Swadisthan Treatments


Swadisthan Treatments

Butter is needed for use of the brain cells… without carbohydrates, butter cannot be retained by the body.

Sit on ground, with Left hand to photo, Right hand on Mother Earth, say Ganesha mantra or Atharvasheersha (clears Left side, means Left Swadisthan first of all).

Give beautiful flowers to Shri Mataji. Put attention completely, entirely to it – it’s not what you give is important… it is how much heart you put into it.

For Left Swadisthan, put candle near Swadisthan, and another before the photo, Left hand to photo, Right hand on Mother Earth.

Put right hand on Left Swadisthan… and say Nirmala Vidya mantra… or Shuddha Vidya mantra.

Shoebeat the False Gurus.

Give up your False Guru mantra. I would like to see how much you are still identified with him. If you are still identified with him, I cannot do anything about it… because evil is evil, and good is good… these mantras are the names of devils.

Use the Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini and also the Sarva Asura Mardini mantras.

Those who have been to False Gurus… should put their Right hand on their heart, because your Spirit is your Guru… who resides in your heart.

– end – 17 Mar 2003