You know that I know about everyone. So if I ask… where is somebody catching then there are 3 possible replies:

I must tell, otherwise Shri Mataji will not know – this is very funny.

I know and I must tell – Shri Mataji also knows, and She wants to test me. I should be careful. At this point, we can make a mistake: ‘left heart is catching, but very mildly’ – finished, we get less marks.

You have to tell what you feel – be honest. Shri Mataji will then correct, if you are unsure or don’t know. For example, we may be unsure whether it is ‘ourself’ or the other person that we are feeling.

We have to pass this test, because tomorrow, we are to be the gurus. But some people get ego with this, and that is very surprising. This is all a training period; Children are cock-sure, but grown ups are not sure (1980-0517.2)

I have never put any restrictions on you… do what you like… whatever way you want to do it, you can do it… I have never been bothering… even about money or anything… but that is a testing ground where you are standing (2001-0321)

When you reach a certain state, then you should not allow anything of the past to come back… I would even suggest… you have to challenge the past… it’s finished… good for nothing… like that… but if you get afraid or worried, then you have not reached the point. Your Mother will also sometimes test you on that… sometimes I may remind you of some mistakes of yours… and then see what happens to you… and then I will know where are my children. Why should you worry about things which you are not any more… now, if you have become a fully fledged bird, why should you worry about the egg that used to smell so badly (1986-0707.2)

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