The balloon at the upper end of our left side channel or Ida Nadi (1983-1001), at the right temple, and round to the back of the head (1989-0801), that gets bloated as a result of those things that make us unhappy – that stores our conditionings (1983-1001) our fears, dangers, worries, and which may result from what we have read or experienced (1978-1218); Through which we run away, we avoid, we are frightened (1981-1006); That may result from things that we have accepted without finding out the truth about them, from wrong Gurus, from conditionings, from childhood, and from religions etc. To see your superego, see what affects you very much, what makes you unhappy (1980-0517.1)

If someone is saying something about you, and it is not true, then what is there to feel bad about? If they are telling lies, there is nothing to be frightened of… if they are telling the truth, then you should be thankful – it may be something bad, but it is a good thing – if it is true, it is good for my ego, but if it is untrue, then what is so important? (1980-0517.1)

Which gets sucked in and reduces, when the Agnya chakra is awakened, and we ask for forgiveness, without feeling guilty (1989-0801); Can be resolved by taking responsibility (1994-1105.1); The mantra for the superego is ‘Hum’ (1978-1218)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1994-1105.1 Diwali Puja, Istanbul – see 1994-1105 good 35

1978-1218 Agnya, Caxton Hall (first 15 mins poor quality) not good 70

1980-0517.1 Old Arlesford, Winchester pt 1 (Preparation for Becoming) good 50 1981-1006 Krishna to Christ, Houston (A New Age has started) Not good 80 1983-1001 Santa Cruz interview good 45

1989-0801 First Know Thy “Self”, Porchester Hall [+25 min Q&A] Good 50

– end – 31 Mar 2003