There are many, and include: Meditation; Using the Photo; Raising left or right side; Using Light and Fire; Candles; Using Mother Earth and Water or even Ice; Adjusting Food; Use of Sugar or Salt; Footsoaking; (1983-0121); Shoebeating (1980-0907); Introspection (1991-0728); Giving Bandhan (1987-0408); Use of Vibrated Water (1978-1005) etc; In use, give the body different, different types of treatments – use wisdom (1983-0204); These things work. We must become experts in Nirmala Vidya (1981-1103); All techniques in Sahaja Yoga must be learned and mastered (1976-0330)

Sahaja Yoga does not work on mental level… it works on the Spiritual level, which is much higher than the mental level. So what we have to do is to understand how to correct our chakras… if you have certain chakras catching, try to improve your chakras with the photograph… with all due respect to the photograph… it is only the photograph that is going to work it out (1983-0121)

Now if we have ego, what we should do is raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to use your hands; Then everyone must soak their feet daily, and must do daily meditation. For correcting your right side, use the Mother Earth or water or even ice or also carbohydrate or vegetarian types of foods. For left side, use light or fire or nitrogenous foods i.e. proteins (1983-0121)

Some of the things are sucked by the Mother Earth… some are sucked by the flame… can be the flame… can be the fire… the Sun also sucks in… the sky also… depends on what centres you have in problem… on what problems you have… alright. But on the whole, the Mother Earth is the most gracious thing… she helps the maximum I think (1982-1008)

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– end – 18 Jun 2003