You must understand the complete vision of Sahaja Yoga… it’s a very big thing that you are doing… you are not small… you are doing a very great work, because it is the solution of all the humanity… this is the solution of all the problems, whether political, economic or anything. Not only that, but the more people you have, you will be surprised… that I’ll work out much better… collectively I can cure cancer if you are more… if you are clear people… but your channels are so full of problems that nothing flows through you. If you get yourselves cleared out, collectively I can stop cancer spreading… because if you spread more vibrations, what happens is that the left and right side in the Virat becomes clearer, and the attacks from the left and right side which creates cancer and all these horrible diseases will be cancelled, because they will be less (1980-0927)

But you do not understand your responsibility… what you are doing… you are playing into the hands of satanics… by not paying attention to your cleaning… by not paying attention to your spiritual growth, you are not helping me at all… because these vibrations do not flow out – they have to flow through you… you are the channels. If you do not keep yourselves clean and humble and meek about it, it doesn’t work out. So the localised, limited problems should be given up… and see to the bigger problems that you will be solving. I can stop the happening of cancer completely, if I have 21000 Sahaja Yogis… Leprosy I can control… cancer already I am controlling (1980-0927)

Right side attacks are also lots of things… wars… all these wars and all these things take place because they are invaded from the right side… all these aggressive people like Hitler and all that are aggressing us. How much it is necessary for you to rise above your lower self… one should understand that, and not to indulge into the nonsense that you are doing… you have to work hard for that… even if you have to get up in the morning, you have to get up and do it. You should understand your responsibility… that’s the main point is (1980-0927)

People are now busy only… doing their jobs… working here… thinking how much money you get… when do you go to your job and all that… that’s not important for us. Now that doesn’t mean you give up your jobs and be a liability on the ashram… it doesn’t mean that… it means you do your jobs, have money… money is needed for this work… you have to earn… you have to give money. Some are not even willing to give £10… such people… with them where am I going to do Sahaja Yoga – in a subtler way, for your own betterment you have to give money. For solving this problem you have to give me rice… you put it in my sari (1980-0927)

Before Puja you must take your bath… in the morning don’t talk to anyone… be in hushed condition… you are in for opening out to the great power which is going to solve the problems of the world. So you wash yourself… cleanse yourself so that you get your chakras evolved; You should live like normal people… but a dignified people, nothing of indignity, of childishness, joker-like or clownish. All these dresses should not be worn… you should be properly dressed in a way that you have ‘presence’ (1980-0927)

You know such a lot, that even many Saints do not know… but there’s one thing they know… that I am that… that’s one thing you do not know… they know that. This is a big difference… because I am easily available to you, you do not understand… for them I am great. How these Saints have recognised… your recognition of me is poor. If it was not so you would not be shouting in my presence, quarrelling in my presence… you give me headaches… you tell me things which you should not tell me… ‘he came there… he did this…’ you should not talk like this to me (1980-0927)

You are materially bound by talking… talk comes from Vishuddhi, but it starts from much below. So to raise it higher, there are stages… at the heart it becomes Madyama where it just throbs… then it becomes Vaikari… then Pashanti, means it just sees… then it becomes Para, where it becomes just silent in the awe-ness of the ‘Presence’. We have to develop these things… but we do not understand that all these things are our attributes, which we have to enlighten… and to rise and make every part, every petal of our being beautiful (1980-0927)

It is a very big vision I have… a very big vision, and that vision can be done through you people. You do not think that you are ordinary, otherwise I would never have chosen you… but you have no recognition of yourself also, as you have no recognition of me… you have to recognise yourselves and respect yourselves. Do not respect material things – respect yourself first of all… and the matter within you (1980-0927)

I see your image in the future also… some of you are going to be very very great… and some of you are going to take it up… it’s a project launched… talk to others… you must talk… you must be nice… you must be open hearted… no secretiveness (1980-0927); Try to become cheerful, blissful, happy, dignified, sensible sweet (1980-0927)

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1980-0927 Lethargy – Chelsham Road good 75

– end – 17 Oct 2002