others. Even when it is their due, they will try to save… which we see among so many… even in Sahaja Yoga – that they have to pay something, but they will not pay… they want it even free, whatever it is, for which people are paying. These money oriented people are horrifyingly, surprisingly… are rich… there’s nothing like generosity in them (1983-0209)

If you think too much… and you think of the future… and you plan out everything… you start becoming sometimes possessed… and then you become a person who is very cocksure… very high handed… all are suffering from this possession from the right side. Especially people who are very austere type… extremely fanatical type… they enter into this area, and get possessed by these spirits… and then they become very powerful… because right side is physical and mental… they can be very powerful people, in the sense that they can mesmerise people into the ideas that they are higher people… like Hitler did… he did it with this Supraconscious (1983-1001)

To correct a right side catch, we can use the Chandra mantra (1980-0517.2); If ego is still there, then raise the left side, to push it (the ego) back to the right side – with your hand push the left side higher, and the right side lower, so the ego and superego get into balance – do it 7 times (1979-1118; 1983-0121); Also as a correction, put left hand up and right hand towards the Mother, or towards the Photo (1979-1118); If the right hand is shaking, put the left hand on your stomach, with your right hand towards [Shri Mataji – Ed] (1983-0302); For right side problems, beat yourself with shoes (1987-0408); Right sided people should not do exercises which are backward bending (1984-0313); Right side activity: too much mental activity, which develops the ego (1979-0616)

A right sided person has all the elements which give heat… you can say the light and the fire… so to correct it, light is not going to help very much. What is going to work out is the Mother Earth and the water element which is cooling… even ice is very helpful to people who are right sided. So all cooling effects should be used for correcting your right sidedness. The same with food… those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (1983-0121); If you have right side problems, then you have to say ‘I forgive’ (1981-1006)

Lead Oxide is alright for people who are very right sided… for them if it is put on their Agnya it cools them down… they are cooled down… their anger goes down… their temper goes down… and it’s a very good thing; Red Lead Oxide… is extremely cold… is a very cool thing… so we call it in Sanskrit language is called as Sindhura… and in Marathi as Shindura (1990-0831)

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MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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