Sahastrara 2 Problems



Problems with Sahastrara

If a Sahaja Yogi finds the Sahastrara catching, he should take a bath in the sea I think… because Sahastrara is my place as you know… and to catch the Sahastrara is a very serious thing… he might develop Ekadesha with that, and he’ll be in trouble. The reason is… when you are a Sahaja Yogi… you have to recognise me… that’s the condition. If you do not, you will develop this Ekadesha, and I tell you then it is not possible to allow this Kundalini to come up. Eka Desha Rudra… is one of the greatest hurdles to the Kundalini entering the Sahastrara, and comes from Void, and covers the Medha, the plate of the brain, so the Kundalini cannot enter into the Limbic area.

The limbic area… is affected by strong things like ‘Crack’ which have within them sulphur dioxide, which does not go anywhere, but just rushes into the limbic area. This limbic area is a hollow space, having within it cells sensitive to joy and happiness. These cells now become numb, and so ordinary music cannot be heard – it becomes necessary to shout and scream. As soon as the Kundalini enters the limbic area, She soothes it down – we feel the Cool Breeze, when the Kundalini comes out of the top, at the Sahastrara.

Because you have got your Realisation… and still you are denying me… means something is wrong – you might develop Ekadesha… that’s the beginning of the end. Taking too much advantage of me is also like this… too much sticking onto me, also you might get this Ekadesha… too much pressurising, you will get it… answering me… not listening to me – if you start challenging me, you will catch on Sahastrara… and then don’t blame me. In Sahaja Yoga, if you could rise and ascend, and try to recognise me… I will have no problem… and you will have no problem. You see they have to accept me… that’s the only thing is.

Try to keep this lotus open. Sometimes we fail, because of some lingering human feelings that remain. These 2 balloons of ego and superego try to close the Sahastrara. We have to be on guard to see what is closing the Sahastrara.

So just behind this recognition is all the powers… but if you are doubting… still half way this that, then things won’t be alright. You shouldn’t worry about your reputation… just go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing… that you are my child, and that I am Adi Shakti… everything that looks horrible will become better… you have seen it now… don’t worry about anything… just know that I am the Adi Shakti… that all the powers of Gods and Goddesses… and all that are within me… and they ‘are’ within me… and they are all looking after. But if that recognition is not there… they are not going to recognise you either.

– end – 28 Jun 2003