Spinal Cord


Spinal Cord

The mechanism that is placed within you… is placed inside your spinal cord, except for the last chakra, which is red in colour, and which is outside… and which controls the pelvic plexus within you… is the most important chakra… which emits innocence (1977-1121); The chakras, which are placed either in the spinal cord or in the brain… cannot be seen with the naked eye… give rise to the gross centres outside. The Mooladhara chakra is below the Kundalini and alone is not pierced by the Kundalini when she rises (1979-1203); The Kundalini is… settled down in the Triangular Bone down below there… in the end of the spinal cord… that is a sacred place… and is waiting there to arise (1980-0102)

Now… a ‘centre’ is formed… by the coming together from the left and the right, (indicating the left and right channels coming together, to form a single central channel – Ed)… and this (indicating the resulting central channel – Ed) is the one through which the Medulla Oblongata passes… the Spinal Cord… this is the Spinal Cord (1982-1008)

It is the Soul… which lines the spinal cord… which looks after everything… even before Realisation… which looks after the Parasympathetic nervous system… little, little things, you know, it looks after… just it tries to keep us on the right path… gives us a conscience… and makes us think about the truth… to seek the truth… to know there’s something wrong with society (1995-0625)… and is comprised of elements of Fire, Air, Ether plus Spirit and Kundalini. At death the earth and water elements die (1981-0921)

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