The one very great mystery of life is that whatever fantastic thing that we get, we get it in such a way that we take it for granted. It’s very sweet, how it settles down in us, like a leaf falling from a tree. In the same way, we take Sahaja Yoga for granted… and that’s the best way – i.e. there is no fear, and no shocks to make us neurotic, or funny people (1980-0609)

Subtler people are the most beautiful, are the most congenial, the most idealistic, and the most honourable… like Christ. The ideal is Christ… always willing to sacrifice, coping with all sorts of discomforts and problems, not talking about yourself, not worrying about yourself, not discussing others and judging others… but giving assurances to other people… that we are at this level… we will be at a higher level, and all the world has to come up to that level… very positive talking, positive thinking, positive doing… in the way that you can really follow Christ. Whatever he had to do, he did with such grace and beauty (1987-1225)

Whatever pleases your Spirit is used in the Puja… is to be given… when you do for God, the blessings come to you… you are blessed; It’s a very subtle thing to understand… to move from gross to Spirit… this is the thing by which you move… because first you enlighten your chakras… then by enlightening your chakras your Deities get happy, Prasanna… by making the Deities happy, you get a passage for the Kundalini to pass through… and by making the passage for the Kundalini, the Kundalini goes up… and then your attention starts becoming one with the Spirit. It is step by step you move, from matter to subtler matter, from subtler matter to your chakras, from chakras to Deities, from Deities to… the Spirit. Then Spirit enjoys itself… so there, you do not have to do anything. That’s why these things were prescribed… people could not see this linkage… they thought why should we give anything to God… after all it is all His own. You have reached a stage where you have to detach yourself from matter (1980-0927)

Subtler things are the simpler things… and gross things… are the complicated things (.0011); As you have seen, your hands take the Kundalini up… but you don’t see anything, do you… it exists… it acts… but you don’t see. That’s what it is… subtle – if you can ‘see’, it is not subtle… it is gross. I mean, it is so simple… whatever is subtle you don’t see… finished (.0011); To get to subtler life… one has to get to the Spirit… to the subtleties of everything. For example… the clay of Maharashtra… every particle is vibrated… it is a very important thing… a very great thing… I myself went to select it… for them to give as a present to you… that’s the most important thing you are taking from here… all other things are of a utility of a very gross nature. I was told they were asked to send it by ship… that’s very wrong… if it had been silver… you would carry it with you… would you send it by ship (.0011)

So to get to subtler things… is to understand the subtler value… of… everything . It cannot be weighed, or understood through money. In the West, people buy everything as an investment… everything should be resaleable… and this is the curse of that place. If you start understanding things that have vibrations, then you will be amazed that the things that… are not resaleable at all you can say… are worthless you can call it… by all our standards… could be so much useful… like one hair of Mohammed Saab… or… the Shroud of Christ… but that also they are selling now… they are making money out of that also. Thanks to these western people, everything is saleable (.0011)

So once you start going to the subtler side of physical things… not only aesthetics… because aesthetics are also saleable… but to things that cannot be sold… they should be the most precious things for you… the most precious energy for you. That which is the most precious energy for us is the Living Energy. And the sign of a living energy is that it grows… and discards all that is useless for it. It knows how to work it out. In the same way, a Sahaja Yogi should know… what is important… what is unimportant. You are judged every moment (.0011)

Then there are jealousies… if Mother says this is not good you feel hurt… if Mother says this is good you feel happy… that means you are still at a very subtler state of ego, where you think that whatever you say should be approved by me. That is something is very subtle we do not understand, that if Mother is not approving of it, there must be basic Divine reason… otherwise why should I not approve of it. We must know that it’s all the work of God, and we are just channels in the hands of God (1985-0310)

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