There is a special category of people who are born in these modern times… they are a very special category… those who are ‘seekers’… and Blake has called them as ‘men of God’ (1982-1007); Those people who are seeking that which is beyond, that which is higher, that which is their purpose, their meaning. It starts with food, power, money but ultimately becomes the seeking for God (1982-0710); Those who have been seeking for long do not want to give up their seeking – it is like a habit. Even after they have found that which they seek, they still continue with their seeking (1979-1203); We are seekers, we are born as seekers… we cannot get out of it. Seekers are seekers (1980-1116); We are born in this world to seek… we have taken our birth especially at this time to seek… we have been seekers all our lives (1979-0608.1)

In modern times many seekers of truth are born… it’s a special category of people born in these modern times… which sees beyond… tries to find something beyond what they can perceive through their sense organs. The truth as we see… is through our sense organs… whatever we perceive through our sense organs, whatever is communicated to us through our central nervous system we accept as truth… and we should accept that only as truth… and not something that is told to us… or which we have read in books… or which we can project our mind to and can think about (1984-0622) – that doesn’t mean that I deny any one of the Scriptures… or anything that you have known so far. All the scriptures which are true scriptures have said one thing… that to know the truth, you are to be born again (1984-0622)

The people who go to Sahaja Yoga meetings are those who have one thing in common, that they are Seekers – they are seeking God, Peace, Love (1980-0630); More seekers are born in the West than in the East, but they have lost their sensitivity to seeking because of Guru shopping, jumping from one to another. This has been very wrong, and has disturbed the Kundalini (1979-0530)

That’s a very subtle thing that we do not understand… that in the realm of God, those who enter, can only be initiated… not those who do not enter. First of all we must know that they have to be the citizen of God’s Kingdom… so unless and until we give them Realisation, take them to that level, they are not entitled (1985-0310)

Now you have to love all the seekers of the world… they have done wrong… they have done all kinds of ego trips… they have done all kinds of mistakes… but your Mother loves them… and you have to love them. If they have to be corrected, I’ll do that… you just don’t do that way that they feel hurt. So we have a Sahaja Yoga tradition also in which when we speak to each other, we have that Sankoch within us of Shri Ram… and if you don’t have that Sankoch you get right heart… and that right heart is a very dangerous thing in the country like England where the climate is so bad… because it gives you the horrible thing called Asthma. You get Asthma if your right heart is caught… not necessarily that asthma will come only from right heart… can also come from centre heart… but if you get right heart, you definitely get asthma (1982-0402)

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– end – 30 Sep 2003